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Current pre-components are langtools, jaxws, jaxp, and corba.

Pre-components can use ant to build but must have a make/Makefile for
building (a GNU make Makefile).
All ant knowledge is being isolated in the workspaces that use it.

Also for various reasons it is nice to have a Makefile wrapper over the
running of ant, but in general having to do
anything with shell commands is much easier to do in a Makefile
than in an ant script.

The make/makefile rules are:

  ALT_BOOTDIR           The jdk home to use to build, if provided
  ALT_LANGTOOLS_DIST    The dist area from a langtools build to use, if provided
  ALT_OUTPUTDIR         Parent dir of build and dist directories, if provided
  VARIANT               If DBG, debug build, if OPT, optimized build
  TARGET_CLASS_VERSION  The classfile version number (currently 5)
  ANT_HOME              Home of ant to use, if provided
  FINDBUGS_HOME         Home of findbugs to use, if provided
  QUIET                 If defined, be quiet
  VERBOSE               If defined, be verbose
  JDK_VERSION           Version being built
  FULL_VERSION          Full version string for this jdk build
  MILESTONE             fcs, beta, internal or empty
  BUILD_NUMBER          Number of the jdk build
  JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE   Path to zip bundle to create for JPRT

  all                   Build everything, including dist
  build                 Build build area
  clean                 Clean up
  clobber               Same as clean (don't ask)
  sanity                Perform any sanity checks, exit non-zero if errors
  jprt_build_product    JPRT product build, zip results into JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE
  jprt_build_debug      JPRT debug build, zip results into JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE
  jprt_build_fastdebug  JPRT fastdebug build, zip results into JPRT_ARCHIVE_BUNDLE

Then of course we expect a dist/lib/classes.jar, dist/lib/ and dist/lib/