changeset 3766:05911dc54a67

6803681: RFE: Need new codeset converter for IBM Cp1364 Summary: forward port the Cp1364 Reviewed-by: alanb
author sherman
date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 12:16:00 -0700
parents 3a22998bc3c7
children 54d8193f177b
files make/sun/nio/cs/FILES_java.gmk make/tools/CharsetMapping/IBM1364.c2b make/tools/CharsetMapping/ make/tools/CharsetMapping/dbcs src/share/classes/sun/nio/cs/ext/ test/sun/nio/cs/
diffstat 6 files changed, 20015 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-) [+]
line wrap: on
line diff
--- a/make/sun/nio/cs/FILES_java.gmk	Wed Mar 16 05:29:27 2011 -0400
+++ b/make/sun/nio/cs/FILES_java.gmk	Wed Mar 16 12:16:00 2011 -0700
@@ -376,6 +376,7 @@
         sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
         sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
         sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
+	sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
 	sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
 	sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
 	sun/nio/cs/ext/ \
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/make/tools/CharsetMapping/IBM1364.c2b	Wed Mar 16 12:16:00 2011 -0700
@@ -0,0 +1,22 @@
+# Diff of 
+# b2c:
+# c2b:
+# shows there are 6 additional c->b entries in UPMAP110, they are
+# listed below (in b->c form)
+# UPMAP110 also defines
+#      <subchar>    \xFE\xFE
+# and commend out
+#      #<subchar1>  \x3F
+# with
+# <UFFFD>         \xFE\xFD            #  (SUB)
+# <UFFFD>         \xFE\xFE            #  (SUB)
+4148    00AD
+4143    00B7
+4149    2015
+42A1    223C
+496F    2299
+4954    FF5E
--- /dev/null	Thu Jan 01 00:00:00 1970 +0000
+++ b/make/tools/CharsetMapping/	Wed Mar 16 12:16:00 2011 -0700
@@ -0,0 +1,19774 @@
+# b2c mapping for IBM1364, generated from
+# which is an updated version of IBM-1364 (with EURO)
+# Replacement suggestion from the CDC table are
+#             U+001A     for SBCS
+#             U+FFFD     for DBCS
+00           0000
+01           0001
+02           0002
+03           0003
+04           009C
+05           0009
+06           0086
+07           007F
+08           0097
+09           008D
+0A           008E
+0B           000B
+0C           000C
+0D           000D
+10           0010
+11           0011
+12           0012
+13           0013
+14           009D
+15           0085
+16           0008
+17           0087
+18           0018
+19           0019
+1A           0092
+1B           008F
+1C           001C
+1D           001D
+1E           001E
+1F           001F
+20           0080
+21           0081
+22           0082
+23           0083
+24           0084
+25           000A
+26           0017
+27           001B
+28           0088
+29           0089
+2A           008A
+2B           008B
+2C           008C
+2D           0005
+2E           0006
+2F           0007
+30           0090
+31           0091
+32           0016
+33           0093
+34           0094
+35           0095
+36           0096
+37           0004
+38           0098
+39           0099
+3A           009A
+3B           009B
+3C           0014
+3D           0015
+3E           009E
+3F           001A
+40           0020
+42           FFA0
+43           FFA1
+44           FFA2
+45           FFA3
+46           FFA4
+47           FFA5
+48           FFA6
+49           FFA7
+4A           00A2
+4B           002E
+4C           003C
+4D           0028
+4E           002B
+4F           007C
+50           0026
+52           FFA8
+53           FFA9
+54           FFAA
+55           FFAB
+56           FFAC
+57           FFAD
+58           FFAE
+59           FFAF
+5A           0021
+5B           0024
+5C           002A
+5D           0029
+5E           003B
+5F           00AC
+60           002D
+61           002F
+62           FFB0
+63           FFB1
+64           FFB2
+65           FFB3
+66           FFB4
+67           FFB5
+68           FFB6
+69           FFB7
+6A           00A6
+6B           002C
+6C           0025
+6D           005F
+6E           003E
+6F           003F
+70           005B
+72           FFB8
+73           FFB9
+74           FFBA
+75           FFBB
+76           FFBC
+77           FFBD
+78           FFBE
+79           0060
+7A           003A
+7B           0023
+7C           0040
+7D           0027
+7E           003D
+7F           0022
+80           005D
+81           0061
+82           0062
+83           0063
+84           0064
+85           0065
+86           0066
+87           0067
+88           0068
+89           0069
+8A           FFC2
+8B           FFC3
+8C           FFC4
+8D           FFC5
+8E           FFC6
+8F           FFC7
+91           006A
+92           006B
+93           006C
+94           006D
+95           006E
+96           006F
+97           0070
+98           0071
+99           0072
+9A           FFCA
+9B           FFCB
+9C           FFCC
+9D           FFCD
+9E           FFCE
+9F           FFCF
+A0           203E
+A1           007E
+A2           0073
+A3           0074
+A4           0075
+A5           0076
+A6           0077
+A7           0078
+A8           0079
+A9           007A
+AA           FFD2
+AB           FFD3
+AC           FFD4
+AD           FFD5
+AE           FFD6
+AF           FFD7
+B0           005E
+B2           005C
+BA           FFDA
+BB           FFDB
+BC           FFDC
+C0           007B
+C1           0041
+C2           0042
+C3           0043
+C4           0044
+C5           0045
+C6           0046
+C7           0047
+C8           0048
+C9           0049
+D0           007D
+D1           004A
+D2           004B
+D3           004C
+D4           004D
+D5           004E
+D6           004F
+D7           0050
+D8           0051
+D9           0052
+E0           20A9
+E2           0053
+E3           0054
+E4           0055
+E5           0056
+E6           0057
+E7           0058
+E8           0059
+E9           005A
+F0           0030
+F1           0031
+F2           0032
+F3           0033
+F4           0034
+F5           0035
+F6           0036
+F7           0037
+F8           0038
+F9           0039
+FF           009F
+4040         3000
+4141         3001
+4142         3002
+4143         30FB
+4144         2025
+4145         2026
+4146         00A8
+4147         3003
+4148         2010
+4149         2014
+414A         2225
+414B         FF3C
+414C         FFE3
+414D         2018
+414E         2019
+414F         201C
+4150         201D
+4151         3014
+4152         3015
+4153         3008
+4154         3009
+4155         300A
+4156         300B
+4157         300C
+4158         300D
+4159         300E
+415A         300F
+415B         3010
+415C         3011
+415D         00B1
+415E         00D7
+415F         00F7
+4160         01C2
+4161         2266
+4162         2267
+4163         221E
+4164         2234
+4165         00B0
+4166         2032
+4167         2033
+4168         2103
+4169         212A
+416A         FF3E
+416B         FFE1
+416C         FFE5
+416D         3396
+416E         3397
+416F         2113
+4170         33C4
+4171         339C
+4172         339D
+4173         339E
+4174         338E
+4175         338F
+4176         00A7
+4177         203B
+4178         2606
+4179         2605
+417A         25CB
+417B         25CF
+417C         25CE
+417D         25C7
+417E         25C6
+417F         25A1
+4180         25A0
+4181         25B3
+4182         25B2
+4183         25BD
+4184         25BC
+4185         2192
+4186         2190
+4187         2191
+4188         2193
+4189         2194
+418A         3013
+418B         FF3B
+418C         FF3D
+418D         2260
+418E         2264
+418F         2265
+4190         212B
+4191         2642
+4192         2640
+4193         2220
+4194         22A5
+4195         2312
+4196         2202
+4197         2207
+4198         2261
+4199         2252
+419A         226A
+419B         226B
+419C         221A
+419D         223D
+424A         FFE0
+424B         FF0E
+424C         FF1C
+424D         FF08
+424E         FF0B
+424F         FF5C
+4250         FF06
+425A         FF01
+425B         FF04
+425C         FF0A
+425D         FF09
+425E         FF1B
+425F         FFE2
+4260         FF0D
+4261         FF0F
+426A         FFE4
+426B         FF0C
+426C         FF05
+426D         FF3F
+426E         FF1E
+426F         FF1F
+4279         FF40
+427A         FF1A
+427B         FF03
+427C         FF20
+427D         FF07
+427E         FF1D
+427F         FF02
+4281         FF41
+4282         FF42
+4283         FF43
+4284         FF44
+4285         FF45
+4286         FF46
+4287         FF47
+4288         FF48
+4289         FF49
+4291         FF4A
+4292         FF4B
+4293         FF4C
+4294         FF4D
+4295         FF4E
+4296         FF4F
+4297         FF50
+4298         FF51
+4299         FF52
+42A1         301C
+42A2         FF53
+42A3         FF54
+42A4         FF55
+42A5         FF56
+42A6         FF57
+42A7         FF58
+42A8         FF59
+42A9         FF5A
+42C0         FF5B
+42C1         FF21
+42C2         FF22
+42C3         FF23
+42C4         FF24
+42C5         FF25
+42C6         FF26
+42C7         FF27
+42C8         FF28
+42C9         FF29
+42D0         FF5D
+42D1         FF2A
+42D2         FF2B
+42D3         FF2C
+42D4         FF2D
+42D5         FF2E
+42D6         FF2F
+42D7         FF30
+42D8         FF31
+42D9         FF32
+42E0         FFE6
+42E2         FF33
+42E3         FF34
+42E4         FF35
+42E5         FF36
+42E6         FF37
+42E7         FF38
+42E8         FF39
+42E9         FF3A
+42F0         FF10
+42F1         FF11
+42F2         FF12
+42F3         FF13
+42F4         FF14
+42F5         FF15
+42F6         FF16
+42F7         FF17
+42F8         FF18
+42F9         FF19
+4341         3165
+4342         3166
+4343         3167
+4344         3168
+4345         3169
+4346         316A
+4347         316B
+4348         316C
+4349         316D
+434A         316E
+434B         316F
+434C         3170
+434D         3171
+434E         3172
+434F         3173
+4350         3174
+4351         3175
+4352         3176
+4353         3177
+4354         3178
+4355         3179
+4356         317A
+4357         317B
+4358         317C
+4359         317D
+435A         317E
+435B         317F
+435C         3180
+435D         3181
+435E         3182
+435F         3183
+4360         3184
+4361         3185
+4362         3186
+4363         3187
+4364         3188
+4365         3189
+4366         318A
+4367         318B
+4368         318C
+4369         318D
+436A         318E
+4441         3041
+4442         3042
+4443         3043
+4444         3044
+4445         3045
+4446         3046
+4447         3047
+4448         3048
+4449         3049
+444A         304A
+444B         304B
+444C         304C
+444D         304D
+444E         304E
+444F         304F
+4450         3050
+4451         3051
+4452         3052
+4453         3053
+4454         3054
+4455         3055
+4456         3056
+4457         3057
+4458         3058
+4459         3059
+445A         305A
+445B         305B
+445C         305C
+445D         305D
+445E         305E
+445F         305F
+4460         3060
+4461         3061
+4462         3062
+4463         3063
+4464         3064
+4465         3065
+4466         3066
+4467         3067
+4468         3068
+4469         3069
+446A         306A
+446B         306B
+446C         306C
+446D         306D
+446E         306E
+446F         306F
+4470         3070
+4471         3071
+4472         3072
+4473         3073
+4474         3074
+4475         3075
+4476         3076
+4477         3077
+4478         3078
+4479         3079
+447A         307A
+447B         307B
+447C         307C
+447D         307D
+447E         307E
+447F         307F
+4480         3080
+4481         3081
+4482         3082
+4483         3083
+4484         3084
+4485         3085
+4486         3086
+4487         3087
+4488         3088
+4489         3089
+448A         308A
+448B         308B
+448C         308C
+448D         308D
+448E         308E
+448F         308F
+4490         3090
+4491         3091
+4492         3092
+4493         3093
+4541         30A1
+4542         30A2
+4543         30A3
+4544         30A4
+4545         30A5
+4546         30A6
+4547         30A7
+4548         30A8
+4549         30A9
+454A         30AA
+454B         30AB
+454C         30AC
+454D         30AD
+454E         30AE
+454F         30AF
+4550         30B0
+4551         30B1
+4552         30B2
+4553         30B3
+4554         30B4
+4555         30B5
+4556         30B6
+4557         30B7
+4558         30B8
+4559         30B9
+455A         30BA
+455B         30BB
+455C         30BC
+455D         30BD
+455E         30BE
+455F         30BF
+4560         30C0
+4561         30C1
+4562         30C2
+4563         30C3
+4564         30C4
+4565         30C5
+4566         30C6
+4567         30C7
+4568         30C8
+4569         30C9
+456A         30CA
+456B         30CB
+456C         30CC
+456D         30CD
+456E         30CE
+456F         30CF
+4570         30D0
+4571         30D1
+4572         30D2
+4573         30D3
+4574         30D4
+4575         30D5
+4576         30D6
+4577         30D7
+4578         30D8
+4579         30D9
+457A         30DA
+457B         30DB
+457C         30DC
+457D         30DD
+457E         30DE
+457F         30DF
+4580         30E0
+4581         30E1
+4582         30E2
+4583         30E3
+4584         30E4
+4585         30E5
+4586         30E6
+4587         30E7
+4588         30E8
+4589         30E9
+458A         30EA
+458B         30EB
+458C         30EC
+458D         30ED
+458E         30EE
+458F         30EF
+4590         30F0
+4591         30F1
+4592         30F2
+4593         30F3
+4594         30F4
+4595         30F5
+4596         30F6
+4641         2170
+4642         2171
+4643         2172
+4644         2173
+4645         2174
+4646         2175
+4647         2176
+4648         2177
+4649         2178
+464A         2179
+4650         2160
+4651         2161
+4652         2162
+4653         2163
+4654         2164
+4655         2165
+4656         2166
+4657         2167
+4658         2168
+4659         2169
+4661         0391
+4662         0392
+4663         0393
+4664         0394
+4665         0395
+4666         0396
+4667         0397
+4668         0398
+4669         0399
+466A         039A
+466B         039B
+466C         039C
+466D         039D
+466E         039E
+466F         039F
+4670         03A0
+4671         03A1
+4672         03A3
+4673         03A4
+4674         03A5
+4675         03A6
+4676         03A7
+4677         03A8
+4678         03A9
+4681         03B1
+4682         03B2
+4683         03B3
+4684         03B4
+4685         03B5
+4686         03B6
+4687         03B7
+4688         03B8
+4689         03B9
+468A         03BA
+468B         03BB
+468C         03BC
+468D         03BD
+468E         03BE
+468F         03BF
+4690         03C0
+4691         03C1
+4692         03C3
+4693         03C4
+4694         03C5
+4695         03C6
+4696         03C7
+4697         03C8
+4698         03C9
+4741         2500
+4742         2502
+4743         250C
+4744         2510
+4745         2518
+4746         2514
+4747         251C
+4748         252C
+4749         2524
+474A         2534
+474B         253C
+474C         2501
+474D         2503
+474E         250F
+474F         2513
+4750         251B
+4751         2517
+4752         2523
+4753         2533
+4754         252B
+4755         253B
+4756         254B
+4757         2520
+4758         252F
+4759         2528
+475A         2537
+475B         253F
+475C         251D
+475D         2530
+475E         2525
+475F         2538
+4760         2542
+4761         2512
+4762         2511
+4763         251A
+4764         2519
+4765         2516
+4766         2515
+4767         250E
+4768         250D
+4769         251E
+476A         251F
+476B         2521
+476C         2522
+476D         2526
+476E         2527
+476F         2529
+4770         252A
+4771         252D
+4772         252E
+4773         2531
+4774         2532
+4775         2535
+4776         2536
+4777         2539
+4778         253A
+4779         253D
+477A         253E
+477B         2540
+477C         2541
+477D         2543
+477E         2544
+477F         2545
+4780         2546
+4781         2547
+4782         2548
+4783         2549
+4784         254A
+4841         3395
+4842         3398
+4843         33A3
+4844         33A4
+4845         33A5
+4846         33A6
+4847         3399
+4848         339A
+4849         339B
+484A         339F
+484B         33A0
+484C         33A1
+484D         33A2
+484E         33CA
+484F         338D
+4850         33CF
+4851         3388
+4852         3389
+4853         33C8
+4854         33A7
+4855         33A8
+4856         33B0
+4857         33B1
+4858         33B2
+4859         33B3
+485A         33B4
+485B         33B5
+485C         33B6
+485D         33B7
+485E         33B8
+485F         33B9
+4860         3380
+4861         3381
+4862         3382
+4863         3383
+4864         3384
+4865         33BA
+4866         33BB
+4867         33BC
+4868         33BD
+4869         33BE
+486A         33BF
+486B         3390
+486C         3391
+486D         3392
+486E         3393
+486F         3394
+4870         2126
+4871         33C0
+4872         33C1
+4873         338A
+4874         338B
+4875         338C
+4876         33D6
+4877         33C5
+4878         33AD
+4879         33AE
+487A         33AF
+487B         33DB
+487C         33A9
+487D         33AA
+487E         33AB
+487F         33AC
+4880         33DD
+4881         33D0
+4882         33D3
+4883         33C3
+4884         33C9
+4885         33DC
+4886         33C6
+4941         221D
+4942         2235
+4943         222B
+4944         222C
+4945         2208
+4946         220B
+4947         2286
+4948         2287
+4949         2282
+494A         2283
+494B         222A
+494C         2229
+494D         2227
+494E         2228
+494F         21D2
+4950         21D4
+4951         2200
+4952         2203
+4953         00B4
+4954         02DC
+4955         02C7
+4956         02D8
+4957         02DD
+4958         02DA
+4959         02D9
+495A         00B8
+495B         02DB
+495C         00A1
+495D         00BF
+495E         02D0
+495F         222E
+4960         2211
+4961         220F
+4962         00A4
+4963         2109
+4964         2030
+4965         25C1
+4966         25C0
+4967         25B7
+4968         25B6
+4969         2664
+496A         2660
+496B         2661
+496C         2665
+496D         2667
+496E         2663
+496F         25C9
+4970         25C8
+4971         25A3
+4972         25D0
+4973         25D1
+4974         2592
+4975         25A4
+4976         25A5
+4977         25A8
+4978         25A7
+4979         25A6
+497A         25A9
+497B         2668
+497C         260F
+497D         260E
+497E         261C
+497F         261E
+4980         00B6
+4981         2020
+4982         2021
+4983         2195
+4984         2197
+4985         2199
+4986         2196
+4987         2198
+4988         266D
+4989         2669
+498A         266A
+498B         266C
+498C         327F
+498D         321C
+498E         2116
+498F         33C7
+4990         2122
+4991         33C2
+4992         33D8
+4993         2121
+4994         02BA
+4995         20AC
+4996         00AE
+4A41         0410
+4A42         0411
+4A43         0412
+4A44         0413
+4A45         0414
+4A46         0415
+4A47         0401
+4A48         0416
+4A49         0417
+4A4A         0418
+4A4B         0419
+4A4C         041A
+4A4D         041B
+4A4E         041C
+4A4F         041D
+4A50         041E
+4A51         041F
+4A52         0420
+4A53         0421
+4A54         0422
+4A55         0423
+4A56         0424
+4A57         0425
+4A58         0426
+4A59         0427
+4A5A         0428
+4A5B         0429
+4A5C         042A
+4A5D         042B
+4A5E         042C
+4A5F         042D
+4A60         042E
+4A61         042F
+4A62         0430
+4A63         0431
+4A64         0432
+4A65         0433
+4A66         0434
+4A67         0435
+4A68         0451
+4A69         0436
+4A6A         0437
+4A6B         0438
+4A6C         0439
+4A6D         043A
+4A6E         043B
+4A6F         043C
+4A70         043D
+4A71         043E
+4A72         043F
+4A73         0440
+4A74         0441
+4A75         0442
+4A76         0443
+4A77         0444
+4A78         0445
+4A79         0446
+4A7A         0447
+4A7B         0448
+4A7C         0449
+4A7D         044A
+4A7E         044B
+4A7F         044C
+4A80         044D
+4A81         044E
+4A82         044F
+4B41         00C6
+4B42         00D0
+4B43         00AA
+4B44         0126
+4B46         0132
+4B48         013F
+4B49         0141
+4B4A         00D8
+4B4B         0152
+4B4C         00BA
+4B4D         00DE
+4B4E         0166
+4B4F         014A
+4B51         3260
+4B52         3261
+4B53         3262
+4B54         3263
+4B55         3264
+4B56         3265
+4B57         3266
+4B58         3267
+4B59         3268
+4B5A         3269
+4B5B         326A
+4B5C         326B
+4B5D         326C
+4B5E         326D
+4B5F         326E
+4B60         326F
+4B61         3270
+4B62         3271
+4B63         3272
+4B64         3273
+4B65         3274
+4B66         3275
+4B67         3276
+4B68         3277
+4B69         3278
+4B6A         3279
+4B6B         327A
+4B6C         327B
+4B6D         24D0
+4B6E         24D1
+4B6F         24D2
+4B70         24D3
+4B71         24D4
+4B72         24D5
+4B73         24D6
+4B74         24D7
+4B75         24D8
+4B76         24D9
+4B77         24DA
+4B78         24DB
+4B79         24DC
+4B7A         24DD
+4B7B         24DE
+4B7C         24DF
+4B7D         24E0
+4B7E         24E1
+4B7F         24E2
+4B80         24E3
+4B81         24E4
+4B82         24E5
+4B83         24E6
+4B84         24E7
+4B85         24E8
+4B86         24E9
+4B87         2460
+4B88         2461
+4B89         2462
+4B8A         2463
+4B8B         2464
+4B8C         2465
+4B8D         2466
+4B8E         2467
+4B8F         2468
+4B90         2469
+4B91         246A
+4B92         246B
+4B93         246C
+4B94         246D
+4B95         246E
+4B96         00BD
+4B97         2153
+4B98         2154
+4B99         00BC
+4B9A         00BE
+4B9B         215B
+4B9C         215C
+4B9D         215D
+4B9E         215E
+4BA0         00E6
+4BA1         0111
+4BA2         00F0
+4BA3         0127
+4BA4         0131
+4BA5         0133
+4BA6         0138
+4BA7         0140
+4BA8         0142
+4BA9         00F8
+4BAA         0153
+4BAB         00DF
+4BAC         00FE
+4BAD         0167
+4BAE         014B
+4BAF         0149
+4BB0         3200
+4BB1         3201
+4BB2         3202
+4BB3         3203
+4BB4         3204
+4BB5         3205
+4BB6         3206
+4BB7         3207
+4BB8         3208
+4BB9         3209
+4BBA         320A
+4BBB         320B
+4BBC         320C
+4BBD         320D
+4BBE         320E
+4BBF         320F
+4BC0         3210
+4BC1         3211
+4BC2         3212
+4BC3         3213
+4BC4         3214
+4BC5         3215
+4BC6         3216
+4BC7         3217
+4BC8         3218
+4BC9         3219
+4BCA         321A
+4BCB         321B
+4BCC         249C
+4BCD         249D
+4BCE         249E
+4BCF         249F
+4BD0         24A0
+4BD1         24A1
+4BD2         24A2
+4BD3         24A3
+4BD4         24A4
+4BD5         24A5
+4BD6         24A6
+4BD7         24A7
+4BD8         24A8
+4BD9         24A9
+4BDA         24AA
+4BDB         24AB
+4BDC         24AC
+4BDD         24AD
+4BDE         24AE
+4BDF         24AF
+4BE0         24B0
+4BE1         24B1
+4BE2         24B2
+4BE3         24B3
+4BE4         24B4
+4BE5         24B5
+4BE6         2474
+4BE7         2475
+4BE8         2476
+4BE9         2477
+4BEA         2478
+4BEB         2479
+4BEC         247A
+4BED         247B
+4BEE         247C
+4BEF         247D
+4BF0         247E
+4BF1         247F
+4BF2         2480
+4BF3         2481
+4BF4         2482
+4BF5         00B9
+4BF6         00B2
+4BF7         00B3
+4BF8         2074
+4BF9         207F
+4BFA         2081
+4BFB         2082
+4BFC         2083
+4BFD         2084
+4C41         1100
+4C42         1101
+4C43         1102
+4C44         1103
+4C45         1104
+4C46         1105
+4C47         1106
+4C48         1107
+4C49         1108
+4C4A         1109
+4C4B         110A
+4C4C         110B
+4C4D         110C
+4C4E         110D
+4C4F         110E
+4C50         110F
+4C51         1110
+4C52         1111
+4C53         1112
+4C54         1113
+4C55         1114
+4C56         1115
+4C57         1116
+4C58         1117
+4C59         1118
+4C5A         1119
+4C5B         111A
+4C5C         111B
+4C5D         111C
+4C5E         111D
+4C5F         111E
+4C60         111F
+4C61         1120
+4C62         1121
+4C63         1122
+4C64         1123
+4C65         1124
+4C66         1125
+4C67         1126
+4C68         1127
+4C69         1128
+4C6A         1129
+4C6B         112A
+4C6C         112B
+4C6D         112C
+4C6E         112D
+4C6F         112E
+4C70         112F
+4C71         1130
+4C72         1131
+4C73         1132
+4C74         1133
+4C75         1134
+4C76         1135
+4C77         1136
+4C78         1137
+4C79         1138
+4C7A         1139
+4C7B         113A
+4C7C         113B
+4C7D         113C
+4C7E         113D
+4C7F         113E
+4C80         113F
+4C81         1140
+4C82         1141
+4C83         1142
+4C84         1143
+4C85         1144
+4C86         1145
+4C87         1146
+4C88         1147
+4C89         1148
+4C8A         1149
+4C8B         114A
+4C8C         114B
+4C8D         114C
+4C8E         114D
+4C8F         114E
+4C90         114F
+4C91         1150
+4C92         1151
+4C93         1152
+4C94         1153
+4C95         1154
+4C96         1155
+4C97         1156
+4C98         1157
+4C99         1158
+4C9A         1159
+4D41         115F
+4D42         1160
+4D43         1161
+4D44         1162
+4D45         1163
+4D46         1164
+4D47         1165
+4D48         1166
+4D49         1167
+4D4A         1168
+4D4B         1169
+4D4C         116A
+4D4D         116B
+4D4E         116C
+4D4F         116D
+4D50         116E
+4D51         116F
+4D52         1170
+4D53         1171
+4D54         1172
+4D55         1173
+4D56         1174
+4D57         1175
+4D58         1176
+4D59         1177
+4D5A         1178
+4D5B         1179
+4D5C         117A
+4D5D         117B
+4D5E         117C
+4D5F         117D
+4D60         117E
+4D61         117F
+4D62         1180
+4D63         1181
+4D64         1182
+4D65         1183
+4D66         1184
+4D67         1185
+4D68         1186
+4D69         1187
+4D6A         1188
+4D6B         1189
+4D6C         118A
+4D6D         118B
+4D6E         118C
+4D6F         118D
+4D70         118E
+4D71         118F
+4D72         1190
+4D73         1191
+4D74         1192
+4D75         1193
+4D76         1194
+4D77         1195
+4D78         1196
+4D79         1197
+4D7A         1198
+4D7B         1199
+4D7C         119A
+4D7D         119B
+4D7E         119C
+4D7F         119D
+4D80         119E
+4D81         119F
+4D82         11A0
+4D83         11A1
+4D84         11A2
+4E41         11A8
+4E42         11A9
+4E43         11AA
+4E44         11AB
+4E45         11AC
+4E46         11AD
+4E47         11AE
+4E48         11AF
+4E49         11B0
+4E4A         11B1
+4E4B         11B2
+4E4C         11B3
+4E4D         11B4
+4E4E         11B5
+4E4F         11B6
+4E50         11B7
+4E51         11B8
+4E52         11B9
+4E53         11BA
+4E54         11BB
+4E55         11BC
+4E56         11BD
+4E57         11BE
+4E58         11BF
+4E59         11C0
+4E5A         11C1
+4E5B         11C2
+4E5C         11C3
+4E5D         11C4
+4E5E         11C5
+4E5F         11C6
+4E60         11C7
+4E61         11C8
+4E62         11C9
+4E63         11CA
+4E64         11CB
+4E65         11CC
+4E66         11CD
+4E67         11CE
+4E68         11CF
+4E69         11D0
+4E6A         11D1
+4E6B         11D2
+4E6C         11D3
+4E6D         11D4
+4E6E         11D5
+4E6F         11D6
+4E70         11D7
+4E71         11D8
+4E72         11D9
+4E73         11DA
+4E74         11DB
+4E75         11DC
+4E76         11DD
+4E77         11DE
+4E78         11DF
+4E79         11E0
+4E7A         11E1
+4E7B         11E2
+4E7C         11E3
+4E7D         11E4
+4E7E         11E5
+4E7F         11E6
+4E80         11E7
+4E81         11E8
+4E82         11E9
+4E83         11EA
+4E84         11EB
+4E85         11EC
+4E86         11ED
+4E87         11EE
+4E88         11EF
+4E89         11F0
+4E8A         11F1
+4E8B         11F2
+4E8C         11F3
+4E8D         11F4
+4E8E         11F5
+4E8F         11F6
+4E90         11F7
+4E91         11F8
+4E92         11F9
+5041         4F3D
+5042         4F73
+5043         5047
+5044         50F9
+5045         52A0
+5046         53EF
+5047         5475
+5048         54E5
+5049         5609
+504A         5AC1
+504B         5BB6
+504C         6687
+504D         67EF
+504E         67B6
+504F         6B4C
+5050         7A3C
+5051         82DB
+5052         8304
+5053         8857
+5054         8888
+5055         8A36
+5056         8CC8
+5057         8DCF
+5058         8EFB
+5059         8FE6
+505A         99D5
+505B         523B
+505C         5374
+505D         5404
+505E         F843
+505F         606A
+5060         64F1
+5061         6BBC
+5062         73CF
+5063         811A
+5064         89BA
+5065         89D2
+5066         95A3
+5067         520A
+5068         58BE
+5069         5978
+506A         59E6
+506B         5E72
+506C         5E79
+506D         61C7
+506E         63C0
+506F         6746
+5070         6F97
+5071         764E
+5072         770B
+5073         7A08
+5074         7AFF
+5075         7C21
+5076         826E
+5077         8271
+5078         809D
+5079         8AEB
+507A         9593
+507B         4E6B
+507C         559D
+507D         66F7
+507E         6E34
+507F         78A3
+5080         7AED
+5081         8910
+5082         7FAF
+5083         845B
+5084         97A8
+5085         52D8
+5086         574E
+5087         582A
+5088         5D4C
+5089         611F
+508A         61BE
+508B         6562
+508C         67D1
+508D         6A44
+508E         6E1B
+508F         7518
+5090         75B3
+5091         76E3
+5092         7D3A
+5093         9163
+5094         9451
+5095         9F95
+5096         5323
+5097         5CAC
+5098         7532
+5099         80DB
+509A         9240
+509B         9598
+509C         5CA1
+509D         525B
+509E         59DC
+509F         5D17
+50A0         5EB7
+50A1         5F3A
+50A2         5F4A
+50A3         6177
+50A4         6C5F
+50A5         7586
+50A6         7DB1
+50A7         8941
+50A8         7CE0
+50A9         8154
+50AA         8591
+50AB         8B1B
+50AC         92FC
+50AD         964D
+50AE         4ECB
+50AF         4EF7
+50B0         500B
+50B1         51F1
+50B2         6137
+50B3         613E
+50B4         6168
+50B5         6539
+50B6         69EA
+50B7         6F11
+50B8         75A5
+50B9         7686
+50BA         76D6
+50BB         7B87
+50BC         82A5
+50BD         84CB
+50BE         958B
+50BF         5BA2
+50C0         5751
+50C1         F901
+50C2         7CB3
+50C3         7FB9
+50C4         91B5
+50C5         53BB
+50C6         5C45
+50C7         5DE8
+50C8         62D2
+50C9         636E
+50CA         64DA
+50CB         6E20
+50CC         70AC
+50CD         64E7
+50CE         8DDD
+50CF         907D
+50D0         F902
+50D1         F844
+50D2         92F8
+50D3         4E7E
+50D4         4EF6
+50D5         5065
+50D6         5DFE
+50D7         5EFA
+50D8         6106
+50D9         8654
+50DA         8E47
+50DB         9375
+50DC         9A2B
+50DD         4E5E
+50DE         5091
+50DF         6770
+50E0         5109
+50E1         528D
+50E2         6AA2
+50E3         77BC
+50E4         9ED4
+50E5         52AB
+50E6         602F
+50E7         5048
+50E8         61A9
+50E9         63ED
+50EA         64CA
+50EB         683C
+50EC         6A84
+50ED         6FC0
+50EE         89A1
+50EF         9694
+50F0         9ABC
+50F1         5805
+50F2         80A9
+50F3         727D
+50F4         72AC
+50F5         7504
+50F6         7D79
+50F7         7E6D
+50F8         898B
+50F9         8B74
+50FA         9063
+50FB         9D51
+50FC         6F54
+50FD         6C7A
+50FE         7D50
+5141         7F3A
+5142         8A23
+5143         517C
+5144         614A
+5145         7B9D
+5146         84B9
+5147         8B19
+5148         938C
+5149         4EAC
+514A         50BE
+514B         52C1
+514C         52CD
+514D         537F
+514E         54FD
+514F         5883
+5150         5E9A
+5151         5F91
+5152         6176
+5153         66BB
+5154         6243
+5155         64CE
+5156         656C
+5157         666F
+5158         66F4
+5159         6897
+515A         6AA0
+515B         6D87
+515C         7085
+515D         71B2
+515E         749F
+515F         74CA
+5160         754A
+5161         75D9
+5162         786C
+5163         78EC
+5164         7ADF
+5165         7AF6
+5166         7D45
+5167         7D93
+5168         8015
+5169         803F
+516A         811B
+516B         8396
+516C         8B66
+516D         8F15
+516E         9015
+516F         93E1
+5170         9803
+5171         9838
+5172         9A5A
+5173         9BE8
+5174         4FC2
+5175         5553
+5176         5951
+5177         5B63
+5178         5C46
+5179         60B8
+517A         6212
+517B         6842
+517C         68B0
+517D         6EAA
+517E         754C
+517F         7678
+5180         78CE
+5181         F845
+5182         7A3D
+5183         7CFB
+5184         7E6B
+5185         7E7C
+5186         8A08
+5187         8AA1
+5188         968E
+5189         8C3F
+518A         96DE
+518B         9DC4
+518C         53E9
+518D         53E4
+518E         544A
+518F         5471
+5190         56FA
+5191         59D1
+5192         5B64
+5193         5EAB
+5194         62F7
+5195         6537
+5196         6545
+5197         6572
+5198         67AF
+5199         6772
+519A         6CBD
+519B         75FC
+519C         7690
+519D         8831
+519E         77BD
+519F         7A3F
+51A0         777E
+51A1         8003
+51A2         80A1
+51A3         818F
+51A4         82E6
+51A5         85C1
+51A6         88B4
+51A7         8A41
+51A8         8AA5
+51A9         F903
+51AA         8F9C
+51AB         932E
+51AC         96C7
+51AD         9867
+51AE         9AD8
+51AF         9F13
+51B0         54ED
+51B1         659B
+51B2         66F2
+51B3         688F
+51B4         7A40
+51B5         8C37
+51B6         9D60
+51B7         56F0
+51B8         5764
+51B9         5D11
+51BA         6606
+51BB         68B1
+51BC         68CD
+51BD         6EFE
+51BE         889E
+51BF         6C68
+51C0         F904
+51C1         9AA8
+51C2         4F9B
+51C3         516C
+51C4         5171
+51C5         529F
+51C6         5B54
+51C7         5DE5
+51C8         8CA2
+51C9         606D
+51CA         6050
+51CB         62F1
+51CC         63A7
+51CD         653B
+51CE         6831
+51CF         69D3
+51D0         7A7A
+51D1         7B9C
+51D2         5BE1
+51D3         6208
+51D4         679C
+51D5         74DC
+51D6         79D1
+51D7         83D3
+51D8         874C
+51D9         8A87
+51DA         8AB2
+51DB         904E
+51DC         9846
+51DD         5ED3
+51DE         69E8
+51DF         85FF
+51E0         90ED
+51E1         970D
+51E2         F905
+51E3         51A0
+51E4         5B98
+51E5         5BEC
+51E6         6163
+51E7         68FA
+51E8         74D8
+51E9         6B3E
+51EA         704C
+51EB         76E5
+51EC         7BA1
+51ED         7F50
+51EE         83C5
+51EF         89C0
+51F0         8CAB
+51F1         95DC
+51F2         9928
+51F3         9E1B
+51F4         522E
+51F5         605D
+51F6         62EC
+51F7         9002
+51F8         5149
+51F9         5321
+51FA         58D9
+51FB         5EE3
+51FC         66E0
+51FD         6D38
+51FE         72C2
+5241         73D6
+5242         7B50
+5243         80F1
+5244         945B
+5245         5366
+5246         639B
+5247         7F6B
+5248         4E56
+5249         5080
+524A         584A
+524B         58DE
+524C         602A
+524D         6127
+524E         62D0
+524F         69D0
+5250         9B41
+5251         5B8F
+5252         7D18
+5253         80B1
+5254         8F5F
+5255         4EA4
+5256         50D1
+5257         54AC
+5258         55AC
+5259         5B0C
+525A         5DA0
+525B         5DE7
+525C         654E
+525D         652A
+525E         6821
+525F         6A4B
+5260         72E1
+5261         768E
+5262         77EF
+5263         7D5E
+5264         7FF9
+5265         81A0
+5266         854E
+5267         86DF
+5268         8F03
+5269         8F4E
+526A         90CA
+526B         9278
+526C         9903
+526D         9A55
+526E         9BAB
+526F         4E18
+5270         4E45
+5271         4E5D
+5272         4EC7
+5273         4F5D
+5274         4FF1
+5275         50B4
+5276         5177
+5277         52FE
+5278         5340
+5279         53E3
+527A         53E5
+527B         548E
+527C         5614
+527D         57A2
+527E         5ABE
+527F         5AD7
+5280         5BC7
+5281         5D87
+5282         5ED0
+5283         61FC
+5284         62D8
+5285         6551
+5286         F846
+5287         67B8
+5288         67E9
+5289         69CB
+528A         6B50
+528B         6BC6
+528C         6BEC
+528D         6C42
+528E         6E9D
+528F         7078
+5290         72D7
+5291         7396
+5292         7403
+5293         750C
+5294         77BF
+5295         77E9
+5296         7A76
+5297         7D7F
+5298         8CFC
+5299         81FC
+529A         8205
+529B         820A
+529C         82DF
+529D         8862
+529E         89AF
+529F         8B33
+52A0         8EC0
+52A1         9011
+52A2         90B1
+52A3         9264
+52A4         98B6
+52A5         99D2
+52A6         9A45
+52A7         9CE9
+52A8         9DD7
+52A9         9F9C
+52AA         570B
+52AB         5C40
+52AC         63AC
+52AD         83CA
+52AE         97A0
+52AF         9EB4
+52B0         7A98
+52B1         7FA4
+52B2         8ECD
+52B3         541B
+52B4         90E1
+52B5         5800
+52B6         5C48
+52B7         6398
+52B8         7A9F
+52B9         5BAE
+52BA         5F13
+52BB         7A79
+52BC         7AAE
+52BD         8EAC
+52BE         5026
+52BF         5238
+52C0         52F8
+52C1         5377
+52C2         5708
+52C3         62F3
+52C4         6B0A
+52C5         7737
+52C6         53A5
+52C7         8E76
+52C8         95D5
+52C9         673A
+52CA         6AC3
+52CB         6F70
+52CC         8A6D
+52CD         8DEA
+52CE         8ECC
+52CF         994B
+52D0         6B78
+52D1         8CB4
+52D2         9B3C
+52D3         F907
+52D4         53EB
+52D5         572D
+52D6         594E
+52D7         63C6
+52D8         73EA
+52D9         7845
+52DA         7ABA
+52DB         8475
+52DC         7CFE
+52DD         898F
+52DE         8D73
+52DF         9035
+52E0         95A8
+52E1         5747
+52E2         7B60
+52E3         83CC
+52E4         921E
+52E5         F908
+52E6         6A58
+52E7         514B
+52E8         524B
+52E9         5287
+52EA         621F
+52EB         6975
+52EC         68D8
+52ED         9699
+52EE         50C5
+52EF         52E4
+52F0         5DF9
+52F1         61C3
+52F2         65A4
+52F3         6839
+52F4         69FF
+52F5         6F0C
+52F6         747E
+52F7         7B4B
+52F8         82B9
+52F9         83EB
+52FA         89B2
+52FB         8B39
+52FC         8FD1
+52FD         9949
+52FE         F909
+5341         4ECA
+5342         64D2
+5343         6A8E
+5344         7434
+5345         7981
+5346         79BD
+5347         887F
+5348         887E
+5349         895F
+534A         F90A
+534B         9326
+534C         53CA
+534D         5C8C
+534E         6025
+534F         6271
+5350         6C72
+5351         7B08
+5352         7D1A
+5353         7D66
+5354         4E98
+5355         5162
+5356         77DC
+5357         80AF
+5358         4F01
+5359         4F0E
+535A         5176
+535B         5180
+535C         55DC
+535D         5668
+535E         573B
+535F         57FA
+5360         5914
+5361         5947
+5362         5993
+5363         5BC4
+5364         5C90
+5365         8C48
+5366         5D0E
+5367         5E7E
+5368         5DF1
+5369         5FCC
+536A         6280
+536B         65D7
+536C         65E3
+536D         671F
+536E         675E
+536F         68CB
+5370         68C4
+5371         6A5F
+5372         6B3A
+5373         6C23
+5374         6C7D
+5375         6C82
+5376         6DC7
+5377         7426
+5378         742A
+5379         74A3
+537A         7578
+537B         757F
+537C         7881
+537D         78EF
+537E         7947
+537F         7948
+5380         797A
+5381         7B95
+5382         7D00
+5383         7DBA
+5384         F847
+5385         8006
+5386         802D
+5387         808C
+5388         671E
+5389         8A18
+538A         8B4F
+538B         8D77
+538C         9321
+538D         98E2
+538E         9951
+538F         9A0E
+5390         9A0F
+5391         9A65
+5392         9C2D
+5393         9E92
+5394         7DCA
+5395         4F76
+5396         5409
+5397         62EE
+5398         6854
+5399         91D1
+539A         F848
+539B         55AB
+539C         513A
+539D         61E6
+539E         62CF
+539F         62FF
+53A0         7CEF
+53A1         90A3
+53A2         8AFE
+53A3         6696
+53A4         7156
+53A5         96E3
+53A6         637A
+53A7         634F
+53A8         5357
+53A9         5583
+53AA         7537
+53AB         7D0D
+53AC         56CA
+53AD         5A18
+53AE         66E9
+53AF         4E43
+53B0         5167
+53B1         5948
+53B2         67F0
+53B3         8010
+53B4         8FFA
+53B5         5973
+53B6         5E74
+53B7         79CA
+53B8         5FF5
+53B9         606C
+53BA         62C8
+53BB         637B
+53BC         4F5E
+53BD         5BE7
+53BE         F849
+53BF         52AA
+53C0         5974
+53C1         5B65
+53C2         5F29
+53C3         6012
+53C4         7459
+53C5         6FC3
+53C6         81BF
+53C7         8FB2
+53C8         60F1
+53C9         8166
+53CA         5C3F
+53CB         F84A
+53CC         5AE9
+53CD         8A25
+53CE         7D10
+53CF         80FD
+53D0         5C3C
+53D1         6CE5
+53D2         533F
+53D3         6EBA
+53D4         591A
+53D5         8336
+53D6         4E39
+53D7         4F46
+53D8         55AE
+53D9         5718
+53DA         58C7
+53DB         65B7
+53DC         65E6
+53DD         6A80
+53DE         6BB5
+53DF         6E4D
+53E0         77ED
+53E1         7AEF
+53E2         7C1E
+53E3         7DDE
+53E4         86CB
+53E5         8892
+53E6         9132
+53E7         935B
+53E8         977C
+53E9         601B
+53EA         64BB
+53EB         737A
+53EC         75B8
+53ED         9054
+53EE         95E5
+53EF         97C3
+53F0         5556
+53F1         64D4
+53F2         66C7
+53F3         6DE1
+53F4         6F6D
+53F5         6FB9
+53F6         75F0
+53F7         8043
+53F8         81BD
+53F9         8983
+53FA         8AC7
+53FB         8B5A
+53FC         6C93
+53FD         7B54
+53FE         8E0F
+5441         905D
+5442         515A
+5443         5802
+5444         5858
+5445         5E62
+5446         5510
+5447         649E
+5448         68E0
+5449         7576
+544A         7CD6
+544B         87F7
+544C         9EE8
+544D         4EE3
+544E         5788
+544F         5927
+5450         5C0D
+5451         5CB1
+5452         5E36
+5453         5F85
+5454         6234
+5455         64E1
+5456         73B3
+5457         7893
+5458         81FA
+5459         888B
+545A         8CB8
+545B         968A
+545C         9EDB
+545D         5B85
+545E         5FB7
+545F         60B3
+5460         5012
+5461         5200
+5462         5230
+5463         5716
+5464         5835
+5465         5857
+5466         5C0E
+5467         5C60
+5468         5CF6
+5469         5EA6
+546A         5F92
+546B         60BC
+546C         6311
+546D         6417
+546E         6843
+546F         68F9
+5470         6DD8
+5471         6E21
+5472         6ED4
+5473         6FE4
+5474         71FE
+5475         76DC
+5476         7779
+5477         79B1
+5478         7A3B
+5479         8404
+547A         83DF
+547B         8CED
+547C         8DF3
+547D         8E48
+547E         9003
+547F         9014
+5480         9053
+5481         90FD
+5482         934D
+5483         9676
+5484         97DC
+5485         6BD2
+5486         7006
+5487         7258
+5488         72A2
+5489         7368
+548A         7763
+548B         79BF
+548C         7BE4
+548D         7E9B
+548E         8B80
+548F         58A9
+5490         60C7
+5491         6566
+5492         66BE
+5493         6C8C
+5494         71C9
+5495         8C5A
+5496         9813
+5497         5484
+5498         4E6D
+5499         7A81
+549A         4EDD
+549B         51AC
+549C         51CD
+549D         52D5
+549E         540C
+549F         578C
+54A0         61A7
+54A1         6771
+54A2         6850
+54A3         68DF
+54A4         6D1E
+54A5         6F7C
+54A6         7AE5
+54A7         75BC
+54A8         77B3
+54A9         8463
+54AA         80F4
+54AB         9285
+54AC         515C
+54AD         6597
+54AE         675C
+54AF         6793
+54B0         75D8
+54B1         7AC7
+54B2         8373
+54B3         809A
+54B4         86AA
+54B5         F95A
+54B6         8C46
+54B7         982D
+54B8         5C6F
+54B9         81C0
+54BA         9041
+54BB         906F
+54BC         920D
+54BD         5F97
+54BE         6A59
+54BF         6ED5
+54C0         706F
+54C1         71C8
+54C2         767B
+54C3         7B49
+54C4         85E4
+54C5         8B04
+54C6         9127
+54C7         9419
+54C8         9A30
+54C9         5587
+54CA         61F6
+54CB         7669
+54CC         7F85
+54CD         863F
+54CE         87BA
+54CF         88F8
+54D0         908F
+54D1         F95C
+54D2         6D1B
+54D3         70D9
+54D4         7296
+54D5         73DE
+54D6         7D61
+54D7         843D
+54D8         916A
+54D9         99F1
+54DA         4E82
+54DB         5375
+54DC         5E71
+54DD         6B04
+54DE         6B12
+54DF         703E
+54E0         721B
+54E1         862D
+54E2         9E1E
+54E3         524C
+54E4         57D3
+54E5         8FA3
+54E6         5D50
+54E7         64E5
+54E8         652C
+54E9         6B16
+54EA         6FEB
+54EB         7C43
+54EC         7E9C
+54ED         85CD
+54EE         8964
+54EF         89BD
+54F0         62C9
+54F1         81D8
+54F2         881F
+54F3         5ECA
+54F4         6717
+54F5         6994
+54F6         6D6A
+54F7         72FC
+54F8         7405
+54F9         746F
+54FA         8782
+54FB         90DE
+54FC         4F86
+54FD         840A
+54FE         51B7
+5541         63A0
+5542         7565
+5543         4EAE
+5544         5169
+5545         5006
+5546         51C9
+5547         6881
+5548         6DBC
+5549         6A11
+554A         7CAE
+554B         7CB1
+554C         7CE7
+554D         826F
+554E         8AD2
+554F         8F1B
+5550         91CF
+5551         9B4E
+5552         4FB6
+5553         52F5
+5554         5442
+5555         5EEC
+5556         623E
+5557         65C5
+5558         6ADA
+5559         6FFE
+555A         7658
+555B         792A
+555C         8182
+555D         85DC
+555E         616E
+555F         8823
+5560         8821
+5561         9462
+5562         95AD
+5563         9A62
+5564         9A6A
+5565         9E97
+5566         9ECE
+5567         529B
+5568         6B77
+5569         66C6
+556A         6ADF
+556B         701D
+556C         792B
+556D         8F62
+556E         9742
+556F         6190
+5570         6200
+5571         6523
+5572         6F23
+5573         7149
+5574         7DF4
+5575         806F
+5576         84EE
+5577         8F26
+5578         9023
+5579         934A
+557A         51BD
+557B         52A3
+557C         5217
+557D         6D0C
+557E         70C8
+557F         88C2
+5580         5EC9
+5581         6582
+5582         6BAE
+5583         6FC2
+5584         7C3E
+5585         7375
+5586         9B23
+5587         4EE4
+5588         4F36
+5589         56F9
+558A         5DBA
+558B         601C
+558C         6624
+558D         6CE0
+558E         73B2
+558F         7F9A
+5590         7FCE
+5591         82D3
+5592         86C9
+5593         901E
+5594         96F6
+5595         9748
+5596         9234
+5597         9818
+5598         9F61
+5599         4F8B
+559A         79AE
+559B         91B4
+559C         96B7
+559D         52DE
+559E         6488
+559F         6AD3
+55A0         6F66
+55A1         7210
+55A2         7018
+55A3         76E7
+55A4         8001
+55A5         826B
+55A6         8606
+55A7         865C
+55A8         8DEF
+55A9         8F05
+55AA         8F64
+55AB         9732
+55AC         9B6F
+55AD         9DFA
+55AE         9E75
+55AF         6F09
+55B0         788C
+55B1         F84B
+55B2         7DA0
+55B3         8F46
+55B4         9304
+55B5         9E93
+55B6         9E7F
+55B7         8AD6
+55B8         58DF
+55B9         5F04
+55BA         6727
+55BB         7027
+55BC         74CF
+55BD         7C60
+55BE         807E
+55BF         5121
+55C0         7262
+55C1         78CA
+55C2         7C5F
+55C3         857E
+55C4         8A84
+55C5         8CF4
+55C6         8CC2
+55C7         96F7
+55C8         4E86
+55C9         50DA
+55CA         F84C
+55CB         5BEE
+55CC         5ED6
+55CD         71CE
+55CE         7642
+55CF         77AD
+55D0         6599
+55D1         804A
+55D2         84FC
+55D3         907C
+55D4         9F8D
+55D5         50C2
+55D6         58D8
+55D7         5C62
+55D8         6A13
+55D9         6DDA
+55DA         6F0F
+55DB         7D2F
+55DC         7E37
+55DD         8938
+55DE         964B
+55DF         9ACF
+55E0         5289
+55E1         67F3
+55E2         69B4
+55E3         6D41
+55E4         6E9C
+55E5         7409
+55E6         7460
+55E7         7559
+55E8         7624
+55E9         786B
+55EA         8B2C
+55EB         985E
+55EC         516D
+55ED         622E
+55EE         9678
+55EF         502B
+55F0         5D19
+55F1         6DEA
+55F2         7DB8
+55F3         8F2A
+55F4         5F8B
+55F5         6144
+55F6         6817
+55F7         F961
+55F8         7ABF
+55F9         9686
+55FA         808B
+55FB         52D2
+55FC         51DB
+55FD         5EE9
+55FE         51CC
+5641         695E
+5642         7A1C
+5643         7DBE
+5644         83F1
+5645         9675
+5646         4FDA
+5647         5229
+5648         5398
+5649         540F
+564A         5C65
+564B         60A7
+564C         F84D
+564D         674E
+564E         68A8
+564F         6F13
+5650         7281
+5651         72F8
+5652         7406
+5653         7483
+5654         75E2
+5655         79BB
+5656         7F79
+5657         7C6C
+5658         87AD
+5659         88CF
+565A         91CC
+565B         91D0
+565C         96E2
+565D         9B51
+565E         9BC9
+565F         541D
+5660         71D0
+5661         7498
+5662         85FA
+5663         8EAA
+5664         96A3
+5665         9C57
+5666         9E9F
+5667         6797
+5668         6DCB
+5669         7433
+566A         75F3
+566B         81E8
+566C         9716
+566D         5CA6
+566E         782C
+566F         7ACB
+5670         7B20
+5671         7C92
+5672         5ABD
+5673         6469
+5674         746A
+5675         75F2
+5676         78E8
+5677         87C7
+5678         99AC
+5679         9B54
+567A         9EBB
+567B         5BDE
+567C         5E55
+567D         6F20
+567E         819C
+567F         83AB
+5680         5A29
+5681         5DD2
+5682         5F4E
+5683         6162
+5684         633D
+5685         6669
+5686         66FC
+5687         6EFF
+5688         6F2B
+5689         7063
+568A         779E
+568B         842C
+568C         8513
+568D         883B
+568E         8B3E
+568F         8F13
+5690         93DD
+5691         9945
+5692         9B18
+5693         9C3B
+5694         62B9
+5695         672B
+5696         6CAB
+5697         896A
+5698         977A
+5699         4EA1
+569A         5984
+569B         5FD8
+569C         5FD9
+569D         671B
+569E         7DB2
+569F         7F54
+56A0         8292
+56A1         832B
+56A2         83BD
+56A3         9099
+56A4         9B4D
+56A5         57CB
+56A6         59B9
+56A7         5A92
+56A8         5BD0
+56A9         6627
+56AA         679A
+56AB         6885
+56AC         6BCF
+56AD         7164
+56AE         771B
+56AF         7F75
+56B0         82FA
+56B1         8CB7
+56B2         8CE3
+56B3         9081
+56B4         9B45
+56B5         8108
+56B6         8109
+56B7         8C8A
+56B8         964C
+56B9         9A40
+56BA         9EA5
+56BB         5B5F
+56BC         6C13
+56BD         731B
+56BE         76DF
+56BF         76F2
+56C0         840C
+56C1         51AA
+56C2         8993
+56C3         4FDB
+56C4         514D
+56C5         52C9
+56C6         5195
+56C7         68C9
+56C8         7704
+56C9         7720
+56CA         7DBF
+56CB         7DEC
+56CC         9762
+56CD         9EB5
+56CE         6EC5
+56CF         8511
+56D0         547D
+56D1         51A5
+56D2         540D
+56D3         9CF4
+56D4         660E
+56D5         669D
+56D6         6E9F
+56D7         76BF
+56D8         8317
+56D9         879F
+56DA         9169
+56DB         9298
+56DC         8882
+56DD         4FAE
+56DE         52DF
+56DF         5E3D
+56E0         59C6
+56E1         6155
+56E2         6478
+56E3         66AE
+56E4         5192
+56E5         67D0
+56E6         6A21
+56E7         6BCD
+56E8         6BDB
+56E9         725F
+56EA         7261
+56EB         7738
+56EC         77DB
+56ED         8004
+56EE         8017
+56EF         8305
+56F0         8B00
+56F1         8B28
+56F2         8C8C
+56F3         927E
+56F4         6728
+56F5         6C90
+56F6         7267
+56F7         76EE
+56F8         7766
+56F9         7A46
+56FA         6B7F
+56FB         6C92
+56FC         5922
+56FD         6726
+56FE         6FDB
+5741         77C7
+5742         8499
+5743         536F
+5744         5893
+5745         5999
+5746         5EDF
+5747         63CF
+5748         6634
+5749         6773
+574A         6E3A
+574B         732B
+574C         82D7
+574D         9328
+574E         52D9
+574F         5DEB
+5750         61CB
+5751         620A
+5752         62C7
+5753         64AB
+5754         65E0
+5755         6B66
+5756         6BCB
+5757         7121
+5758         755D
+5759         7E46
+575A         821E
+575B         8302
+575C         856A
+575D         8AA3
+575E         8CBF
+575F         9727
+5760         9D61
+5761         58A8
+5762         9ED8
+5763         520E
+5764         543B
+5765         6587
+5766         6C76
+5767         7D0B
+5768         7D0A
+5769         868A
+576A         9580
+576B         554F
+576C         805E
+576D         52FF
+576E         7269
+576F         5473
+5770         5A9A
+5771         5C3E
+5772         5D4B
+5773         9761
+5774         5F4C
+5775         5FAE
+5776         672A
+5777         6E3C
+5778         7030
+5779         7709
+577A         7C73
+577B         7CDC
+577C         7F8E
+577D         8587
+577E         8B0E
+577F         8FF7
+5780         60B6
+5781         610D
+5782         61AB
+5783         654F
+5784         65FC
+5785         65FB
+5786         6C11
+5787         6CEF
+5788         739F
+5789         73C9
+578A         9594
+578B         95A9
+578C         5BC6
+578D         871C
+578E         8B10
+578F         F84E
+5790         525D
+5791         535A
+5792         62CD
+5793         640F
+5794         64B2
+5795         6734
+5796         6A38
+5797         6B02
+5798         6CCA
+5799         7254
+579A         73C0
+579B         749E
+579C         7B94
+579D         7E1B
+579E         7C95
+579F         818A
+57A0         8236
+57A1         8584
+57A2         8FEB
+57A3         96F9
+57A4         99C1
+57A5         4F34
+57A6         534A
+57A7         53CD
+57A8         53DB
+57A9         62CC
+57AA         642C
+57AB         6500
+57AC         6591
+57AD         69C3
+57AE         6F58
+57AF         6CEE
+57B0         73ED
+57B1         7554
+57B2         76E4
+57B3         78FB
+57B4         792C
+57B5         7D46
+57B6         80D6
+57B7         87E0
+57B8         822C
+57B9         8FD4
+57BA         9812
+57BB         98EF
+57BC         52C3
+57BD         62D4
+57BE         6F51
+57BF         64A5
+57C0         767C
+57C1         8DCB
+57C2         91B1
+57C3         9262
+57C4         9AEE
+57C5         9B43
+57C6         5023
+57C7         508D
+57C8         574A
+57C9         59A8
+57CA         5C28
+57CB         5E47
+57CC         5F77
+57CD         623F
+57CE         653E
+57CF         65B9
+57D0         65C1
+57D1         6609
+57D2         699C
+57D3         7D21
+57D4         80AA
+57D5         8180
+57D6         822B
+57D7         82B3
+57D8         84A1
+57D9         868C
+57DA         8A2A
+57DB         8B17
+57DC         90A6
+57DD         9632
+57DE         9AE3
+57DF         9B74
+57E0         9F90
+57E1         4FF3
+57E2         500D
+57E3         F963
+57E4         57F9
+57E5         5F98
+57E6         62DC
+57E7         6392
+57E8         676F
+57E9         6E43
+57EA         76C3
+57EB         80DA
+57EC         80CC
+57ED         88F5
+57EE         88F4
+57EF         8919
+57F0         8CE0
+57F1         8F29
+57F2         914D
+57F3         966A
+57F4         4F2F
+57F5         4F70
+57F6         5E1B
+57F7         67CF
+57F8         6822
+57F9         767D
+57FA         767E
+57FB         9B44
+57FC         6A0A
+57FD         F84F
+57FE         7169
+5841         756A
+5842         F964
+5843         7E41
+5844         7FFB
+5845         8543
+5846         85E9
+5847         98DC
+5848         4F10
+5849         7B4F
+584A         7F70
+584B         95A5
+584C         51E1
+584D         5E06
+584E         68B5
+584F         6C3E
+5850         6C4E
+5851         6CDB
+5852         72AF
+5853         7BC4
+5854         8303
+5855         6CD5
+5856         743A
+5857         50FB
+5858         5288
+5859         58C1
+585A         64D8
+585B         74A7
+585C         7656
+585D         78A7
+585E         8F9F
+585F         95E2
+5860         9739
+5861         F965
+5862         535E
+5863         5F01
+5864         6C74
+5865         8FAE
+5866         8B8A
+5867         8FA8
+5868         8FAF
+5869         F850
+586A         908A
+586B         99E2
+586C         5225
+586D         5F46
+586E         77A5
+586F         9C49
+5870         9F08
+5871         4E19
+5872         5002
+5873         5175
+5874         5C5B
+5875         5E77
+5876         661E
+5877         663A
+5878         67C4
+5879         70B3
+587A         7501
+587B         75C5
+587C         7ADD
+587D         79C9
+587E         8F27
+587F         8FF8
+5880         9920
+5881         4FDD
+5882         5821
+5883         5831
+5884         5BF6
+5885         666E
+5886         6B65
+5887         6E7A
+5888         6D11
+5889         6F7D
+588A         752B
+588B         88DC
+588C         8913
+588D         8B5C
+588E         8F14
+588F         9D07
+5890         9EFC
+5891         4F0F
+5892         50D5
+5893         5310
+5894         535C
+5895         5B93
+5896         5FA9
+5897         798F
+5898         670D
+5899         8179
+589A         832F
+589B         8514
+589C         8986
+589D         8760
+589E         8907
+589F         8F3B
+58A0         99A5
+58A1         9C12
+58A2         672C
+58A3         4E76
+58A4         4E30
+58A5         4FF8
+58A6         5949
+58A7         5C01
+58A8         5CF0
+58A9         5CEF
+58AA         6367
+58AB         742B
+58AC         68D2
+58AD         70FD
+58AE         7E2B
+58AF         8451
+58B0         84EC
+58B1         8702
+58B2         9022
+58B3         92D2
+58B4         9CF3
+58B5         4EC6
+58B6         4ED8
+58B7         5085
+58B8         5256
+58B9         526F
+58BA         5426
+58BB         57E0
+58BC         592B
+58BD         5A66
+58BE         5B75
+58BF         5BCC
+58C0         5E9C
+58C1         F966
+58C2         6276
+58C3         6577
+58C4         65A7
+58C5         6D6E
+58C6         6EA5
+58C7         7236
+58C8         7C3F
+58C9         7F36
+58CA         7B26
+58CB         7F58
+58CC         8151
+58CD         8150
+58CE         819A
+58CF         8299
+58D0         82FB
+58D1         8709
+58D2         8A03
+58D3         8CA0
+58D4         8CE6
+58D5         8CFB
+58D6         8D74
+58D7         8DBA
+58D8         90E8
+58D9         91DC
+58DA         961C
+58DB         9644
+58DC         982B
+58DD         99D9
+58DE         9B92
+58DF         9CE7
+58E0         5317
+58E1         5206
+58E2         5674
+58E3         F851
+58E4         58B3
+58E5         5954
+58E6         596E
+58E7         5FFF
+58E8         61A4
+58E9         626E
+58EA         6C7E
+58EB         711A
+58EC         76C6
+58ED         7C89
+58EE         7CDE
+58EF         7D1B
+58F0         82AC
+58F1         8561
+58F2         96F0
+58F3         F967
+58F4         4F5B
+58F5         F852
+58F6         5F17
+58F7         62C2
+58F8         9AF4
+58F9         9EFB
+58FA         5D29
+58FB         670B
+58FC         68DA
+58FD         787C
+58FE         7E43
+5941         9D6C
+5942         4E15
+5943         5099
+5944         5315
+5945         532A
+5946         5351
+5947         5983
+5948         59A3
+5949         5A62
+594A         5E87
+594B         60B2
+594C         618A
+594D         6249
+594E         6279
+594F         6590
+5950         F853
+5951         69A7
+5952         6C98
+5953         F968
+5954         6CB8
+5955         6BD4
+5956         6BD8
+5957         7435
+5958         75FA
+5959         7765
+595A         7812
+595B         7891
+595C         79D8
+595D         7BE6
+595E         7DCB
+595F         7FE1
+5960         80A5
+5961         8153
+5962         813E
+5963         81C2
+5964         83F2
+5965         871A
+5966         88E8
+5967         8AB9
+5968         8B6C
+5969         8CBB
+596A         8F61
+596B         9119
+596C         975E
+596D         98DB
+596E         9AC0
+596F         9F3B
+5970         5B2A
+5971         8CD3
+5972         5F6C
+5973         64EF
+5974         658C
+5975         6AB3
+5976         6BAF
+5977         6FF1
+5978         7015
+5979         725D
+597A         860B
+597B         8CA7
+597C         F854
+597D         983B
+597E         9870
+597F         9B22
+5980         6191
+5981         6C37
+5982         8058
+5983         9A01
+5984         4E4D
+5985         4E8B
+5986         4E9B
+5987         4ED5
+5988         4F3C
+5989         4F3A
+598A         820D
+598B         4F7F
+598C         50FF
+598D         53F2
+598E         53F8
+598F         56DB
+5990         5506
+5991         55E3
+5992         58EB
+5993         5962
+5994         59D2
+5995         5A11
+5996         5BEB
+5997         5BFA
+5998         5DF3
+5999         5E2B
+599A         F855
+599B         5F99
+599C         601D
+599D         6368
+599E         8D66
+599F         65AF
+59A0         659C
+59A1         67FB
+59A2         68AD
+59A3         6942
+59A4         69CE
+59A5         6C99
+59A6         6CD7
+59A7         6E23
+59A8         7009
+59A9         90AA
+59AA         7345
+59AB         7940
+59AC         793E
+59AD         7960
+59AE         6B7B
+59AF         7802
+59B0         79C1
+59B1         7B25
+59B2         7BE9
+59B3         84D1
+59B4         7D17
+59B5         7D72
+59B6         838E
+59B7         86C7
+59B8         88DF
+59B9         8A50
+59BA         8A5E
+59BB         8B1D
+59BC         8CDC
+59BD         5C04
+59BE         8FAD
+59BF         8086
+59C0         98FC
+59C1         99DF
+59C2         524A
+59C3         F969
+59C4         69CA
+59C5         6714
+59C6         F96A
+59C7         9460
+59C8         5098
+59C9         522A
+59CA         5C71
+59CB         6563
+59CC         6C55
+59CD         73CA
+59CE         7523
+59CF         759D
+59D0         7B97
+59D1         849C
+59D2         9178
+59D3         6492
+59D4         6BBA
+59D5         4E77
+59D6         85A9
+59D7         4E09
+59D8         F96B
+59D9         6749
+59DA         68EE
+59DB         6E17
+59DC         886B
+59DD         829F
+59DE         8518
+59DF         6B43
+59E0         63F7
+59E1         6F81
+59E2         98AF
+59E3         9364
+59E4         970E
+59E5         4E0A
+59E6         50B7
+59E7         50CF
+59E8         511F
+59E9         5546
+59EA         55AA
+59EB         5617
+59EC         723D
+59ED         5B40
+59EE         5C19
+59EF         5E8A
+59F0         5EA0
+59F1         5EC2
+59F2         5E38
+59F3         60F3
+59F4         76F8
+59F5         6851
+59F6         6A61
+59F7         6BA4
+59F8         6E58
+59F9         72C0
+59FA         7240
+59FB         7965
+59FC         7BB1
+59FD         7FD4
+59FE         88F3
+5A41         89F4
+5A42         8C61
+5A43         8CDE
+5A44         8A73
+5A45         971C
+5A46         585E
+5A47         74BD
+5A48         8CFD
+5A49         9C13
+5A4A         F96C
+5A4B         7A61
+5A4C         7D22
+5A4D         8272
+5A4E         7272
+5A4F         751F
+5A50         7525
+5A51         F96D
+5A52         7B19
+5A53         566C
+5A54         58FB
+5A55         5885
+5A56         5A7F
+5A57         7280
+5A58         5DBC
+5A59         5E8F
+5A5A         5EB6
+5A5B         5F90
+5A5C         6055
+5A5D         6292
+5A5E         654D
+5A5F         6691
+5A60         66D9
+5A61         66F8
+5A62         6816
+5A63         68F2
+5A64         745E
+5A65         7D6E
+5A66         7DD6
+5A67         7F72
+5A68         80E5
+5A69         8212
+5A6A         85AF
+5A6B         897F
+5A6C         8A93
+5A6D         92E4
+5A6E         901D
+5A6F         9ECD
+5A70         F856
+5A71         9F20
+5A72         5915
+5A73         596D
+5A74         F857
+5A75         5E2D
+5A76         60DC
+5A77         6614
+5A78         6673
+5A79         6790
+5A7A         6C50
+5A7B         6DC5
+5A7C         6F5F
+5A7D         77F3
+5A7E         78A9
+5A7F         84C6
+5A80         91CB
+5A81         932B
+5A82         5148
+5A83         4ED9
+5A84         50CA
+5A85         F858
+5A86         5584
+5A87         5BA3
+5A88         5C20
+5A89         6103
+5A8A         6247
+5A8B         65CB
+5A8C         F859
+5A8D         717D
+5A8E         71F9
+5A8F         79AA
+5A90         7444
+5A91         7487
+5A92         74BF
+5A93         766C
+5A94         7DDA
+5A95         7E55
+5A96         7FA8
+5A97         817A
+5A98         81B3
+5A99         8239
+5A9A         861A
+5A9B         87EC
+5A9C         8A75
+5A9D         8DE3
+5A9E         9078
+5A9F         9291
+5AA0         F85A
+5AA1         9BAE
+5AA2         5070
+5AA3         5368
+5AA4         820C
+5AA5         F85B
+5AA6         5C51
+5AA7         6308
+5AA8         6954
+5AA9         6D29
+5AAA         6E2B
+5AAB         859B
+5AAC         8A2D
+5AAD         8AAA
+5AAE         96EA
+5AAF         6BB2
+5AB0         7E96
+5AB1         87FE
+5AB2         8D0D
+5AB3         66B9
+5AB4         9583
+5AB5         71EE
+5AB6         651D
+5AB7         6D89
+5AB8         F96E
+5AB9         57CE
+5ABA         59D3
+5ABB         6027
+5ABC         60FA
+5ABD         6210
+5ABE         661F
+5ABF         665F
+5AC0         7329
+5AC1         76DB
+5AC2         7701
+5AC3         7B6C
+5AC4         8056
+5AC5         8072
+5AC6         8165
+5AC7         8AA0
+5AC8         9192
+5AC9         4E16
+5ACA         52E2
+5ACB         6B72
+5ACC         6D17
+5ACD         7A05
+5ACE         7B39
+5ACF         7D30
+5AD0         F96F
+5AD1         8CB0
+5AD2         53EC
+5AD3         562F
+5AD4         5851
+5AD5         5C0F
+5AD6         5C11
+5AD7         5BB5
+5AD8         5DE2
+5AD9         6383
+5ADA         6414
+5ADB         6240
+5ADC         662D
+5ADD         68B3
+5ADE         6CBC
+5ADF         6D88
+5AE0         6EAF
+5AE1         701F
+5AE2         70A4
+5AE3         71D2
+5AE4         7526
+5AE5         758E
+5AE6         758F
+5AE7         7B11
+5AE8         7C2B
+5AE9         7D20
+5AEA         7D39
+5AEB         8258
+5AEC         852C
+5AED         856D
+5AEE         8607
+5AEF         8A34
+5AF0         900D
+5AF1         9061
+5AF2         90B5
+5AF3         92B7
+5AF4         9704
+5AF5         97F6
+5AF6         9A37
+5AF7         4FD7
+5AF8         5C6C
+5AF9         675F
+5AFA         7C9F
+5AFB         7E8C
+5AFC         901F
+5AFD         5B6B
+5AFE         640D
+5B41         905C
+5B42         7387
+5B43         87C0
+5B44         5B8B
+5B45         677E
+5B46         8A1F
+5B47         8AA6
+5B48         9001
+5B49         980C
+5B4A         5237
+5B4B         F970
+5B4C         7051
+5B4D         7463
+5B4E         788E
+5B4F         9396
+5B50         8870
+5B51         91D7
+5B52         4FEE
+5B53         53D7
+5B54         53DF
+5B55         56DA
+5B56         55FD
+5B57         5782
+5B58         58FD
+5B59         5AC2
+5B5A         5B88
+5B5B         F85C
+5B5C         5CAB
+5B5D         5E25
+5B5E         620D
+5B5F         6101
+5B60         624B
+5B61         6388
+5B62         641C
+5B63         6536
+5B64         6578
+5B65         666C
+5B66         6A39
+5B67         6B8A
+5B68         71E7
+5B69         6C34
+5B6A         6D19
+5B6B         6EB2
+5B6C         6F31
+5B6D         72E9
+5B6E         7378
+5B6F         795F
+5B70         7626
+5B71         7761
+5B72         F85D
+5B73         79C0
+5B74         7A57
+5B75         7AEA
+5B76         7CB9
+5B77         7D8F
+5B78         7DAC
+5B79         7E61
+5B7A         7F9E
+5B7B         8129
+5B7C         8331
+5B7D         8490
+5B7E         84DA
+5B7F         85EA
+5B80         8896
+5B81         8AB0
+5B82         8F38
+5B83         9042
+5B84         9083
+5B85         916C
+5B86         9296
+5B87         92B9
+5B88         968B
+5B89         96A8
+5B8A         96D6
+5B8B         9700
+5B8C         9808
+5B8D         9996
+5B8E         9AD3
+5B8F         9B1A
+5B90         53D4
+5B91         587E
+5B92         5919
+5B93         5B70
+5B94         5BBF
+5B95         6DD1
+5B96         719F
+5B97         8085
+5B98         83FD
+5B99         5FAA
+5B9A         6042
+5B9B         65EC
+5B9C         696F
+5B9D         6B89
+5B9E         6D35
+5B9F         6DF3
+5BA0         73E3
+5BA1         76FE
+5BA2         77AC
+5BA3         7B4D
+5BA4         7D14
+5BA5         8123
+5BA6         821C
+5BA7         8340
+5BA8         8A62
+5BA9         5DE1
+5BAA         9187
+5BAB         931E
+5BAC         9806
+5BAD         99B4
+5BAE         9D89
+5BAF         620C
+5BB0         8853
+5BB1         8FF0
+5BB2         5D07
+5BB3         5D27
+5BB4         5D69
+5BB5         745F
+5BB6         819D
+5BB7         8671
+5BB8         8768
+5BB9         62FE
+5BBA         6FD5
+5BBB         7FD2
+5BBC         8936
+5BBD         8972
+5BBE         4E1E
+5BBF         4E58
+5BC0         50E7
+5BC1         5347
+5BC2         627F
+5BC3         6607
+5BC4         52DD
+5BC5         7E69
+5BC6         8805
+5BC7         965E
+5BC8         4F8D
+5BC9         5319
+5BCA         557B
+5BCB         5636
+5BCC         59CB
+5BCD         5AA4
+5BCE         F85E
+5BCF         5C38
+5BD0         5C4D
+5BD1         5E02
+5BD2         5F11
+5BD3         6043
+5BD4         65BD
+5BD5         662F
+5BD6         6642
+5BD7         67BE
+5BD8         67F4
+5BD9         731C
+5BDA         77E2
+5BDB         793A
+5BDC         8996
+5BDD         7DE6
+5BDE         7FC5
+5BDF         8494
+5BE0         84CD
+5BE1         8A69
+5BE2         8A66
+5BE3         8AE1
+5BE4         8C7A
+5BE5         57F4
+5BE6         5BD4
+5BE7         5F0F
+5BE8         606F
+5BE9         62ED
+5BEA         690D
+5BEB         6B96
+5BEC         6E5C
+5BED         7184
+5BEE         8B58
+5BEF         8EFE
+5BF0         98DF
+5BF1         98FE
+5BF2         4F38
+5BF3         4FE1
+5BF4         547B
+5BF5         5A20
+5BF6         5BB8
+5BF7         613C
+5BF8         65B0
+5BF9         6668
+5BFA         71FC
+5BFB         7533
+5BFC         77E7
+5BFD         795E
+5BFE         7D33
+5C41         814E
+5C42         81E3
+5C43         8398
+5C44         85AA
+5C45         8703
+5C46         8A0A
+5C47         8EAB
+5C48         8F9B
+5C49         F971
+5C4A         8FC5
+5C4B         5931
+5C4C         5BA4
+5C4D         5BE6
+5C4E         6089
+5C4F         F85F
+5C50         5BE9
+5C51         5C0B
+5C52         5FC3
+5C53         F972
+5C54         6C81
+5C55         6DF1
+5C56         700B
+5C57         751A
+5C58         82AF
+5C59         4EC0
+5C5A         5341
+5C5B         F973
+5C5C         96D9
+5C5D         6C0F
+5C5E         4E9E
+5C5F         4FC4
+5C60         5152
+5C61         5A25
+5C62         5CE8
+5C63         6211
+5C64         7259
+5C65         82BD
+5C66         86FE
+5C67         8859
+5C68         8A1D
+5C69         963F
+5C6A         96C5
+5C6B         9913
+5C6C         9D09
+5C6D         9D5D
+5C6E         580A
+5C6F         5CB3
+5C70         5DBD
+5C71         6115
+5C72         60E1
+5C73         63E1
+5C74         6A02
+5C75         6E25
+5C76         843C
+5C77         984E
+5C78         9F77
+5C79         5B89
+5C7A         5CB8
+5C7B         6309
+5C7C         664F
+5C7D         6848
+5C7E         773C
+5C7F         96C1
+5C80         8D0B
+5C81         978D
+5C82         9854
+5C83         9D08
+5C84         621E
+5C85         65A1
+5C86         8B01
+5C87         8ECB
+5C88         904F
+5C89         95BC
+5C8A         5D52
+5C8B         5DD6
+5C8C         5EB5
+5C8D         6697
+5C8E         764C
+5C8F         83F4
+5C90         8AF3
+5C91         95C7
+5C92         9EEF
+5C93         58D3
+5C94         62BC
+5C95         72CE
+5C96         9D28
+5C97         4EF0
+5C98         592E
+5C99         600F
+5C9A         663B
+5C9B         6B83
+5C9C         79E7
+5C9D         9785
+5C9E         9D26
+5C9F         5393
+5CA0         57C3
+5CA1         5D16
+5CA2         611B
+5CA3         6B38
+5CA4         6DAF
+5CA5         769A
+5CA6         66D6
+5CA7         788D
+5CA8         7919
+5CA9         827E
+5CAA         54C0
+5CAB         9698
+5CAC         9744
+5CAD         9749
+5CAE         5384
+5CAF         6396
+5CB0         6DB2
+5CB1         814B
+5CB2         9628
+5CB3         984D
+5CB4         6AFB
+5CB5         7F4C
+5CB6         9DAF
+5CB7         9E1A
+5CB8         4E5F
+5CB9         503B
+5CBA         51B6
+5CBB         591C
+5CBC         F860
+5CBD         63F6
+5CBE         6930
+5CBF         723A
+5CC0         8036
+5CC1         F974
+5CC2         60F9
+5CC3         91CE
+5CC4         5F31
+5CC5         7BDB
+5CC6         7C65
+5CC7         7D04
+5CC8         82E5
+5CC9         846F
+5CCA         85E5
+5CCB         8E8D
+5CCC         4F6F
+5CCD         58E4
+5CCE         5B43
+5CCF         6059
+5CD0         63DA
+5CD1         6518
+5CD2         656D
+5CD3         6698
+5CD4         694A
+5CD5         6A23
+5CD6         6D0B
+5CD7         7001
+5CD8         716C
+5CD9         7A70
+5CDA         75D2
+5CDB         760D
+5CDC         7F8A
+5CDD         7F98
+5CDE         8944
+5CDF         8B93
+5CE0         91C0
+5CE1         967D
+5CE2         990A
+5CE3         5704
+5CE4         5FA1
+5CE5         6554
+5CE6         65BC
+5CE7         6F01
+5CE8         79A6
+5CE9         8A9E
+5CEA         99AD
+5CEB         9B5A
+5CEC         9F6C
+5CED         5104
+5CEE         61B6
+5CEF         6291
+5CF0         6A8D
+5CF1         81C6
+5CF2         5043
+5CF3         5830
+5CF4         5F66
+5CF5         7109
+5CF6         8A00
+5CF7         8AFA
+5CF8         5B7C
+5CF9         513C
+5CFA         56B4
+5CFB         5944
+5CFC         63A9
+5CFD         6DF9
+5CFE         5DAA
+5D41         696D
+5D42         605A
+5D43         4E88
+5D44         4F59
+5D45         5982
+5D46         6B5F
+5D47         6C5D
+5D48         8207
+5D49         9918
+5D4A         4EA6
+5D4B         57DF
+5D4C         F861
+5D4D         5F79
+5D4E         6613
+5D4F         75AB
+5D50         7E79
+5D51         8B6F
+5D52         9006
+5D53         9A5B
+5D54         56A5
+5D55         5827
+5D56         59F8
+5D57         5A1F
+5D58         5BB4
+5D59         5EF6
+5D5A         6350
+5D5B         F991
+5D5C         693D
+5D5D         6CBF
+5D5E         6D93
+5D5F         6D8E
+5D60         6DF5
+5D61         6F14
+5D62         70DF
+5D63         7136
+5D64         7159
+5D65         71C3
+5D66         71D5
+5D67         784F
+5D68         786F
+5D69         7B75
+5D6A         7DE3
+5D6B         F862
+5D6C         81D9
+5D6D         8815
+5D6E         884D
+5D6F         8B8C
+5D70         8EDF
+5D71         925B
+5D72         9CF6
+5D73         F99E
+5D74         6085
+5D75         6D85
+5D76         71B1
+5D77         F9A1
+5D78         95B1
+5D79         53AD
+5D7A         5869
+5D7B         67D3
+5D7C         708E
+5D7D         7130
+5D7E         9E7D
+5D7F         82D2
+5D80         8276
+5D81         95BB
+5D82         995C
+5D83         9AE5
+5D84         66C4
+5D85         71C1
+5D86         8449
+5D87         584B
+5D88         5B30
+5D89         5F71
+5D8A         6620
+5D8B         668E
+5D8C         6979
+5D8D         69AE
+5D8E         6C38
+5D8F         6CF3
+5D90         6F41
+5D91         701B
+5D92         71DF
+5D93         745B
+5D94         F9AE
+5D95         74D4
+5D96         76C8
+5D97         7E93
+5D98         82F1
+5D99         8A60
+5D9A         8FCE
+5D9B         502A
+5D9C         5208
+5D9D         53E1
+5D9E         66F3
+5D9F         6FCA
+5DA0         730A
+5DA1         7768
+5DA2         777F
+5DA3         7FF3
+5DA4         82AE
+5DA5         854B
+5DA6         85DD
+5DA7         8602
+5DA8         88D4
+5DA9         8A63
+5DAA         8B7D
+5DAB         8C6B
+5DAC         92B3
+5DAD         9713
+5DAE         9810
+5DAF         4E94
+5DB0         4F0D
+5DB1         50B2
+5DB2         5348
+5DB3         5433
+5DB4         55DA
+5DB5         58BA
+5DB6         5967
+5DB7         5A1B
+5DB8         5BE4
+5DB9         609F
+5DBA         F9B9
+5DBB         65FF
+5DBC         6664
+5DBD         68A7
+5DBE         6C5A
+5DBF         70CF
+5DC0         7352
+5DC1         8708
+5DC2         8AA4
+5DC3         9068
+5DC4         543E
+5DC5         5C4B
+5DC6         6C83
+5DC7         7344
+5DC8         7389
+5DC9         923A
+5DCA         5ABC
+5DCB         6EAB
+5DCC         7465
+5DCD         761F
+5DCE         7A69
+5DCF         8580
+5DD0         860A
+5DD1         9C2E
+5DD2         5140
+5DD3         58C5
+5DD4         74EE
+5DD5         7670
+5DD6         64C1
+5DD7         7515
+5DD8         7FC1
+5DD9         9095
+5DDA         96CD
+5DDB         6E26
+5DDC         74E6
+5DDD         7AA9
+5DDE         86D9
+5DDF         8778
+5DE0         8A1B
+5DE1         81E5
+5DE2         5A49
+5DE3         5B8C
+5DE4         5B9B
+5DE5         6D63
+5DE6         73A9
+5DE7         742C
+5DE8         7897
+5DE9         7DE9
+5DEA         7FEB
+5DEB         8155
+5DEC         839E
+5DED         8C4C
+5DEE         962E
+5DEF         9811
+5DF0         66F0
+5DF1         5F80
+5DF2         65FA
+5DF3         6789
+5DF4         6C6A
+5DF5         738B
+5DF6         502D
+5DF7         6B6A
+5DF8         77EE
+5DF9         5916
+5DFA         5DCD
+5DFB         7325
+5DFC         754F
+5DFD         50E5
+5DFE         51F9
+5E41         582F
+5E42         592D
+5E43         5996
+5E44         59DA
+5E45         5DA2
+5E46         62D7
+5E47         6416
+5E48         64FE
+5E49         66DC
+5E4A         8170
+5E4B         F9BF
+5E4C         6A48
+5E4D         7464
+5E4E         7A88
+5E4F         7AAF
+5E50         7E47
+5E51         7E5E
+5E52         8000
+5E53         8558
+5E54         87EF
+5E55         8981
+5E56         8B20
+5E57         9059
+5E58         9080
+5E59         9952
+5E5A         8FB1
+5E5B         617E
+5E5C         6B32
+5E5D         6D74
+5E5E         8925
+5E5F         50AD
+5E60         52C7
+5E61         5BB9
+5E62         5EB8
+5E63         5197
+5E64         6995
+5E65         6E67
+5E66         6EB6
+5E67         7194
+5E68         7462
+5E69         7528
+5E6A         8073
+5E6B         8202
+5E6C         8338
+5E6D         84C9
+5E6E         86F9
+5E6F         8E0A
+5E70         9394
+5E71         93DE
+5E72         4F51
+5E73         5076
+5E74         512A
+5E75         53C8
+5E76         53CB
+5E77         53F3
+5E78         5401
+5E79         5B87
+5E7A         5BD3
+5E7B         5C24
+5E7C         4E8E
+5E7D         611A
+5E7E         6182
+5E7F         725B
+5E80         76C2
+5E81         7950
+5E82         7991
+5E83         79B9
+5E84         7FBD
+5E85         828B
+5E86         865E
+5E87         8FC2
+5E88         9047
+5E89         90F5
+5E8A         9685
+5E8B         96E8
+5E8C         96E9
+5E8D         65ED
+5E8E         6631
+5E8F         715C
+5E90         7A36
+5E91         90C1
+5E92         980A
+5E93         4E91
+5E94         F9C5
+5E95         6B9E
+5E96         8018
+5E97         82B8
+5E98         904B
+5E99         9695
+5E9A         96F2
+5E9B         97FB
+5E9C         71A8
+5E9D         851A
+5E9E         9B31
+5E9F         718A
+5EA0         96C4
+5EA1         5143
+5EA2         539F
+5EA3         54E1
+5EA4         5712
+5EA5         5713
+5EA6         7230
+5EA7         57A3
+5EA8         5A9B
+5EA9         5BC3
+5EAA         6028
+5EAB         613F
+5EAC         63F4
+5EAD         6E90
+5EAE         733F
+5EAF         7457
+5EB0         82D1
+5EB1         873F
+5EB2         8881
+5EB3         8F45
+5EB4         9060
+5EB5         9662
+5EB6         9858
+5EB7         9D1B
+5EB8         6708
+5EB9         8D8A
+5EBA         925E
+5EBB         4F4D
+5EBC         5049
+5EBD         50DE
+5EBE         5371
+5EBF         570D
+5EC0         59D4
+5EC1         5C09
+5EC2         5E43
+5EC3         6170
+5EC4         5A01
+5EC5         6E2D
+5EC6         7232
+5EC7         744B
+5EC8         7DEF
+5EC9         80C3
+5ECA         840E
+5ECB         8466
+5ECC         875F
+5ECD         885B
+5ECE         885E
+5ECF         8B02
+5ED0         9055
+5ED1         97CB
+5ED2         9B4F
+5ED3         4E73
+5ED4         6538
+5ED5         4F91
+5ED6         5112
+5ED7         516A
+5ED8         5E7C
+5ED9         552F
+5EDA         55A9
+5EDB         56FF
+5EDC         5B7A
+5EDD         5BA5
+5EDE         5E37
+5EDF         5E7D
+5EE0         5EBE
+5EE1         60A0
+5EE2         60DF
+5EE3         6109
+5EE4         6108
+5EE5         63C4
+5EE6         6709
+5EE7         67D4
+5EE8         67DA
+5EE9         6961
+5EEA         6CB9
+5EEB         6E38
+5EEC         6FE1
+5EED         7336
+5EEE         745C
+5EEF         7531
+5EF0         7652
+5EF1         7DAD
+5EF2         81FE
+5EF3         8438
+5EF4         8564
+5EF5         88D5
+5EF6         8A98
+5EF7         8ADB
+5EF8         8AED
+5EF9         8E42
+5EFA         8E30
+5EFB         904A
+5EFC         903E
+5EFD         907A
+5EFE         9149
+5F41         91C9
+5F42         936E
+5F43         9EDD
+5F44         6BD3
+5F45         8089
+5F46         80B2
+5F47         9B3B
+5F48         5141
+5F49         596B
+5F4A         5C39
+5F4B         6F64
+5F4C         73A7
+5F4D         80E4
+5F4E         958F
+5F4F         807F
+5F50         620E
+5F51         7D68
+5F52         878D
+5F53         57A0
+5F54         6069
+5F55         6147
+5F56         6ABC
+5F57         6BB7
+5F58         73E2
+5F59         9280
+5F5A         8ABE
+5F5B         96B1
+5F5C         9F66
+5F5D         4E59
+5F5E         541F
+5F5F         6DEB
+5F60         852D
+5F61         9670
+5F62         98EE
+5F63         97F3
+5F64         6339
+5F65         63D6
+5F66         6CE3
+5F67         9091
+5F68         51DD
+5F69         61C9
+5F6A         81BA
+5F6B         9DF9
+5F6C         4F9D
+5F6D         501A
+5F6E         5100
+5F6F         7591
+5F70         77E3
+5F71         5B9C
+5F72         610F
+5F73         61FF
+5F74         64EC
+5F75         6BC5
+5F76         7FA9
+5F77         8264
+5F78         87FB
+5F79         8863
+5F7A         8ABC
+5F7B         8B70
+5F7C         91AB
+5F7D         4E8C
+5F7E         4EE5
+5F7F         4F0A
+5F80         5937
+5F81         59E8
+5F82         5DF2
+5F83         8CB3
+5F84         5F1B
+5F85         5F5B
+5F86         6021
+5F87         F9E0
+5F88         682E
+5F89         723E
+5F8A         73E5
+5F8B         7570
+5F8C         75CD
+5F8D         79FB
+5F8E         800C
+5F8F         8033
+5F90         8351
+5F91         98F4
+5F92         990C
+5F93         9823
+5F94         7037
+5F95         7FFC
+5F96         76CA
+5F97         7FCA
+5F98         7FCC
+5F99         4EBA
+5F9A         4EC1
+5F9B         4EDE
+5F9C         5203
+5F9D         5370
+5F9E         54BD
+5F9F         56E0
+5FA0         59FB
+5FA1         5BC5
+5FA2         5F15
+5FA3         5FCD
+5FA4         6E6E
+5FA5         8A8D
+5FA6         976D
+5FA7         9777
+5FA8         4E00
+5FA9         4F7E
+5FAA         58F9
+5FAB         65E5
+5FAC         6EA2
+5FAD         9038
+5FAE         93B0
+5FAF         99B9
+5FB0         4EFB
+5FB1         58EC
+5FB2         598A
+5FB3         59D9
+5FB4         7A14
+5FB5         834F
+5FB6         8CC3
+5FB7         5165
+5FB8         4ECD
+5FB9         5B55
+5FBA         5269
+5FBB         4ED4
+5FBC         523A
+5FBD         54A8
+5FBE         59C9
+5FBF         59FF
+5FC0         5B50
+5FC1         5B5C
+5FC2         5B57
+5FC3         6063
+5FC4         6148
+5FC5         6ECB
+5FC6         7099
+5FC7         716E
+5FC8         7386
+5FC9         74F7
+5FCA         75B5
+5FCB         7725
+5FCC         78C1
+5FCD         7CA2
+5FCE         7D2B
+5FCF         8005
+5FD0         8014
+5FD1         81EA
+5FD2         8517
+5FD3         85C9
+5FD4         89DC
+5FD5         8AEE
+5FD6         8CC7
+5FD7         8D6D
+5FD8         96CC
+5FD9         4F5C
+5FDA         52FA
+5FDB         56BC
+5FDC         65AB
+5FDD         6628
+5FDE         67DE
+5FDF         707C
+5FE0         70B8
+5FE1         7235
+5FE2         7DBD
+5FE3         828D
+5FE4         914C
+5FE5         96C0
+5FE6         9D72
+5FE7         68E7
+5FE8         6B98
+5FE9         6F7A
+5FEA         76DE
+5FEB         5C91
+5FEC         66AB
+5FED         6F5B
+5FEE         6F5C
+5FEF         7BB4
+5FF0         7C2A
+5FF1         8695
+5FF2         8836
+5FF3         96DC
+5FF4         4E08
+5FF5         4ED7
+5FF6         5320
+5FF7         5834
+5FF8         58BB
+5FF9         596C
+5FFA         5D82
+5FFB         5E33
+5FFC         5E84
+5FFD         5F35
+5FFE         638C
+6041         66B2
+6042         6756
+6043         6A1F
+6044         6AA3
+6045         6B0C
+6046         6F3F
+6047         58EF
+6048         5C07
+6049         7246
+604A         F9FA
+604B         7350
+604C         748B
+604D         7634
+604E         7AE0
+604F         7CA7
+6050         8178
+6051         81DF
+6052         838A
+6053         846C
+6054         8523
+6055         8594
+6056         85CF
+6057         88C5
+6058         88DD
+6059         8D13
+605A         91AC
+605B         9577
+605C         969C
+605D         518D
+605E         54C9
+605F         5728
+6060         5BB0
+6061         624D
+6062         6750
+6063         683D
+6064         6893
+6065         6ED3
+6066         707D
+6067         7E94
+6068         88C1
+6069         8CA1
+606A         8F09
+606B         9F4B
+606C         9F4E
+606D         722D
+606E         7B8F
+606F         8ACD
+6070         931A
+6071         4F4E
+6072         4F47
+6073         5132
+6074         5480
+6075         59D0
+6076         5E95
+6077         62B5
+6078         6775
+6079         67E2
+607A         696E
+607B         6A17
+607C         6CAE
+607D         6E1A
+607E         72D9
+607F         732A
+6080         75BD
+6081         7BB8
+6082         82E7
+6083         8457
+6084         85F7
+6085         86C6
+6086         8A5B
+6087         8C6C
+6088         8CAF
+6089         8E87
+608A         9019
+608B         90B8
+608C         52E3
+608D         5AE1
+608E         5BC2
+608F         6458
+6090         6575
+6091         6EF4
+6092         72C4
+6093         7684
+6094         7A4D
+6095         7B1B
+6096         7C4D
+6097         7CF4
+6098         7E3E
+6099         837B
+609A         8B2B
+609B         8CCA
+609C         8D64
+609D         8DE1
+609E         8E5F
+609F         8FEA
+60A0         8FF9
+60A1         9069
+60A2         50B3
+60A3         5168
+60A4         5178
+60A5         524D
+60A6         526A
+60A7         56C0
+60A8         5861
+60A9         5960
+60AA         5C08
+60AB         5C55
+60AC         5DD3
+60AD         5EDB
+60AE         609B
+60AF         6230
+60B0         6813
+60B1         6BBF
+60B2         6C08
+60B3         6FB1
+60B4         714E
+60B5         7530
+60B6         7538
+60B7         7672
+60B8         78DA
+60B9         7B8B
+60BA         7BAD
+60BB         7BC6
+60BC         7E8F
+60BD         7FE6
+60BE         8A6E
+60BF         8F3E
+60C0         8F49
+60C1         923F
+60C2         9293
+60C3         9322
+60C4         96FB
+60C5         985A
+60C6         986B
+60C7         991E
+60C8         5207
+60C9         622A
+60CA         6298
+60CB         6D59
+60CC         7A83
+60CD         7ACA
+60CE         7BC0
+60CF         7D76
+60D0         5360
+60D1         5CBE
+60D2         5E97
+60D3         6F38
+60D4         70B9
+60D5         9EDE
+60D6         7C98
+60D7         9711
+60D8         63A5
+60D9         647A
+60DA         6904
+60DB         8776
+60DC         4E01
+60DD         4E95
+60DE         4EAD
+60DF         505C
+60E0         5075
+60E1         5448
+60E2         59C3
+60E3         5E40
+60E4         5EF7
+60E5         5F81
+60E6         5B9A
+60E7         5EAD
+60E8         60C5
+60E9         633A
+60EA         653F
+60EB         6574
+60EC         65CC
+60ED         6676
+60EE         6678
+60EF         6883
+60F0         6968
+60F1         6B63
+60F2         6C40
+60F3         6DE8
+60F4         6E1F
+60F5         753A
+60F6         775B
+60F7         7887
+60F8         798E
+60F9         7A0B
+60FA         7A7D
+60FB         9756
+60FC         7CBE
+60FD         8247
+60FE         8A02
+6141         8AEA
+6142         8C9E
+6143         912D
+6144         914A
+6145         91D8
+6146         9266
+6147         9320
+6148         9706
+6149         975C
+614A         9802
+614B         9F0E
+614C         5236
+614D         5291
+614E         557C
+614F         5824
+6150         5E1D
+6151         5F1F
+6152         608C
+6153         63D0
+6154         6662
+6155         68AF
+6156         6FDF
+6157         7445
+6158         81CD
+6159         796D
+615A         7B2C
+615B         85BA
+615C         88FD
+615D         8AF8
+615E         8E36
+615F         8E44
+6160         918D
+6161         9664
+6162         969B
+6163         973D
+6164         984C
+6165         9F4A
+6166         4FCE
+6167         51CB
+6168         5146
+6169         52A9
+616A         F863
+616B         5632
+616C         566A
+616D         5F14
+616E         5F6B
+616F         63AA
+6170         64CD
+6171         65E9
+6172         6641
+6173         66FA
+6174         66F9
+6175         671D
+6176         689D
+6177         68D7
+6178         69FD
+6179         6F15
+617A         6F6E
+617B         7167
+617C         71E5
+617D         722A
+617E         7681
+617F         773A
+6180         7956
+6181         795A
+6182         79DF
+6183         7A20
+6184         7A95
+6185         7AC8
+6186         7B0A
+6187         7C97
+6188         7CDF
+6189         7CF6
+618A         7D44
+618B         7D5B
+618C         7E70
+618D         8087
+618E         85FB
+618F         86A4
+6190         8A54
+6191         8ABF
+6192         8D99
+6193         8E81
+6194         9020
+6195         906D
+6196         91E3
+6197         963B
+6198         9BDB
+6199         9CE5
+619A         65CF
+619B         7C07
+619C         8DB3
+619D         93C3
+619E         5B58
+619F         5C0A
+61A0         5352
+61A1         62D9
+61A2         731D
+61A3         5027
+61A4         5B97
+61A5         5F9E
+61A6         616B
+61A7         68D5
+61A8         6A05
+61A9         6DD9
+61AA         742E
+61AB         7A2E
+61AC         7D42
+61AD         7D9C
+61AE         7E31
+61AF         816B
+61B0         8E35
+61B1         8E64
+61B2         937E
+61B3         9418
+61B4         4F50
+61B5         5750
+61B6         5DE6
+61B7         5EA7
+61B8         632B
+61B9         7F6A
+61BA         4E3B
+61BB         4F4F
+61BC         4F8F
+61BD         505A
+61BE         5EDA
+61BF         546A
+61C0         5468
+61C1         55FE
+61C2         594F
+61C3         5B99
+61C4         5DDE
+61C5         665D
+61C6         6731
+61C7         67F1
+61C8         682A
+61C9         70B7
+61CA         6CE8
+61CB         6D32
+61CC         9152
+61CD         73E0
+61CE         7587
+61CF         851F
+61D0         7C4C
+61D1         7D02
+61D2         7D2C
+61D3         7DA2
+61D4         8098
+61D5         80C4
+61D6         821F
+61D7         86DB
+61D8         8A3B
+61D9         8A85
+61DA         8D70
+61DB         8E8A
+61DC         8F33
+61DD         914E
+61DE         9031
+61DF         9444
+61E0         99D0
+61E1         7AF9
+61E2         7CA5
+61E3         4FCA
+61E4         5101
+61E5         51C6
+61E6         57C8
+61E7         5CFB
+61E8         6659
+61E9         6A3D
+61EA         6D5A
+61EB         6E96
+61EC         6FEC
+61ED         756F
+61EE         7AE3
+61EF         8822
+61F0         9021
+61F1         9075
+61F2         96BC
+61F3         99FF
+61F4         8301
+61F5         4E2D
+61F6         4EF2
+61F7         8846
+61F8         91CD
+61F9         F864
+61FA         537D
+61FB         6ADB
+61FC         696B
+61FD         6C41
+61FE         847A
+6241         589E
+6242         618E
+6243         62EF
+6244         70DD
+6245         66FE
+6246         7511
+6247         75C7
+6248         84B8
+6249         8A3C
+624A         8B49
+624B         8D08
+624C         4E4B
+624D         53EA
+624E         54AB
+624F         5730
+6250         5740
+6251         5FD7
+6252         6301
+6253         6307
+6254         646F
+6255         652F
+6256         65E8
+6257         667A
+6258         679D
+6259         67B3
+625A         6B62
+625B         6C60
+625C         6F2C
+625D         75E3
+625E         77E5
+625F         7825
+6260         7957
+6261         7949
+6262         7D19
+6263         80A2
+6264         8102
+6265         81F3
+6266         829D
+6267         8718
+6268         8A8C
+6269         F9FC
+626A         8D04
+626B         8DBE
+626C         9072
+626D         76F4
+626E         7A19
+626F         7A37
+6270         7E54
+6271         8077
+6272         8FB0
+6273         55D4
+6274         5875
+6275         632F
+6276         6649
+6277         699B
+6278         6D25
+6279         6EB1
+627A         73CD
+627B         7468
+627C         74A1
+627D         75B9
+627E         76E1
+627F         771E
+6280         778B
+6281         79E6
+6282         7E09
+6283         8A3A
+6284         8CD1
+6285         8EEB
+6286         9032
+6287         93AD
+6288         9663
+6289         9673
+628A         9707
+628B         53F1
+628C         7A92
+628D         59EA
+628E         5AC9
+628F         5E19
+6290         684E
+6291         75BE
+6292         79E9
+6293         81A3
+6294         86ED
+6295         8CEA
+6296         8DCC
+6297         8FED
+6298         659F
+6299         6715
+629A         57F7
+629B         96C6
+629C         7DDD
+629D         8F2F
+629E         5FB5
+629F         61F2
+62A0         6F84
+62A1         4E14
+62A2         501F
+62A3         7B9A
+62A4         53C9
+62A5         55DF
+62A6         5DEE
+62A7         5D6F
+62A8         6B21
+62A9         6B64
+62AA         78CB
+62AB         F9FE
+62AC         8E49
+62AD         906E
+62AE         8ECA
+62AF         6349
+62B0         643E
+62B1         7740
+62B2         7A84
+62B3         932F
+62B4         947F
+62B5         9F6A
+62B6         64B0
+62B7         6FAF
+62B8         71E6
+62B9         74A8
+62BA         74DA
+62BB         7AC4
+62BC         7E82
+62BD         7CB2
+62BE         7E98
+62BF         8B9A
+62C0         8D0A
+62C1         947D
+62C2         F865
+62C3         9910
+62C4         994C
+62C5         5239
+62C6         5BDF
+62C7         64E6
+62C8         672D
+62C9         50ED
+62CA         53C3
+62CB         5879
+62CC         6158
+62CD         6159
+62CE         615A
+62CF         61FA
+62D0         65AC
+62D1         7AD9
+62D2         8B92
+62D3         5021
+62D4         5009
+62D5         5231
+62D6         5275
+62D7         5531
+62D8         5A3C
+62D9         5EE0
+62DA         5F70
+62DB         60B5
+62DC         655E
+62DD         660C
+62DE         6636
+62DF         66A2
+62E0         69CD
+62E1         6C05
+62E2         6EC4
+62E3         6F32
+62E4         7621
+62E5         7A93
+62E6         8139
+62E7         8259
+62E8         83D6
+62E9         84BC
+62EA         50B5
+62EB         57F0
+62EC         5F69
+62ED         63A1
+62EE         7826
+62EF         7DB5
+62F0         83DC
+62F1         8521
+62F2         91C7
+62F3         91F5
+62F4         518A
+62F5         67F5
+62F6         7B56
+62F7         7C00
+62F8         8CAC
+62F9         51C4
+62FA         59BB
+62FB         60BD
+62FC         8655
+62FD         F9FF
+62FE         5254
+6341         5C3A
+6342         617D
+6343         621A
+6344         62D3
+6345         64F2
+6346         65A5
+6347         6ECC
+6348         7620
+6349         810A
+634A         8734
+634B         8E91
+634C         965F
+634D         96BB
+634E         4EDF
+634F         5343
+6350         5598
+6351         5929
+6352         5DDD
+6353         64C5
+6354         6CC9
+6355         6DFA
+6356         6FFA
+6357         7A7F
+6358         821B
+6359         85A6
+635A         8CE4
+635B         8E10
+635C         9077
+635D         91E7
+635E         95E1
+635F         9621
+6360         97C6
+6361         51F8
+6362         5FB9
+6363         54F2
+6364         5586
+6365         64A4
+6366         6F88
+6367         7DB4
+6368         8F4D
+6369         9435
+636A         50C9
+636B         5C16
+636C         6CBE
+636D         6DFB
+636E         751B
+636F         77BB
+6370         7C37
+6371         7C64
+6372         8AC2
+6373         59BE
+6374         5E16
+6375         6377
+6376         7252
+6377         758A
+6378         776B
+6379         8ADC
+637A         8CBC
+637B         8F12
+637C         5EF3
+637D         6674
+637E         6DF8
+637F         807D
+6380         83C1
+6381         873B
+6382         8ACB
+6383         9751
+6384         9BD6
+6385         FA00
+6386         5243
+6387         66FF
+6388         6D95
+6389         6EEF
+638A         780C
+638B         7DE0
+638C         8AE6
+638D         902E
+638E         905E
+638F         9746
+6390         9AD4
+6391         521D
+6392         54E8
+6393         5CED
+6394         6194
+6395         6284
+6396         62DB
+6397         68A2
+6398         6912
+6399         695A
+639A         6A35
+639B         7092
+639C         7126
+639D         785D
+639E         7901
+639F         790E
+63A0         79D2
+63A1         7A0D
+63A2         7D83
+63A3         8096
+63A4         8349
+63A5         8549
+63A6         8C82
+63A7         8D85
+63A8         9162
+63A9         918B
+63AA         91AE
+63AB         9214
+63AC         9798
+63AD         4FC3
+63AE         56D1
+63AF         F866
+63B0         71ED
+63B1         77D7
+63B2         8700
+63B3         89F8
+63B4         8E85
+63B5         9AD1
+63B6         5BF8
+63B7         5FD6
+63B8         6751
+63B9         53E2
+63BA         585A
+63BB         5BF5
+63BC         6031
+63BD         6460
+63BE         7E3D
+63BF         8070
+63C0         8471
+63C1         9283
+63C2         64AE
+63C3         50AC
+63C4         5D14
+63C5         6467
+63C6         6700
+63C7         589C
+63C8         62BD
+63C9         63A8
+63CA         690E
+63CB         6978
+63CC         F867
+63CD         6A1E
+63CE         6E6B
+63CF         7503
+63D0         76BA
+63D1         79CB
+63D2         7B92
+63D3         82BB
+63D4         8429
+63D5         8DA8
+63D6         8FFD
+63D7         9112
+63D8         914B
+63D9         919C
+63DA         9318
+63DB         9310
+63DC         96DB
+63DD         97A6
+63DE         9C0D
+63DF         9E81
+63E0         9EA4
+63E1         4E11
+63E2         F868
+63E3         795D
+63E4         755C
+63E5         7AFA
+63E6         7B51
+63E7         7BC9
+63E8         7E2E
+63E9         8233
+63EA         84C4
+63EB         8E74
+63EC         8EF8
+63ED         9010
+63EE         6625
+63EF         693F
+63F0         51FA
+63F1         9EDC
+63F2         5145
+63F3         51B2
+63F4         5FE0
+63F5         6C96
+63F6         87F2
+63F7         885D
+63F8         8877
+63F9         60B4
+63FA         81B5
+63FB         8403
+63FC         53D6
+63FD         5439
+63FE         5634
+6441         5A36
+6442         5C31
+6443         6A47
+6444         708A
+6445         7FE0
+6446         805A
+6447         8106
+6448         81ED
+6449         F869
+644A         8DA3
+644B         9189
+644C         9A5F
+644D         9DF2
+644E         4EC4
+644F         5074
+6450         60FB
+6451         6E2C
+6452         5C64
+6453         4F88
+6454         5024
+6455         55E4
+6456         5CD9
+6457         5DF5
+6458         5E5F
+6459         5FB4
+645A         6894
+645B         6CBB
+645C         6DC4
+645D         71BE
+645E         75D4
+645F         75F4
+6460         7661
+6461         96C9
+6462         7A1A
+6463         7DC7
+6464         7DFB
+6465         7F6E
+6466         6065
+6467         81F4
+6468         8F1C
+6469         99B3
+646A         9D44
+646B         9F52
+646C         5247
+646D         52C5
+646E         98ED
+646F         89AA
+6470         4E03
+6471         67D2
+6472         6F06
+6473         4FB5
+6474         5BE2
+6475         5FF1
+6476         6795
+6477         6C88
+6478         6D78
+6479         7827
+647A         91DD
+647B         937C
+647C         87C4
+647D         79E4
+647E         7A31
+647F         5FEB
+6480         4ED6
+6481         553E
+6482         58AE
+6483         59A5
+6484         60F0
+6485         6253
+6486         6736
+6487         6955
+6488         8235
+6489         9640
+648A         99DD
+648B         502C
+648C         5353
+648D         5544
+648E         FA01
+648F         6258
+6490         62C6
+6491         FA02
+6492         64E2
+6493         67DD
+6494         6A50
+6495         6FC1
+6496         6FEF
+6497         7422
+6498         8A17
+6499         9438
+649A         5451
+649B         5606
+649C         5766
+649D         5F48
+649E         619A
+649F         6B4E
+64A0         7058
+64A1         70AD
+64A2         7DBB
+64A3         8A95
+64A4         596A
+64A5         812B
+64A6         63A2
+64A7         803D
+64A8         8CAA
+64A9         5854
+64AA         642D
+64AB         69BB
+64AC         5B95
+64AD         5E11
+64AE         6E6F
+64AF         8569
+64B0         514C
+64B1         53F0
+64B2         592A
+64B3         6020
+64B4         614B
+64B5         6B86
+64B6         6C70
+64B7         6CF0
+64B8         7B1E
+64B9         80CE
+64BA         82D4
+64BB         8DC6
+64BC         90B0
+64BD         98B1
+64BE         99C4
+64BF         FA04
+64C0         64C7
+64C1         6FA4
+64C2         F86A
+64C3         6491
+64C4         6504
+64C5         514E
+64C6         5410
+64C7         571F
+64C8         8A0E
+64C9         615F
+64CA         6876
+64CB         FA05
+64CC         75DB
+64CD         7B52
+64CE         7D71
+64CF         901A
+64D0         5806
+64D1         817F
+64D2         892A
+64D3         9000
+64D4         9839
+64D5         5078
+64D6         5957
+64D7         59AC
+64D8         6295
+64D9         900F
+64DA         9B2A
+64DB         615D
+64DC         7279
+64DD         5A46
+64DE         5761
+64DF         5DF4
+64E0         628A
+64E1         64AD
+64E2         6777
+64E3         6CE2
+64E4         6D3E
+64E5         722C
+64E6         7436
+64E7         7834
+64E8         7F77
+64E9         82AD
+64EA         8DDB
+64EB         9817
+64EC         5742
+64ED         5224
+64EE         677F
+64EF         7248
+64F0         8CA9
+64F1         8FA6
+64F2         74E3
+64F3         962A
+64F4         516B
+64F5         53ED
+64F6         634C
+64F7         4F69
+64F8         5504
+64F9         6096
+64FA         6C9B
+64FB         6D7F
+64FC         724C
+64FD         72FD
+64FE         7A17
+6541         8C9D
+6542         6557
+6543         8987
+6544         5F6D
+6545         6F8E
+6546         70F9
+6547         81A8
+6548         610E
+6549         4FBF
+654A         504F
+654B         6241
+654C         7247
+654D         7BC7
+654E         7DE8
+654F         7FE9
+6550         8759
+6551         904D
+6552         97AD
+6553         8CB6
+6554         576A
+6555         5E73
+6556         840D
+6557         8A55
+6558         5420
+6559         5B16
+655A         5E63
+655B         5EE2
+655C         5F0A
+655D         6583
+655E         80BA
+655F         853D
+6560         9589
+6561         965B
+6562         4F48
+6563         5305
+6564         530D
+6565         530F
+6566         5486
+6567         54FA
+6568         5703
+6569         5E96
+656A         5E03
+656B         6016
+656C         62B1
+656D         629B
+656E         6355
+656F         6CE1
+6570         6D66
+6571         70AE
+6572         75B1
+6573         7832
+6574         80DE
+6575         812F
+6576         8216
+6577         8461
+6578         84B2
+6579         888D
+657A         8912
+657B         924B
+657C         92EA
+657D         9784
+657E         98FD
+657F         9B91
+6580         5E45
+6581         66B4
+6582         7011
+6583         7206
+6584         4FF5
+6585         527D
+6586         5F6A
+6587         6153
+6588         6753
+6589         6A19
+658A         6F02
+658B         74E2
+658C         7968
+658D         8868
+658E         8C79
+658F         98C4
+6590         F86B
+6591         54C1
+6592         7A1F
+6593         99AE
+6594         6953
+6595         8AF7
+6596         8C4A
+6597         98A8
+6598         5F7C
+6599         62AB
+659A         75B2
+659B         76AE
+659C         84D6
+659D         88AB
+659E         907F
+659F         5339
+65A0         5F3C
+65A1         5FC5
+65A2         6CCC
+65A3         7562
+65A4         758B
+65A5         7B46
+65A6         8E55
+65A7         4E4F
+65A8         903C
+65A9         4E0B
+65AA         4F55
+65AB         590F
+65AC         5EC8
+65AD         6630
+65AE         6CB3
+65AF         7455
+65B0         8766
+65B1         8377
+65B2         8CC0
+65B3         9050
+65B4         971E
+65B5         9C15
+65B6         58D1
+65B7         5B78
+65B8         7627
+65B9         8650
+65BA         8B14
+65BB         9DB4
+65BC         5BD2
+65BD         6068
+65BE         608D
+65BF         65F1
+65C0         6C57
+65C1         6F22
+65C2         6FA3
+65C3         7F55
+65C4         7FF0
+65C5         F86C
+65C6         9592
+65C7         9591
+65C8         9650
+65C9         97D3
+65CA         9DF3
+65CB         5272
+65CC         8F44
+65CD         51FD
+65CE         542B
+65CF         54B8
+65D0         5563
+65D1         558A
+65D2         6ABB
+65D3         6DB5
+65D4         7DD8
+65D5         8266
+65D6         9677
+65D7         5408
+65D8         54C8
+65D9         76D2
+65DA         86E4
+65DB         95A4
+65DC         965C
+65DD         4EA2
+65DE         4F09
+65DF         59EE
+65E0         5DF7
+65E1         6052
+65E2         6297
+65E3         676D
+65E4         6841
+65E5         6C86
+65E6         6E2F
+65E7         7095
+65E8         7F38
+65E9         809B
+65EA         822A
+65EB         FA09
+65EC         9805
+65ED         4EA5
+65EE         5055
+65EF         54B3
+65F0         595A
+65F1         5793
+65F2         5B69
+65F3         5BB3
+65F4         5EE8
+65F5         61C8
+65F6         6977
+65F7         6D77
+65F8         87F9
+65F9         89E3
+65FA         8A72
+65FB         8AE7
+65FC         9082
+65FD         99ED
+65FE         9AB8
+6641         52BE
+6642         6838
+6643         5016
+6644         5E78
+6645         674F
+6646         884C
+6647         4EAB
+6648         5411
+6649         56AE
+664A         9115
+664B         73E6
+664C         97FF
+664D         9909
+664E         9957
+664F         9999
+6650         5653
+6651         589F
+6652         865B
+6653         8A31
+6654         61B2
+6655         8ED2
+6656         737B
+6657         6B47
+6658         96AA
+6659         9A57
+665A         5955
+665B         7200
+665C         8D6B
+665D         9769
+665E         5CF4
+665F         5F26
+6660         61F8
+6661         70AB
+6662         73FE
+6663         7384
+6664         7729
+6665         7D43
+6666         7D62
+6667         7E23
+6668         8237
+6669         8852
+666A         FA0A
+666B         8CE2
+666C         9249
+666D         986F
+666E         5B51
+666F         7A74
+6670         8840
+6671         9801
+6672         5ACC
+6673         F86D
+6674         4FE0
+6675         5354
+6676         593E
+6677         5CFD
+6678         633E
+6679         6D79
+667A         72F9
+667B         7BCB
+667C         8107
+667D         8105
+667E         83A2
+667F         F86E
+6680         92CF
+6681         9830
+6682         4EA8
+6683         5211
+6684         578B
+6685         5F62
+6686         5144
+6687         7005
+6688         70AF
+6689         73E9
+668A         834A
+668B         87A2
+668C         8861
+668D         90A2
+668E         93A3
+668F         99A8
+6690         516E
+6691         5F57
+6692         60E0
+6693         6167
+6694         8559
+6695         91AF
+6696         978B
+6697         4E4E
+6698         4E92
+6699         8C6A
+669A         547C
+669B         58FA
+669C         58D5
+669D         597D
+669E         5F27
+669F         660A
+66A0         6236
+66A1         6BEB
+66A2         6D69
+66A3         6DCF
+66A4         6E56
+66A5         6EF8
+66A6         6F94
+66A7         6FE9
+66A8         6FE0
+66A9         705D
+66AA         72D0
+66AB         745A
+66AC         74E0
+66AD         7693
+66AE         769E
+66AF         795C
+66B0         7CCA
+66B1         7E1E
+66B2         80E1
+66B3         846B
+66B4         864E
+66B5         865F
+66B6         8774
+66B7         8B77
+66B8         6248
+66B9         9190
+66BA         93AC
+66BB         9800
+66BC         9865
+66BD         60D1
+66BE         6216
+66BF         9177
+66C0         5A5A
+66C1         660F
+66C2         6DF7
+66C3         6E3E
+66C4         743F
+66C5         9B42
+66C6         5FFD
+66C7         60DA
+66C8         7B0F
+66C9         9DBB
+66CA         5F18
+66CB         54C4
+66CC         6C5E
+66CD         6CD3
+66CE         6D2A
+66CF         9D3B
+66D0         7D05
+66D1         8679
+66D2         8A0C
+66D3         5316
+66D4         5B05
+66D5         6A3A
+66D6         706B
+66D7         798D
+66D8         7575
+66D9         79BE
+66DA         548C
+66DB         82B1
+66DC         83EF
+66DD         8A71
+66DE         9774
+66DF         8CA8
+66E0         FA0B
+66E1         64F4
+66E2         652B
+66E3         78BA
+66E4         78BB
+66E5         7A6B
+66E6         944A
+66E7         4E38
+66E8         559A
+66E9         571C
+66EA         5BA6
+66EB         5E7B
+66EC         60A3
+66ED         61FD
+66EE         63DB
+66EF         6853
+66F0         6B61
+66F1         6E19
+66F2         7165
+66F3         74B0
+66F4         7D08
+66F5         9084
+66F6         9A69
+66F7         9C25
+66F8         9B1F
+66F9         6D3B
+66FA         6ED1
+66FB         733E
+66FC         8C41
+66FD         95CA
+66FE         51F0
+6741         5A93
+6742         5FA8
+6743         6033
+6744         604D
+6745         614C
+6746         60F6
+6747         6643
+6748         6CC1
+6749         6EC9
+674A         714C
+674B         7687
+674C         7BC1
+674D         8352
+674E         8757
+674F         9051
+6750         968D
+6751         9EC3
+6752         56DE
+6753         5EFB
+6754         5F8A
+6755         6062
+6756         6094
+6757         61F7
+6758         6666
+6759         6703
+675A         6A9C
+675B         6DEE
+675C         6FAE
+675D         7070
+675E         736A
+675F         7E6A
+6760         81BE
+6761         86D4
+6762         8AA8
+6763         8CC4
+6764         5283
+6765         7372
+6766         6A6B
+6767         54EE
+6768         5686
+6769         56C2
+676A         5B5D
+676B         6548
+676C         66C9
+676D         689F
+676E         723B
+676F         80B4
+6770         9175
+6771         4FAF
+6772         5019
+6773         539A
+6774         540E
+6775         543C
+6776         5589
+6777         55C5
+6778         5F8C
+6779         673D
+677A         7334
+677B         9005
+677C         7BCC
+677D         52F3
+677E         5864
+677F         58CE
+6780         6688
+6781         7104
+6782         718F
+6783         71FB
+6784         85B0
+6785         8A13
+6786         85A8
+6787         55A7
+6788         8431
+6789         5349
+678A         5599
+678B         6BC1
+678C         5F59
+678D         5FBD
+678E         63EE
+678F         6689
+6790         7147
+6791         8AF1
+6792         8F1D
+6793         9EBE
+6794         4F11
+6795         643A
+6796         70CB
+6797         7566
+6798         8667
+6799         6064
+679A         8B4E
+679B         9DF8
+679C         51F6
+679D         5308
+679E         5147
+679F         6D36
+67A0         80F8
+67A1         9ED1
+67A2         5FFB
+67A3         6615
+67A4         6B23
+67A5         75D5
+67A6         5403
+67A7         5C79
+67A8         7D07
+67A9         8FC4
+67AA         6B20
+67AB         6B46
+67AC         6B3D
+67AD         5438
+67AE         6070
+67AF         6D3D
+67B0         8208
+67B1         50D6
+67B2         559C
+67B3         566B
+67B4         59EC
+67B5         5B09
+67B6         5E0C
+67B7         66E6
+67B8         6199
+67B9         6231
+67BA         72A7
+67BB         7199
+67BC         51DE
+67BD         71B9
+67BE         79A7
+67BF         7A00
+67C0         7FB2
+67C1         8A70
+67C2         9821
+6841         67B7
+6842         73C2
+6843         75C2
+6844         6164
+6845         4F83
+6846         67EC
+6847         687F
+6848         78F5
+6849         874E
+684A         6221
+684B         77B0
+684C         90AF
+684D         9452
+684E         5808
+684F         757A
+6850         7D73
+6851         7F8C
+6852         8221
+6853         9C47
+6854         584F
+6855         F900
+6856         93A7
+6857         5580
+6858         5028
+6859         795B
+685A         8E1E
+685B         9245
+685C         6957
+685D         8171
+685E         6840
+685F         5292
+6860         9210
+6861         8FF2
+6862         8188
+6863         6289
+6864         9257
+6865         4FD3
+6866         501E
+6867         5106
+6868         5770
+6869         61AC
+686A         70F1
+686B         74A5
+686C         583A
+686D         68E8
+686E         5C3B
+686F         66A0
+6870         69C1
+6871         7F94
+6872         82FD
+6873         83F0
+6874         7428
+6875         9BE4
+6876         73D9
+6877         86A3
+6878         978F
+6879         4E32
+687A         8DE8
+687B         934B
+687C         742F
+687D         4F8A
+687E         709A
+687F         5775
+6880         8009
+6881         92B6
+6882         97AB
+6883         88D9
+6884         828E
+6885         6372
+6886         6DC3
+6887         7357
+6888         8568
+6889         F906
+688A         6677
+688B         69FB
+688C         7AC5
+688D         52FB
+688E         7547
+688F         52A4
+6890         5997
+6891         6611
+6892         82A9
+6893         4F0B
+6894         57FC
+6895         7398
+6896         7482
+6897         7941
+6898         7F88
+6899         9324
+689A         F90B
+689B         F90C
+689C         5A1C
+689D         F90D
+689E         F90E
+689F         F90F
+68A0         F910
+68A1         F911
+68A2         F912
+68A3         F913
+68A4         F914
+68A5         F915
+68A6         F916
+68A7         F917
+68A8         F918
+68A9         F919
+68AA         F91A
+68AB         F91B
+68AC         F91C
+68AD         F91D
+68AE         F91E
+68AF         F91F
+68B0         F920
+68B1         F921
+68B2         678F
+68B3         6960
+68B4         6E73
+68B5         F922
+68B6         F923
+68B7         F924
+68B8         F925
+68B9         F926
+68BA         F927
+68BB         8872
+68BC         F928
+68BD         F929
+68BE         F92A
+68BF         F92B
+68C0         F92C
+68C1         F92D
+68C2         F92E
+68C3         649A
+68C4         5BD7
+68C5         F92F
+68C6         F930
+68C7         F931
+68C8         F932
+68C9         F933
+68CA         F934
+68CB         F935
+68CC         F936
+68CD         F937
+68CE         F938
+68CF         99D1
+68D0         F939
+68D1         F93A
+68D2         F93B
+68D3         F93C
+68D4         F93D
+68D5         F93E
+68D6         F93F
+68D7         F940
+68D8         F941
+68D9         F942
+68DA         F943
+68DB         F944
+68DC         F945
+68DD         F946
+68DE         F947
+68DF         F948
+68E0         F949
+68E1         F94A
+68E2         F94B
+68E3         F94C
+68E4         F94D
+68E5         F94E
+68E6         F94F
+68E7         F950
+68E8         F951
+68E9         677B
+68EA         F952
+68EB         F953
+68EC         F954
+68ED         F955
+68EE         F956
+68EF         F957
+68F0         F958
+68F1         F959
+68F2         4EB6
+68F3         5F56
+68F4         6FBE
+68F5         574D
+68F6         61BA
+68F7         6E5B
+68F8         8541
+68F9         931F
+68FA         7553
+68FB         6207
+68FC         87B3
+68FD         576E
+68FE         5D8B
+6941         6389
+6942         6AC2
+6943         89A9
+6944         65FD
+6945         711E
+6946         9017
+6947         829A
+6948         5D9D
+6949         F95B
+694A         F95D
+694B         F95E
+694C         5D0D
+694D         5FA0
+694E         5137
+694F         7489
+6950         F95F
+6951         5CBA
+6952         7B2D
+6953         8046
+6954         6FA7
+6955         F960
+6956         64C4
+6957         6F5E
+6958         797F
+6959         83C9
+695A         7028
+695B         8CDA
+695C         9B27
+695D         5A41
+695E         763B
+695F         851E
+6960         93E4
+6961         65D2
+6962         700F
+6963         4F96
+6964         51DC
+6965         550E
+6966         6D6C
+6967         F962
+6968         7FB8
+6969         8389
+696A         88E1
+696B         6F7E
+696C         78BC
+696D         9088
+696E         4E07
+696F         534D
+6970         551C
+6971         8309
+6972         8F1E
+6973         6C94
+6974         6927
+6975         7791
+6976         84C2
+6977         6479
+6978         7441
+6979         82BC
+697A         9DA9
+697B         7AD7
+697C         61AE
+697D         6959
+697E         73F7
+697F         5011
+6980         96EF
+6981         6C95
+6982         68B6
+6983         6963
+6984         6E44
+6985         9EF4
+6986         5CB7
+6987         7DE1
+6988         7622
+6989         76FC
+698A         78D0
+698B         6E24
+698C         678B
+698D         6EC2
+698E         78C5
+698F         7119
+6990         5E61
+6991         71D4
+6992         6A97
+6993         8617
+6994         68C5
+6995         9A08
+6996         73E4
+6997         83E9
+6998         8F39
+6999         71A2
+699A         4E0D
+699B         4FEF
+699C         5490
+699D         5B5A
+699E         8240
+699F         83A9
+69A0         5429
+69A1         6610
+69A2         8CC1
+69A3         5F7F
+69A4         6787
+69A5         6BD6
+69A6         6BD7
+69A7         79D5
+69A8         7C83
+69A9         56AC
+69AA         6D5C
+69AB         73AD
+69AC         4FDF
+69AD         67F6
+69AE         9E9D
+69AF         9730
+69B0         715E
+69B1         9212
+69B2         5CE0
+69B3         55C7
+69B4         637F
+69B5         7B6E
+69B6         5B0B
+69B7         657E
+69B8         6E32
+69B9         7401
+69BA         9425
+69BB         994D
+69BC         6CC4
+69BD         893B
+69BE         9F67
+69BF         5261
+69C0         965D
+69C1         5BAC
+69C2         73F9
+69C3         7619
+69C4         7BE0
+69C5         6D91
+69C6         8B16
+69C7         8D16
+69C8         5DFD
+69C9         84C0
+69CA         98E1
+69CB         609A
+69CC         6DDE
+69CD         5CC0
+69CE         7407
+69CF         74B2
+69D0         8B90
+69D1         96A7
+69D2         6F5A
+69D3         7421
+69D4         74B9
+69D5         5F87
+69D6         6812
+69D7         6A53
+69D8         84F4
+69D9         8563
+69DA         8AC4
+69DB         9265
+69DC         5C4E
+69DD         8C55
+69DE         7BD2
+69DF         8755
+69E0         4F81
+69E1         85CE
+69E2         8AF6
+69E3         555E
+69E4         83AA
+69E5         5E44
+69E6         9102
+69E7         9354
+69E8         9C10
+69E9         9B9F
+69EA         5535
+69EB         5CA9
+69EC         627C
+69ED         7E0A
+69EE         F975
+69EF         F976
+69F0         84BB
+69F1         F977
+69F2         F978
+69F3         F979
+69F4         F97A
+69F5         79B3
+69F6         F97B
+69F7         F97C
+69F8         F97D
+69F9         F97E
+69FA         7600
+69FB         8616
+69FC         4FFA
+69FD         5186
+69FE         F97F
+6A41         F980
+6A42         F981
+6A43         F982
+6A44         F983
+6A45         F984
+6A46         74B5
+6A47         7916
+6A48         F985
+6A49         8245
+6A4A         8339
+6A4B         8F3F
+6A4C         8F5D
+6A4D         F986
+6A4E         F987
+6A4F         F988
+6A50         F989
+6A51         F98A
+6A52         F98B
+6A53         F98C
+6A54         F98D
+6A55         F98E
+6A56         F98F
+6A57         F990
+6A58         633B
+6A59         6C87
+6A5A         F992
+6A5B         F993
+6A5C         F994
+6A5D         F995
+6A5E         F996
+6A5F         7E2F
+6A60         F997
+6A61         F998
+6A62         F999
+6A63         F99A
+6A64         F99B
+6A65         F99C
+6A66         F99D
+6A67         F99F
+6A68         F9A0
+6A69         F9A2
+6A6A         F9A3
+6A6B         F9A4
+6A6C         F9A5
+6A6D         7430
+6A6E         F9A6
+6A6F         F9A7
+6A70         F9A8
+6A71         F9A9
+6A72         F9AA
+6A73         F9AB
+6A74         5DB8
+6A75         F9AC
+6A76         6E36
+6A77         6FDA
+6A78         702F
+6A79         7150
+6A7A         7370
+6A7B         F9AD
+6A7C         7A4E
+6A7D         F9AF
+6A7E         F9B0
+6A7F         F9B1
+6A80         9348
+6A81         F9B2
+6A82         9719
+6A83         F9B3
+6A84         F9B4
+6A85         4E42
+6A86         F9B5
+6A87         6C6D
+6A88         7A62
+6A89         F9B6
+6A8A         F9B7
+6A8B         F9B8
+6A8C         4FC9
+6A8D         5862
+6A8E         61CA
+6A8F         6556
+6A90         6FB3
+6A91         71AC
+6A92         7B7D
+6A93         9C32
+6A94         9F07
+6A95         7E15
+6A96         9954
+6A97         7AAA
+6A98         68A1
+6A99         6900
+6A9A         7413
+6A9B         8118
+6A9C         5A03
+6A9D         5D6C
+6A9E         F9BA
+6A9F         F9BB
+6AA0         5BE5
+6AA1         F9BC
+6AA2         F9BD
+6AA3         6493
+6AA4         F9BE
+6AA5         F9C0
+6AA6         71FF
+6AA7         F9C1
+6AA8         F9C2
+6AA9         F9C3
+6AAA         7E1F
+6AAB         4FD1
+6AAC         57C7
+6AAD         5889
+6AAE         6142
+6AAF         6D8C
+6AB0         752C
+6AB1         F9C4
+6AB2         65F4
+6AB3         7397
+6AB4         7440
+6AB5         7D06
+6AB6         85D5
+6AB7         91EA
+6AB8         52D6
+6AB9         5F67
+6ABA         682F
+6ABB         6A52
+6ABC         6F90
+6ABD         7189
+6ABE         8553
+6ABF         4E90
+6AC0         5AC4
+6AC1         6C85
+6AC2         6D39
+6AC3         6E72
+6AC4         F9C6
+6AC5         6690
+6AC6         853F
+6AC7         8918
+6AC8         F9C7
+6AC9         F9C8
+6ACA         F9C9
+6ACB         6962
+6ACC         6D27
+6ACD         F9CA
+6ACE         F9CB
+6ACF         7337
+6AD0         F9CC
+6AD1         F9CD
+6AD2         F9CE
+6AD3         F9CF
+6AD4         F9D0
+6AD5         F9D1
+6AD6         5809
+6AD7         F9D2
+6AD8         F9D3
+6AD9         F9D4
+6ADA         F9D5
+6ADB         F9D6
+6ADC         8D07
+6ADD         F9D7
+6ADE         9217
+6ADF         F9D8
+6AE0         F9D9
+6AE1         F9DA
+6AE2         F9DB
+6AE3         701C
+6AE4         F9DC
+6AE5         6905
+6AE6         858F
+6AE7         F9DD
+6AE8         F9DE
+6AE9         F9DF
+6AEA         F9E1
+6AEB         F9E2
+6AEC         F9E3
+6AED         F9E4
+6AEE         F9E5
+6AEF         F9E6
+6AF0         8084
+6AF1         82E1
+6AF2         F9E7
+6AF3         F9E8
+6AF4         8CBD
+6AF5         9087
+6AF6         F9E9
+6AF7         F9EA
+6AF8         F9EB
+6AF9         F9EC
+6AFA         8B1A
+6AFB         F9ED
+6AFC         F9EE
+6AFD         F9EF
+6AFE         7D6A
+6B41         8335
+6B42         F9F0
+6B43         8693
+6B44         F9F1
+6B45         F9F2
+6B46         F9F3
+6B47         4F5A
+6B48         6041
+6B49         F9F4
+6B4A         F9F5
+6B4B         F9F6
+6B4C         5344
+6B4D         F9F7
+6B4E         F9F8
+6B4F         F9F9
+6B50         82BF
+6B51         8328
+6B52         5B71
+6B53         81E7
+6B54         6E3D
+6B55         7E21
+6B56         7D35
+6B57         83F9
+6B58         96CE
+6B59         9F5F
+6B5A         540A
+6B5B         F9FB
+6B5C         7FDF
+6B5D         93D1
+6B5E         4F43
+6B5F         4F7A
+6B60         587C
+6B61         7420
+6B62         7551
+6B63         7B4C
+6B64         942B
+6B65         7664
+6B66         9B8E
+6B67         67FE
+6B68         6A89
+6B69         6DC0
+6B6A         6E5E
+6B6B         701E
+6B6C         70A1
+6B6D         738E
+6B6E         73FD
+6B6F         7D8E
+6B70         92CC
+6B71         74AA
+6B72         96D5
+6B73         60B0
+6B74         8E2A
+6B75         59DD
+6B76         6E4A
+6B77         6F8D
+6B78         5BEF
+6B79         710C
+6B7A         96CB
+6B7B         7E52
+6B7C         6C9A
+6B7D         82B7
+6B7E         5507
+6B7F         6422
+6B80         664B
+6B81         686D
+6B82         6B84
+6B83         755B
+6B84         7E1D
+6B85         81FB
+6B86         852F
+6B87         8897
+6B88         4F84
+6B89         74C6
+6B8A         F9FD
+6B8B         6F57
+6B8C         93F6
+6B8D         4F98
+6B8E         7C12
+6B8F         7D2E
+6B90         8B96
+6B91         6134
+6B92         7316
+6B93         5BC0
+6B94         5BE8
+6B95         501C
+6B96         8E60
+6B97         7394
+6B98         8F1F
+6B99         7C3D
+6B9A         8A79
+6B9B         581E
+6B9C         527F
+6B9D         8278
+6B9E         82D5
+6B9F         90A8
+6BA0         60A4
+6BA1         6181
+6BA2         8525
+6BA3         8ACF
+6BA4         939A
+6BA5         9A36
+6BA6         8E59
+6BA7         7443
+6BA8         672E
+6BA9         8D05
+6BAA         53A0
+6BAB         7A49
+6BAC         86A9
+6BAD         741B
+6BAE         54A4
+6BAF         62D6
+6BB0         99B1
+6BB1         577C
+6BB2         666B
+6BB3         7438
+6BB4         7708
+6BB5         FA03
+6BB6         69CC
+6BB7         95D6
+6BB8         64FA
+6BB9         9211
+6BBA         9A19
+6BBB         67B0
+6BBC         FA06
+6BBD         82DE
+6BBE         900B
+6BBF         66DD
+6BC0         FA07
+6BC1         98C7
+6BC2         9A43
+6BC3         9642
+6BC4         73CC
+6BC5         82FE
+6BC6         999D
+6BC7         53A6
+6BC8         701A
+6BC9         929C
+6BCA         9E79
+6BCB         95D4
+6BCC         5AE6
+6BCD         FA08
+6BCE         7023
+6BCF         8347
+6BD0         6AF6
+6BD1         4FD4
+6BD2         774D
+6BD3         6CEB
+6BD4         73B9
+6BD5         665B
+6BD6         6CC2
+6BD7         6ECE
+6BD8         7050
+6BD9         7192
+6BDA         7469
+6BDB         9008
+6BDC         66B3
+6BDD         8E4A
+6BDE         5CB5
+6BDF         6667
+6BE0         7425
+6BE1         82A6
+6BE2         84BF
+6BE3         70D8
+6BE4         8B41
+6BE5         5950
+6BE6         6665
+6BE7         5E4C
+6BE8         6130
+6BE9         6644
+6BEA         69A5
+6BEB         6E5F
+6BEC         6F62
+6BED         749C
+6BEE         7C27
+6BEF         532F
+6BF0         8334
+6BF1         5B96
+6BF2         9404
+6BF3         6585
+6BF4         6D8D
+6BF5         6DC6
+6BF6         9A4D
+6BF7         5E3F
+6BF8         7166
+6BF9         73DD
+6BFA         52DB
+6BFB         6684
+6BFC         714A
+6BFD         7098
+6BFE         8A16
+6C41         7FD5
+6C42         56CD
+6C43         6198
+6C44         665E
+6C45         71BA
+8441         3164
+8444         3133
+8446         3135
+8447         3136
+844A         313A
+844B         313B
+844C         313C
+844D         313D
+844E         313E
+844F         313F
+8450         3140
+8454         3144
+8461         314F
+8481         3150
+84A1         3151
+84C1         3152
+84E1         3153
+8541         3154
+8561         3155
+8581         3156
+85A1         3157
+85C1         3158
+85E1         3159
+8641         315A
+8661         315B
+8681         315C
+86A1         315D
+86C1         315E
+86E1         315F
+8741         3160
+8761         3161
+8781         3162
+87A1         3163
+8841         3131
+8861         AC00
+8862         AC01
+8863         AC02
+8864         AC03
+8865         AC04
+8866         AC05
+8867         AC06
+8868         AC07
+8869         AC08
+886A         AC09
+886B         AC0A
+886C         AC0B
+886D         AC0C
+886E         AC0D
+886F         AC0E
+8870         AC0F
+8871         AC10
+8873         AC11
+8874         AC12
+8875         AC13
+8876         AC14
+8877         AC15
+8878         AC16
+8879         AC17
+887A         AC18
+887B         AC19
+887C         AC1A
+887D         AC1B
+8881         AC1C
+8882         AC1D
+8883         AC1E
+8884         AC1F
+8885         AC20
+8886         AC21
+8887         AC22
+8888         AC23
+8889         AC24
+888A         AC25
+888B         AC26
+888C         AC27
+888D         AC28
+888E         AC29
+888F         AC2A
+8890         AC2B
+8891         AC2C
+8893         AC2D
+8894         AC2E
+8895         AC2F
+8896         AC30
+8897         AC31
+8898         AC32
+8899         AC33
+889A         AC34
+889B         AC35
+889C         AC36
+889D         AC37
+88A1         AC38
+88A2         AC39
+88A3         AC3A
+88A4         AC3B
+88A5         AC3C
+88A6         AC3D
+88A7         AC3E
+88A8         AC3F
+88A9         AC40
+88AA         AC41
+88AB         AC42
+88AC         AC43
+88AD         AC44
+88AE         AC45
+88AF         AC46
+88B0         AC47
+88B1         AC48
+88B3         AC49
+88B4         AC4A
+88B5         AC4B
+88B6         AC4C
+88B7         AC4D
+88B8         AC4E
+88B9         AC4F
+88BA         AC50
+88BB         AC51
+88BC         AC52
+88BD         AC53
+88C1         AC54
+88C2         AC55
+88C3         AC56
+88C4         AC57
+88C5         AC58
+88C6         AC59
+88C7         AC5A
+88C8         AC5B
+88C9         AC5C
+88CA         AC5D
+88CB         AC5E
+88CC         AC5F
+88CD         AC60
+88CE         AC61
+88CF         AC62
+88D0         AC63
+88D1         AC64
+88D3         AC65
+88D4         AC66
+88D5         AC67
+88D6         AC68
+88D7         AC69
+88D8         AC6A
+88D9         AC6B
+88DA         AC6C
+88DB         AC6D
+88DC         AC6E
+88DD         AC6F
+88E1         AC70
+88E2         AC71
+88E3         AC72
+88E4         AC73
+88E5         AC74
+88E6         AC75
+88E7         AC76
+88E8         AC77
+88E9         AC78
+88EA         AC79
+88EB         AC7A
+88EC         AC7B
+88ED         AC7C
+88EE         AC7D
+88EF         AC7E
+88F0         AC7F
+88F1         AC80
+88F3         AC81
+88F4         AC82
+88F5         AC83
+88F6         AC84
+88F7         AC85
+88F8         AC86
+88F9         AC87
+88FA         AC88
+88FB         AC89
+88FC         AC8A
+88FD         AC8B
+8941         AC8C
+8942         AC8D
+8943         AC8E
+8944         AC8F
+8945         AC90
+8946         AC91
+8947         AC92
+8948         AC93
+8949         AC94
+894A         AC95
+894B         AC96
+894C         AC97
+894D         AC98
+894E         AC99
+894F         AC9A
+8950         AC9B
+8951         AC9C
+8953         AC9D
+8954         AC9E
+8955         AC9F
+8956         ACA0
+8957         ACA1
+8958         ACA2
+8959         ACA3
+895A         ACA4
+895B         ACA5
+895C         ACA6
+895D         ACA7
+8961         ACA8
+8962         ACA9
+8963         ACAA
+8964         ACAB
+8965         ACAC
+8966         ACAD
+8967         ACAE
+8968         ACAF
+8969         ACB0
+896A         ACB1
+896B         ACB2
+896C         ACB3
+896D         ACB4
+896E         ACB5
+896F         ACB6
+8970         ACB7
+8971         ACB8
+8973         ACB9
+8974         ACBA
+8975         ACBB
+8976         ACBC
+8977         ACBD
+8978         ACBE
+8979         ACBF
+897A         ACC0
+897B         ACC1
+897C         ACC2
+897D         ACC3
+8981         ACC4
+8982         ACC5
+8983         ACC6
+8984         ACC7
+8985         ACC8
+8986         ACC9
+8987         ACCA
+8988         ACCB
+8989         ACCC
+898A         ACCD
+898B         ACCE
+898C         ACCF
+898D         ACD0
+898E         ACD1
+898F         ACD2
+8990         ACD3
+8991         ACD4
+8993         ACD5
+8994         ACD6
+8995         ACD7
+8996         ACD8
+8997         ACD9
+8998         ACDA
+8999         ACDB
+899A         ACDC
+899B         ACDD
+899C         ACDE
+899D         ACDF
+89A1         ACE0
+89A2         ACE1
+89A3         ACE2
+89A4         ACE3
+89A5         ACE4
+89A6         ACE5
+89A7         ACE6
+89A8         ACE7
+89A9         ACE8
+89AA         ACE9
+89AB         ACEA
+89AC         ACEB
+89AD         ACEC
+89AE         ACED
+89AF         ACEE
+89B0         ACEF
+89B1         ACF0
+89B3         ACF1
+89B4         ACF2
+89B5         ACF3
+89B6         ACF4
+89B7         ACF5
+89B8         ACF6
+89B9         ACF7
+89BA         ACF8
+89BB         ACF9
+89BC         ACFA
+89BD         ACFB
+89C1         ACFC
+89C2         ACFD
+89C3         ACFE
+89C4         ACFF
+89C5         AD00
+89C6         AD01
+89C7         AD02
+89C8         AD03
+89C9         AD04
+89CA         AD05
+89CB         AD06
+89CC         AD07
+89CD         AD08
+89CE         AD09
+89CF         AD0A
+89D0         AD0B
+89D1         AD0C
+89D3         AD0D
+89D4         AD0E
+89D5         AD0F
+89D6         AD10
+89D7         AD11
+89D8         AD12
+89D9         AD13
+89DA         AD14
+89DB         AD15
+89DC         AD16
+89DD         AD17
+89E1         AD18
+89E2         AD19
+89E3         AD1A
+89E4         AD1B
+89E5         AD1C
+89E6         AD1D
+89E7         AD1E
+89E8         AD1F
+89E9         AD20
+89EA         AD21
+89EB         AD22
+89EC         AD23
+89ED         AD24
+89EE         AD25
+89EF         AD26
+89F0         AD27
+89F1         AD28
+89F3         AD29
+89F4         AD2A
+89F5         AD2B
+89F6         AD2C
+89F7         AD2D
+89F8         AD2E
+89F9         AD2F
+89FA         AD30
+89FB         AD31
+89FC         AD32
+89FD         AD33
+8A41         AD34
+8A42         AD35
+8A43         AD36
+8A44         AD37
+8A45         AD38
+8A46         AD39
+8A47         AD3A
+8A48         AD3B
+8A49         AD3C
+8A4A         AD3D
+8A4B         AD3E
+8A4C         AD3F
+8A4D         AD40
+8A4E         AD41
+8A4F         AD42
+8A50         AD43
+8A51         AD44
+8A53         AD45
+8A54         AD46
+8A55         AD47
+8A56         AD48
+8A57         AD49
+8A58         AD4A
+8A59         AD4B
+8A5A         AD4C
+8A5B         AD4D
+8A5C         AD4E
+8A5D         AD4F
+8A61         AD50
+8A62         AD51
+8A63         AD52
+8A64         AD53
+8A65         AD54
+8A66         AD55
+8A67         AD56
+8A68         AD57
+8A69         AD58
+8A6A         AD59
+8A6B         AD5A
+8A6C         AD5B
+8A6D         AD5C
+8A6E         AD5D
+8A6F         AD5E
+8A70         AD5F
+8A71         AD60
+8A73         AD61
+8A74         AD62
+8A75         AD63
+8A76         AD64
+8A77         AD65
+8A78         AD66
+8A79         AD67
+8A7A         AD68
+8A7B         AD69
+8A7C         AD6A
+8A7D         AD6B
+8A81         AD6C
+8A82         AD6D
+8A83         AD6E
+8A84         AD6F
+8A85         AD70
+8A86         AD71
+8A87         AD72
+8A88         AD73
+8A89         AD74
+8A8A         AD75
+8A8B         AD76
+8A8C         AD77
+8A8D         AD78
+8A8E         AD79
+8A8F         AD7A
+8A90         AD7B
+8A91         AD7C
+8A93         AD7D
+8A94         AD7E
+8A95         AD7F
+8A96         AD80
+8A97         AD81
+8A98         AD82
+8A99         AD83
+8A9A         AD84
+8A9B         AD85
+8A9C         AD86
+8A9D         AD87
+8AA1         AD88
+8AA2         AD89
+8AA3         AD8A
+8AA4         AD8B
+8AA5         AD8C
+8AA6         AD8D
+8AA7         AD8E
+8AA8         AD8F
+8AA9         AD90
+8AAA         AD91
+8AAB         AD92
+8AAC         AD93
+8AAD         AD94
+8AAE         AD95
+8AAF         AD96
+8AB0         AD97
+8AB1         AD98
+8AB3         AD99
+8AB4         AD9A
+8AB5         AD9B
+8AB6         AD9C
+8AB7         AD9D
+8AB8         AD9E
+8AB9         AD9F
+8ABA         ADA0
+8ABB         ADA1
+8ABC         ADA2
+8ABD         ADA3
+8AC1         ADA4
+8AC2         ADA5
+8AC3         ADA6
+8AC4         ADA7
+8AC5         ADA8
+8AC6         ADA9
+8AC7         ADAA
+8AC8         ADAB
+8AC9         ADAC
+8ACA         ADAD
+8ACB         ADAE
+8ACC         ADAF
+8ACD         ADB0
+8ACE         ADB1
+8ACF         ADB2
+8AD0         ADB3
+8AD1         ADB4
+8AD3         ADB5
+8AD4         ADB6
+8AD5         ADB7
+8AD6         ADB8
+8AD7         ADB9
+8AD8         ADBA
+8AD9         ADBB
+8ADA         ADBC
+8ADB         ADBD
+8ADC         ADBE
+8ADD         ADBF
+8AE1         ADC0
+8AE2         ADC1
+8AE3         ADC2
+8AE4         ADC3
+8AE5         ADC4
+8AE6         ADC5
+8AE7         ADC6
+8AE8         ADC7
+8AE9         ADC8
+8AEA         ADC9
+8AEB         ADCA
+8AEC         ADCB
+8AED         ADCC
+8AEE         ADCD
+8AEF         ADCE
+8AF0         ADCF
+8AF1         ADD0
+8AF3         ADD1
+8AF4         ADD2
+8AF5         ADD3
+8AF6         ADD4
+8AF7         ADD5
+8AF8         ADD6
+8AF9         ADD7
+8AFA         ADD8
+8AFB         ADD9
+8AFC         ADDA
+8AFD         ADDB
+8B41         ADDC
+8B42         ADDD
+8B43         ADDE
+8B44         ADDF
+8B45         ADE0
+8B46         ADE1
+8B47         ADE2
+8B48         ADE3
+8B49         ADE4
+8B4A         ADE5
+8B4B         ADE6
+8B4C         ADE7
+8B4D         ADE8
+8B4E         ADE9
+8B4F         ADEA
+8B50         ADEB
+8B51         ADEC
+8B53         ADED
+8B54         ADEE
+8B55         ADEF
+8B56         ADF0
+8B57         ADF1
+8B58         ADF2
+8B59         ADF3
+8B5A         ADF4
+8B5B         ADF5
+8B5C         ADF6
+8B5D         ADF7
+8B61         ADF8
+8B62         ADF9
+8B63         ADFA
+8B64         ADFB
+8B65         ADFC
+8B66         ADFD
+8B67         ADFE
+8B68         ADFF
+8B69         AE00
+8B6A         AE01
+8B6B         AE02
+8B6C         AE03
+8B6D         AE04
+8B6E         AE05
+8B6F         AE06
+8B70         AE07
+8B71         AE08
+8B73         AE09
+8B74         AE0A
+8B75         AE0B
+8B76         AE0C
+8B77         AE0D
+8B78         AE0E
+8B79         AE0F
+8B7A         AE10
+8B7B         AE11
+8B7C         AE12
+8B7D         AE13
+8B81         AE14
+8B82         AE15
+8B83         AE16
+8B84         AE17
+8B85         AE18
+8B86         AE19
+8B87         AE1A
+8B88         AE1B
+8B89         AE1C
+8B8A         AE1D
+8B8B         AE1E
+8B8C         AE1F
+8B8D         AE20
+8B8E         AE21
+8B8F         AE22
+8B90         AE23
+8B91         AE24
+8B93         AE25
+8B94         AE26
+8B95         AE27
+8B96         AE28
+8B97         AE29
+8B98         AE2A
+8B99         AE2B
+8B9A         AE2C
+8B9B         AE2D
+8B9C         AE2E
+8B9D         AE2F
+8BA1         AE30
+8BA2         AE31
+8BA3         AE32
+8BA4         AE33
+8BA5         AE34
+8BA6         AE35
+8BA7         AE36
+8BA8         AE37
+8BA9         AE38
+8BAA         AE39
+8BAB         AE3A
+8BAC         AE3B
+8BAD         AE3C
+8BAE         AE3D
+8BAF         AE3E
+8BB0         AE3F
+8BB1         AE40
+8BB3         AE41
+8BB4         AE42
+8BB5         AE43
+8BB6         AE44
+8BB7         AE45
+8BB8         AE46
+8BB9         AE47
+8BBA         AE48
+8BBB         AE49
+8BBC         AE4A
+8BBD         AE4B
+8C41         3132
+8C61         AE4C
+8C62         AE4D
+8C63         AE4E
+8C64         AE4F
+8C65         AE50
+8C66         AE51
+8C67         AE52
+8C68         AE53
+8C69         AE54
+8C6A         AE55
+8C6B         AE56
+8C6C         AE57
+8C6D         AE58
+8C6E         AE59
+8C6F         AE5A
+8C70         AE5B
+8C71         AE5C
+8C73         AE5D
+8C74         AE5E
+8C75         AE5F
+8C76         AE60
+8C77         AE61
+8C78         AE62
+8C79         AE63
+8C7A         AE64
+8C7B         AE65
+8C7C         AE66
+8C7D         AE67
+8C81         AE68
+8C82         AE69
+8C83         AE6A
+8C84         AE6B
+8C85         AE6C
+8C86         AE6D
+8C87         AE6E
+8C88         AE6F
+8C89         AE70
+8C8A         AE71
+8C8B         AE72
+8C8C         AE73
+8C8D         AE74
+8C8E         AE75
+8C8F         AE76
+8C90         AE77
+8C91         AE78
+8C93         AE79
+8C94         AE7A
+8C95         AE7B
+8C96         AE7C
+8C97         AE7D
+8C98         AE7E
+8C99         AE7F
+8C9A         AE80
+8C9B         AE81
+8C9C         AE82
+8C9D         AE83
+8CA1         AE84
+8CA2         AE85
+8CA3         AE86
+8CA4         AE87
+8CA5         AE88
+8CA6         AE89
+8CA7         AE8A
+8CA8         AE8B
+8CA9         AE8C
+8CAA         AE8D
+8CAB         AE8E
+8CAC         AE8F
+8CAD         AE90
+8CAE         AE91
+8CAF         AE92
+8CB0         AE93
+8CB1         AE94
+8CB3         AE95
+8CB4         AE96
+8CB5         AE97
+8CB6         AE98
+8CB7         AE99
+8CB8         AE9A
+8CB9         AE9B
+8CBA         AE9C
+8CBB         AE9D
+8CBC         AE9E
+8CBD         AE9F
+8CC1         AEA0
+8CC2         AEA1
+8CC3         AEA2
+8CC4         AEA3
+8CC5         AEA4
+8CC6         AEA5
+8CC7         AEA6
+8CC8         AEA7
+8CC9         AEA8
+8CCA         AEA9
+8CCB         AEAA
+8CCC         AEAB
+8CCD         AEAC
+8CCE         AEAD
+8CCF         AEAE
+8CD0         AEAF
+8CD1         AEB0
+8CD3         AEB1
+8CD4         AEB2
+8CD5         AEB3
+8CD6         AEB4
+8CD7         AEB5
+8CD8         AEB6
+8CD9         AEB7
+8CDA         AEB8
+8CDB         AEB9
+8CDC         AEBA
+8CDD         AEBB
+8CE1         AEBC
+8CE2         AEBD
+8CE3         AEBE
+8CE4         AEBF
+8CE5         AEC0
+8CE6         AEC1
+8CE7         AEC2
+8CE8         AEC3
+8CE9         AEC4
+8CEA         AEC5
+8CEB         AEC6
+8CEC         AEC7
+8CED         AEC8
+8CEE         AEC9
+8CEF         AECA
+8CF0         AECB
+8CF1         AECC
+8CF3         AECD
+8CF4         AECE
+8CF5         AECF
+8CF6         AED0
+8CF7         AED1
+8CF8         AED2
+8CF9         AED3
+8CFA         AED4
+8CFB         AED5
+8CFC         AED6
+8CFD         AED7
+8D41         AED8
+8D42         AED9
+8D43         AEDA
+8D44         AEDB
+8D45         AEDC
+8D46         AEDD
+8D47         AEDE
+8D48         AEDF
+8D49         AEE0
+8D4A         AEE1
+8D4B         AEE2
+8D4C         AEE3
+8D4D         AEE4
+8D4E         AEE5
+8D4F         AEE6
+8D50         AEE7
+8D51         AEE8
+8D53         AEE9
+8D54         AEEA
+8D55         AEEB
+8D56         AEEC
+8D57         AEED
+8D58         AEEE
+8D59         AEEF
+8D5A         AEF0
+8D5B         AEF1
+8D5C         AEF2
+8D5D         AEF3
+8D61         AEF4
+8D62         AEF5
+8D63         AEF6
+8D64         AEF7
+8D65         AEF8
+8D66         AEF9
+8D67         AEFA
+8D68         AEFB
+8D69         AEFC
+8D6A         AEFD
+8D6B         AEFE
+8D6C         AEFF
+8D6D         AF00
+8D6E         AF01
+8D6F         AF02
+8D70         AF03
+8D71         AF04
+8D73         AF05
+8D74         AF06
+8D75         AF07
+8D76         AF08
+8D77         AF09
+8D78         AF0A
+8D79         AF0B
+8D7A         AF0C
+8D7B         AF0D
+8D7C         AF0E
+8D7D         AF0F
+8D81         AF10
+8D82         AF11
+8D83         AF12
+8D84         AF13
+8D85         AF14
+8D86         AF15
+8D87         AF16
+8D88         AF17
+8D89         AF18
+8D8A         AF19
+8D8B         AF1A
+8D8C         AF1B
+8D8D         AF1C
+8D8E         AF1D
+8D8F         AF1E
+8D90         AF1F
+8D91         AF20
+8D93         AF21
+8D94         AF22
+8D95         AF23
+8D96         AF24
+8D97         AF25
+8D98         AF26
+8D99         AF27
+8D9A         AF28
+8D9B         AF29
+8D9C         AF2A
+8D9D         AF2B
+8DA1         AF2C
+8DA2         AF2D
+8DA3         AF2E
+8DA4         AF2F
+8DA5         AF30
+8DA6         AF31
+8DA7         AF32
+8DA8         AF33
+8DA9         AF34
+8DAA         AF35
+8DAB         AF36
+8DAC         AF37
+8DAD         AF38
+8DAE         AF39
+8DAF         AF3A
+8DB0         AF3B
+8DB1         AF3C
+8DB3         AF3D
+8DB4         AF3E
+8DB5         AF3F
+8DB6         AF40
+8DB7         AF41
+8DB8         AF42
+8DB9         AF43
+8DBA         AF44
+8DBB         AF45
+8DBC         AF46
+8DBD         AF47
+8DC1         AF48
+8DC2         AF49
+8DC3         AF4A
+8DC4         AF4B
+8DC5         AF4C
+8DC6         AF4D
+8DC7         AF4E
+8DC8         AF4F
+8DC9         AF50
+8DCA         AF51
+8DCB         AF52
+8DCC         AF53
+8DCD         AF54
+8DCE         AF55
+8DCF         AF56
+8DD0         AF57
+8DD1         AF58
+8DD3         AF59
+8DD4         AF5A
+8DD5         AF5B
+8DD6         AF5C
+8DD7         AF5D
+8DD8         AF5E
+8DD9         AF5F
+8DDA         AF60
+8DDB         AF61
+8DDC         AF62
+8DDD         AF63
+8DE1         AF64
+8DE2         AF65
+8DE3         AF66
+8DE4         AF67
+8DE5         AF68
+8DE6         AF69
+8DE7         AF6A
+8DE8         AF6B
+8DE9         AF6C
+8DEA         AF6D
+8DEB         AF6E
+8DEC         AF6F
+8DED         AF70
+8DEE         AF71
+8DEF         AF72
+8DF0         AF73
+8DF1         AF74
+8DF3         AF75
+8DF4         AF76
+8DF5         AF77
+8DF6         AF78
+8DF7         AF79
+8DF8         AF7A
+8DF9         AF7B
+8DFA         AF7C
+8DFB         AF7D
+8DFC         AF7E
+8DFD         AF7F
+8E41         AF80
+8E42         AF81
+8E43         AF82
+8E44         AF83
+8E45         AF84
+8E46         AF85
+8E47         AF86
+8E48         AF87
+8E49         AF88
+8E4A         AF89
+8E4B         AF8A
+8E4C         AF8B
+8E4D         AF8C
+8E4E         AF8D
+8E4F         AF8E
+8E50         AF8F
+8E51         AF90
+8E53         AF91
+8E54         AF92
+8E55         AF93
+8E56         AF94
+8E57         AF95
+8E58         AF96
+8E59         AF97
+8E5A         AF98
+8E5B         AF99
+8E5C         AF9A
+8E5D         AF9B
+8E61         AF9C
+8E62         AF9D
+8E63         AF9E
+8E64         AF9F
+8E65         AFA0
+8E66         AFA1
+8E67         AFA2
+8E68         AFA3
+8E69         AFA4
+8E6A         AFA5
+8E6B         AFA6
+8E6C         AFA7
+8E6D         AFA8
+8E6E         AFA9
+8E6F         AFAA
+8E70         AFAB
+8E71         AFAC
+8E73         AFAD
+8E74         AFAE
+8E75         AFAF
+8E76         AFB0
+8E77         AFB1
+8E78         AFB2
+8E79         AFB3
+8E7A         AFB4
+8E7B         AFB5
+8E7C         AFB6
+8E7D         AFB7
+8E81         AFB8
+8E82         AFB9
+8E83         AFBA
+8E84         AFBB
+8E85         AFBC
+8E86         AFBD
+8E87         AFBE
+8E88         AFBF
+8E89         AFC0
+8E8A         AFC1
+8E8B         AFC2
+8E8C         AFC3
+8E8D         AFC4
+8E8E         AFC5
+8E8F         AFC6
+8E90         AFC7
+8E91         AFC8
+8E93         AFC9
+8E94         AFCA
+8E95         AFCB
+8E96         AFCC
+8E97         AFCD
+8E98         AFCE
+8E99         AFCF
+8E9A         AFD0
+8E9B         AFD1
+8E9C         AFD2
+8E9D         AFD3
+8EA1         AFD4
+8EA2         AFD5
+8EA3         AFD6
+8EA4         AFD7
+8EA5         AFD8
+8EA6         AFD9
+8EA7         AFDA
+8EA8         AFDB
+8EA9         AFDC
+8EAA         AFDD
+8EAB         AFDE
+8EAC         AFDF
+8EAD         AFE0
+8EAE         AFE1
+8EAF         AFE2
+8EB0         AFE3
+8EB1         AFE4
+8EB3         AFE5
+8EB4         AFE6
+8EB5         AFE7
+8EB6         AFE8
+8EB7         AFE9
+8EB8         AFEA
+8EB9         AFEB
+8EBA         AFEC
+8EBB         AFED
+8EBC         AFEE
+8EBD         AFEF
+8EC1         AFF0
+8EC2         AFF1
+8EC3         AFF2
+8EC4         AFF3
+8EC5         AFF4
+8EC6         AFF5
+8EC7         AFF6
+8EC8         AFF7
+8EC9         AFF8
+8ECA         AFF9
+8ECB         AFFA
+8ECC         AFFB
+8ECD         AFFC
+8ECE         AFFD
+8ECF         AFFE
+8ED0         AFFF
+8ED1         B000
+8ED3         B001
+8ED4         B002
+8ED5         B003
+8ED6         B004
+8ED7         B005
+8ED8         B006
+8ED9         B007
+8EDA         B008
+8EDB         B009
+8EDC         B00A
+8EDD         B00B
+8EE1         B00C
+8EE2         B00D
+8EE3         B00E
+8EE4         B00F
+8EE5         B010
+8EE6         B011
+8EE7         B012
+8EE8         B013
+8EE9         B014
+8EEA         B015
+8EEB         B016
+8EEC         B017
+8EED         B018
+8EEE         B019
+8EEF         B01A
+8EF0         B01B
+8EF1         B01C
+8EF3         B01D
+8EF4         B01E
+8EF5         B01F
+8EF6         B020
+8EF7         B021
+8EF8         B022
+8EF9         B023
+8EFA         B024
+8EFB         B025
+8EFC         B026
+8EFD         B027
+8F41         B028
+8F42         B029
+8F43         B02A
+8F44         B02B
+8F45         B02C
+8F46         B02D
+8F47         B02E
+8F48         B02F
+8F49         B030
+8F4A         B031
+8F4B         B032
+8F4C         B033
+8F4D         B034
+8F4E         B035
+8F4F         B036
+8F50         B037
+8F51         B038
+8F53         B039
+8F54         B03A
+8F55         B03B
+8F56         B03C
+8F57         B03D
+8F58         B03E
+8F59         B03F
+8F5A         B040
+8F5B         B041
+8F5C         B042
+8F5D         B043
+8F61         B044
+8F62         B045
+8F63         B046
+8F64         B047
+8F65         B048
+8F66         B049
+8F67         B04A
+8F68         B04B
+8F69         B04C
+8F6A         B04D
+8F6B         B04E
+8F6C         B04F
+8F6D         B050
+8F6E         B051
+8F6F         B052
+8F70         B053
+8F71         B054
+8F73         B055
+8F74         B056
+8F75         B057
+8F76         B058
+8F77         B059
+8F78         B05A
+8F79         B05B
+8F7A         B05C
+8F7B         B05D
+8F7C         B05E
+8F7D         B05F
+8F81         B060
+8F82         B061
+8F83         B062
+8F84         B063
+8F85         B064
+8F86         B065
+8F87         B066
+8F88         B067
+8F89         B068
+8F8A         B069
+8F8B         B06A
+8F8C         B06B
+8F8D         B06C
+8F8E         B06D
+8F8F         B06E
+8F90         B06F
+8F91         B070
+8F93         B071
+8F94         B072
+8F95         B073
+8F96         B074
+8F97         B075
+8F98         B076
+8F99         B077
+8F9A         B078
+8F9B         B079
+8F9C         B07A
+8F9D         B07B
+8FA1         B07C
+8FA2         B07D
+8FA3         B07E
+8FA4         B07F
+8FA5         B080
+8FA6         B081
+8FA7         B082
+8FA8         B083
+8FA9         B084
+8FAA         B085
+8FAB         B086
+8FAC         B087
+8FAD         B088
+8FAE         B089
+8FAF         B08A
+8FB0         B08B
+8FB1         B08C
+8FB3         B08D
+8FB4         B08E
+8FB5         B08F
+8FB6         B090
+8FB7         B091
+8FB8         B092
+8FB9         B093
+8FBA         B094
+8FBB         B095
+8FBC         B096
+8FBD         B097
+9041         3134
+9061         B098
+9062         B099
+9063         B09A
+9064         B09B
+9065         B09C
+9066         B09D
+9067         B09E
+9068         B09F
+9069         B0A0
+906A         B0A1
+906B         B0A2
+906C         B0A3
+906D         B0A4
+906E         B0A5
+906F         B0A6
+9070         B0A7
+9071         B0A8
+9073         B0A9
+9074         B0AA
+9075         B0AB
+9076         B0AC
+9077         B0AD
+9078         B0AE
+9079         B0AF
+907A         B0B0
+907B         B0B1
+907C         B0B2
+907D         B0B3
+9081         B0B4
+9082         B0B5
+9083         B0B6
+9084         B0B7
+9085         B0B8
+9086         B0B9
+9087         B0BA
+9088         B0BB
+9089         B0BC
+908A         B0BD
+908B         B0BE
+908C         B0BF
+908D         B0C0
+908E         B0C1
+908F         B0C2
+9090         B0C3
+9091         B0C4
+9093         B0C5
+9094         B0C6
+9095         B0C7
+9096         B0C8
+9097         B0C9
+9098         B0CA
+9099         B0CB
+909A         B0CC
+909B         B0CD
+909C         B0CE
+909D         B0CF
+90A1         B0D0
+90A2         B0D1
+90A3         B0D2
+90A4         B0D3
+90A5         B0D4
+90A6         B0D5
+90A7         B0D6
+90A8         B0D7
+90A9         B0D8
+90AA         B0D9
+90AB         B0DA
+90AC         B0DB
+90AD         B0DC
+90AE         B0DD
+90AF         B0DE
+90B0         B0DF
+90B1         B0E0
+90B3         B0E1
+90B4         B0E2
+90B5         B0E3
+90B6         B0E4
+90B7         B0E5
+90B8         B0E6
+90B9         B0E7
+90BA         B0E8
+90BB         B0E9
+90BC         B0EA
+90BD         B0EB
+90C1         B0EC
+90C2         B0ED
+90C3         B0EE
+90C4         B0EF
+90C5         B0F0
+90C6         B0F1
+90C7         B0F2
+90C8         B0F3
+90C9         B0F4
+90CA         B0F5
+90CB         B0F6
+90CC         B0F7
+90CD         B0F8
+90CE         B0F9
+90CF         B0FA
+90D0         B0FB
+90D1         B0FC
+90D3         B0FD
+90D4         B0FE
+90D5         B0FF
+90D6         B100
+90D7         B101
+90D8         B102
+90D9         B103
+90DA         B104
+90DB         B105
+90DC         B106
+90DD         B107
+90E1         B108
+90E2         B109
+90E3         B10A
+90E4         B10B
+90E5         B10C
+90E6         B10D
+90E7         B10E
+90E8         B10F
+90E9         B110
+90EA         B111
+90EB         B112
+90EC         B113
+90ED         B114
+90EE         B115
+90EF         B116
+90F0         B117
+90F1         B118
+90F3         B119
+90F4         B11A
+90F5         B11B
+90F6         B11C
+90F7         B11D
+90F8         B11E
+90F9         B11F
+90FA         B120
+90FB         B121
+90FC         B122
+90FD         B123
+9141         B124
+9142         B125
+9143         B126
+9144         B127
+9145         B128
+9146         B129
+9147         B12A
+9148         B12B
+9149         B12C
+914A         B12D
+914B         B12E
+914C         B12F
+914D         B130
+914E         B131
+914F         B132
+9150         B133
+9151         B134
+9153         B135
+9154         B136
+9155         B137
+9156         B138
+9157         B139
+9158         B13A
+9159         B13B
+915A         B13C
+915B         B13D
+915C         B13E
+915D         B13F
+9161         B140
+9162         B141
+9163         B142
+9164         B143
+9165         B144
+9166         B145
+9167         B146
+9168         B147
+9169         B148
+916A         B149
+916B         B14A
+916C         B14B
+916D         B14C
+916E         B14D
+916F         B14E
+9170         B14F
+9171         B150
+9173         B151
+9174         B152
+9175         B153
+9176         B154
+9177         B155
+9178         B156
+9179         B157
+917A         B158
+917B         B159
+917C         B15A
+917D         B15B
+9181         B15C
+9182         B15D
+9183         B15E
+9184         B15F
+9185         B160
+9186         B161
+9187         B162
+9188         B163
+9189         B164
+918A         B165
+918B         B166
+918C         B167
+918D         B168
+918E         B169
+918F         B16A
+9190         B16B
+9191         B16C
+9193         B16D
+9194         B16E
+9195         B16F
+9196         B170
+9197         B171
+9198         B172
+9199         B173
+919A         B174
+919B         B175
+919C         B176
+919D         B177
+91A1         B178
+91A2         B179
+91A3         B17A
+91A4         B17B
+91A5         B17C
+91A6         B17D
+91A7         B17E
+91A8         B17F
+91A9         B180
+91AA         B181
+91AB         B182
+91AC         B183
+91AD         B184
+91AE         B185
+91AF         B186
+91B0         B187
+91B1         B188
+91B3         B189
+91B4         B18A
+91B5         B18B
+91B6         B18C
+91B7         B18D
+91B8         B18E
+91B9         B18F
+91BA         B190
+91BB         B191
+91BC         B192
+91BD         B193
+91C1         B194
+91C2         B195
+91C3         B196
+91C4         B197
+91C5         B198
+91C6         B199
+91C7         B19A
+91C8         B19B
+91C9         B19C
+91CA         B19D
+91CB         B19E
+91CC         B19F
+91CD         B1A0
+91CE         B1A1
+91CF         B1A2
+91D0         B1A3
+91D1         B1A4
+91D3         B1A5
+91D4         B1A6
+91D5         B1A7
+91D6         B1A8
+91D7         B1A9
+91D8         B1AA
+91D9         B1AB
+91DA         B1AC
+91DB         B1AD
+91DC         B1AE
+91DD         B1AF
+91E1         B1B0
+91E2         B1B1
+91E3         B1B2
+91E4         B1B3
+91E5         B1B4
+91E6         B1B5
+91E7         B1B6
+91E8         B1B7
+91E9         B1B8
+91EA         B1B9
+91EB         B1BA
+91EC         B1BB
+91ED         B1BC
+91EE         B1BD
+91EF         B1BE
+91F0         B1BF
+91F1         B1C0
+91F3         B1C1
+91F4         B1C2
+91F5         B1C3
+91F6         B1C4
+91F7         B1C5
+91F8         B1C6
+91F9         B1C7
+91FA         B1C8
+91FB         B1C9
+91FC         B1CA
+91FD         B1CB
+9241         B1CC
+9242         B1CD
+9243         B1CE
+9244         B1CF
+9245         B1D0
+9246         B1D1
+9247         B1D2
+9248         B1D3
+9249         B1D4
+924A         B1D5
+924B         B1D6
+924C         B1D7
+924D         B1D8
+924E         B1D9
+924F         B1DA
+9250         B1DB
+9251         B1DC
+9253         B1DD
+9254         B1DE
+9255         B1DF
+9256         B1E0
+9257         B1E1
+9258         B1E2
+9259         B1E3
+925A         B1E4
+925B         B1E5
+925C         B1E6
+925D         B1E7
+9261         B1E8
+9262         B1E9
+9263         B1EA
+9264         B1EB
+9265         B1EC
+9266         B1ED
+9267         B1EE
+9268         B1EF
+9269         B1F0
+926A         B1F1
+926B         B1F2
+926C         B1F3
+926D         B1F4
+926E         B1F5
+926F         B1F6
+9270         B1F7
+9271         B1F8
+9273         B1F9
+9274         B1FA
+9275         B1FB
+9276         B1FC
+9277         B1FD
+9278         B1FE
+9279         B1FF
+927A         B200
+927B         B201
+927C         B202
+927D         B203
+9281         B204
+9282         B205
+9283         B206
+9284         B207
+9285         B208
+9286         B209
+9287         B20A
+9288         B20B
+9289         B20C
+928A         B20D
+928B         B20E
+928C         B20F
+928D         B210
+928E         B211
+928F         B212
+9290         B213
+9291         B214
+9293         B215
+9294         B216
+9295         B217
+9296         B218
+9297         B219
+9298         B21A
+9299         B21B
+929A         B21C
+929B         B21D
+929C         B21E
+929D         B21F
+92A1         B220
+92A2         B221
+92A3         B222
+92A4         B223
+92A5         B224
+92A6         B225
+92A7         B226
+92A8         B227
+92A9         B228
+92AA         B229
+92AB         B22A
+92AC         B22B
+92AD         B22C
+92AE         B22D
+92AF         B22E
+92B0         B22F
+92B1         B230
+92B3         B231
+92B4         B232
+92B5         B233
+92B6         B234
+92B7         B235
+92B8         B236
+92B9         B237
+92BA         B238
+92BB         B239
+92BC         B23A
+92BD         B23B
+92C1         B23C
+92C2         B23D
+92C3         B23E
+92C4         B23F
+92C5         B240
+92C6         B241
+92C7         B242
+92C8         B243
+92C9         B244
+92CA         B245
+92CB         B246
+92CC         B247
+92CD         B248
+92CE         B249
+92CF         B24A
+92D0         B24B
+92D1         B24C
+92D3         B24D
+92D4         B24E
+92D5         B24F
+92D6         B250
+92D7         B251
+92D8         B252
+92D9         B253
+92DA         B254
+92DB         B255
+92DC         B256
+92DD         B257
+92E1         B258
+92E2         B259
+92E3         B25A
+92E4         B25B
+92E5         B25C
+92E6         B25D
+92E7         B25E
+92E8         B25F
+92E9         B260
+92EA         B261
+92EB         B262
+92EC         B263
+92ED         B264
+92EE         B265
+92EF         B266
+92F0         B267
+92F1         B268
+92F3         B269
+92F4         B26A
+92F5         B26B
+92F6         B26C
+92F7         B26D
+92F8         B26E
+92F9         B26F
+92FA         B270
+92FB         B271
+92FC         B272
+92FD         B273
+9341         B274
+9342         B275
+9343         B276
+9344         B277
+9345         B278
+9346         B279
+9347         B27A
+9348         B27B
+9349         B27C
+934A         B27D
+934B         B27E
+934C         B27F
+934D         B280
+934E         B281
+934F         B282
+9350         B283
+9351         B284
+9353         B285
+9354         B286
+9355         B287
+9356         B288
+9357         B289
+9358         B28A
+9359         B28B
+935A         B28C
+935B         B28D
+935C         B28E
+935D         B28F
+9361         B290
+9362         B291
+9363         B292
+9364         B293
+9365         B294
+9366         B295
+9367         B296
+9368         B297
+9369         B298
+936A         B299
+936B         B29A
+936C         B29B
+936D         B29C
+936E         B29D
+936F         B29E
+9370         B29F
+9371         B2A0
+9373         B2A1
+9374         B2A2
+9375         B2A3
+9376         B2A4
+9377         B2A5
+9378         B2A6
+9379         B2A7
+937A         B2A8
+937B         B2A9
+937C         B2AA
+937D         B2AB
+9381         B2AC
+9382         B2AD
+9383         B2AE
+9384         B2AF
+9385         B2B0
+9386         B2B1
+9387         B2B2
+9388         B2B3
+9389         B2B4
+938A         B2B5
+938B         B2B6
+938C         B2B7
+938D         B2B8
+938E         B2B9
+938F         B2BA
+9390         B2BB
+9391         B2BC
+9393         B2BD
+9394         B2BE
+9395         B2BF
+9396         B2C0
+9397         B2C1
+9398         B2C2
+9399         B2C3
+939A         B2C4
+939B         B2C5
+939C         B2C6
+939D         B2C7
+93A1         B2C8
+93A2         B2C9
+93A3         B2CA
+93A4         B2CB
+93A5         B2CC
+93A6         B2CD
+93A7         B2CE
+93A8         B2CF
+93A9         B2D0
+93AA         B2D1
+93AB         B2D2
+93AC         B2D3
+93AD         B2D4
+93AE         B2D5
+93AF         B2D6
+93B0         B2D7
+93B1         B2D8
+93B3         B2D9
+93B4         B2DA
+93B5         B2DB
+93B6         B2DC
+93B7         B2DD
+93B8         B2DE
+93B9         B2DF
+93BA         B2E0
+93BB         B2E1
+93BC         B2E2
+93BD         B2E3
+9441         3137
+9461         B2E4
+9462         B2E5
+9463         B2E6
+9464         B2E7
+9465         B2E8
+9466         B2E9
+9467         B2EA
+9468         B2EB
+9469         B2EC
+946A         B2ED
+946B         B2EE
+946C         B2EF
+946D         B2F0
+946E         B2F1
+946F         B2F2
+9470         B2F3
+9471         B2F4
+9473         B2F5
+9474         B2F6
+9475         B2F7
+9476         B2F8
+9477         B2F9
+9478         B2FA
+9479         B2FB
+947A         B2FC
+947B         B2FD
+947C         B2FE
+947D         B2FF
+9481         B300
+9482         B301
+9483         B302
+9484         B303
+9485         B304
+9486         B305
+9487         B306
+9488         B307
+9489         B308
+948A         B309
+948B         B30A
+948C         B30B
+948D         B30C
+948E         B30D
+948F         B30E
+9490         B30F
+9491         B310
+9493         B311
+9494         B312
+9495         B313
+9496         B314
+9497         B315
+9498         B316
+9499         B317
+949A         B318
+949B         B319
+949C         B31A
+949D         B31B
+94A1         B31C
+94A2         B31D
+94A3         B31E
+94A4         B31F
+94A5         B320
+94A6         B321
+94A7         B322
+94A8         B323
+94A9         B324
+94AA         B325
+94AB         B326
+94AC         B327
+94AD         B328
+94AE         B329
+94AF         B32A
+94B0         B32B
+94B1         B32C
+94B3         B32D
+94B4         B32E
+94B5         B32F
+94B6         B330
+94B7         B331
+94B8         B332
+94B9         B333
+94BA         B334
+94BB         B335
+94BC         B336
+94BD         B337
+94C1         B338
+94C2         B339
+94C3         B33A
+94C4         B33B
+94C5         B33C
+94C6         B33D
+94C7         B33E
+94C8         B33F
+94C9         B340
+94CA         B341
+94CB         B342
+94CC         B343
+94CD         B344
+94CE         B345
+94CF         B346
+94D0         B347
+94D1         B348
+94D3         B349
+94D4         B34A
+94D5         B34B
+94D6         B34C
+94D7         B34D
+94D8         B34E
+94D9         B34F
+94DA         B350
+94DB         B351
+94DC         B352
+94DD         B353
+94E1         B354
+94E2         B355
+94E3         B356
+94E4         B357
+94E5         B358
+94E6         B359
+94E7         B35A
+94E8         B35B
+94E9         B35C
+94EA         B35D
+94EB         B35E
+94EC         B35F
+94ED         B360
+94EE         B361
+94EF         B362
+94F0         B363
+94F1         B364
+94F3         B365
+94F4         B366
+94F5         B367
+94F6         B368
+94F7         B369
+94F8         B36A
+94F9         B36B
+94FA         B36C
+94FB         B36D
+94FC         B36E
+94FD         B36F
+9541         B370
+9542         B371
+9543         B372
+9544         B373
+9545         B374
+9546         B375
+9547         B376
+9548         B377
+9549         B378
+954A         B379
+954B         B37A
+954C         B37B
+954D         B37C
+954E         B37D
+954F         B37E
+9550         B37F
+9551         B380
+9553         B381
+9554         B382
+9555         B383
+9556         B384
+9557         B385
+9558         B386
+9559         B387
+955A         B388
+955B         B389
+955C         B38A
+955D         B38B
+9561         B38C
+9562         B38D
+9563         B38E
+9564         B38F
+9565         B390
+9566         B391
+9567         B392
+9568         B393
+9569         B394
+956A         B395
+956B         B396
+956C         B397
+956D         B398
+956E         B399
+956F         B39A
+9570         B39B
+9571         B39C
+9573         B39D
+9574         B39E
+9575         B39F
+9576         B3A0
+9577         B3A1
+9578         B3A2
+9579         B3A3
+957A         B3A4
+957B         B3A5
+957C         B3A6
+957D         B3A7
+9581         B3A8
+9582         B3A9
+9583         B3AA
+9584         B3AB
+9585         B3AC
+9586         B3AD
+9587         B3AE
+9588         B3AF
+9589         B3B0
+958A         B3B1
+958B         B3B2
+958C         B3B3
+958D         B3B4
+958E         B3B5
+958F         B3B6
+9590         B3B7
+9591         B3B8
+9593         B3B9
+9594         B3BA
+9595         B3BB
+9596         B3BC
+9597         B3BD
+9598         B3BE
+9599         B3BF
+959A         B3C0
+959B         B3C1
+959C         B3C2
+959D         B3C3
+95A1         B3C4
+95A2         B3C5
+95A3         B3C6
+95A4         B3C7
+95A5         B3C8
+95A6         B3C9
+95A7         B3CA
+95A8         B3CB
+95A9         B3CC
+95AA         B3CD
+95AB         B3CE
+95AC         B3CF
+95AD         B3D0
+95AE         B3D1
+95AF         B3D2
+95B0         B3D3
+95B1         B3D4
+95B3         B3D5
+95B4         B3D6
+95B5         B3D7
+95B6         B3D8
+95B7         B3D9
+95B8         B3DA
+95B9         B3DB
+95BA         B3DC
+95BB         B3DD
+95BC         B3DE
+95BD         B3DF
+95C1         B3E0
+95C2         B3E1
+95C3         B3E2
+95C4         B3E3
+95C5         B3E4
+95C6         B3E5
+95C7         B3E6
+95C8         B3E7
+95C9         B3E8
+95CA         B3E9
+95CB         B3EA
+95CC         B3EB
+95CD         B3EC
+95CE         B3ED
+95CF         B3EE
+95D0         B3EF
+95D1         B3F0
+95D3         B3F1
+95D4         B3F2
+95D5         B3F3
+95D6         B3F4
+95D7         B3F5
+95D8         B3F6
+95D9         B3F7
+95DA         B3F8
+95DB         B3F9
+95DC         B3FA
+95DD         B3FB
+95E1         B3FC
+95E2         B3FD
+95E3         B3FE
+95E4         B3FF
+95E5         B400
+95E6         B401
+95E7         B402
+95E8         B403
+95E9         B404
+95EA         B405
+95EB         B406
+95EC         B407
+95ED         B408
+95EE         B409
+95EF         B40A
+95F0         B40B
+95F1         B40C
+95F3         B40D
+95F4         B40E
+95F5         B40F
+95F6         B410
+95F7         B411
+95F8         B412
+95F9         B413
+95FA         B414
+95FB         B415
+95FC         B416
+95FD         B417
+9641         B418
+9642         B419
+9643         B41A
+9644         B41B
+9645         B41C
+9646         B41D
+9647         B41E
+9648         B41F
+9649         B420
+964A         B421
+964B         B422
+964C         B423
+964D         B424
+964E         B425
+964F         B426
+9650         B427
+9651         B428
+9653         B429
+9654         B42A
+9655         B42B
+9656         B42C
+9657         B42D
+9658         B42E
+9659         B42F
+965A         B430
+965B         B431
+965C         B432
+965D         B433
+9661         B434
+9662         B435
+9663         B436
+9664         B437
+9665         B438
+9666         B439
+9667         B43A
+9668         B43B
+9669         B43C
+966A         B43D
+966B         B43E
+966C         B43F
+966D         B440
+966E         B441
+966F         B442
+9670         B443
+9671         B444
+9673         B445
+9674         B446
+9675         B447
+9676         B448
+9677         B449
+9678         B44A
+9679         B44B
+967A         B44C
+967B         B44D
+967C         B44E
+967D         B44F
+9681         B450
+9682         B451
+9683         B452
+9684         B453
+9685         B454
+9686         B455
+9687         B456
+9688         B457
+9689         B458
+968A         B459
+968B         B45A
+968C         B45B
+968D         B45C
+968E         B45D
+968F         B45E
+9690         B45F
+9691         B460
+9693         B461
+9694         B462
+9695         B463
+9696         B464
+9697         B465
+9698         B466
+9699         B467
+969A         B468
+969B         B469
+969C         B46A
+969D         B46B
+96A1         B46C
+96A2         B46D
+96A3         B46E
+96A4         B46F
+96A5         B470
+96A6         B471
+96A7         B472
+96A8         B473
+96A9         B474
+96AA         B475
+96AB         B476
+96AC         B477
+96AD         B478
+96AE         B479
+96AF         B47A
+96B0         B47B
+96B1         B47C
+96B3         B47D
+96B4         B47E
+96B5         B47F
+96B6         B480
+96B7         B481
+96B8         B482
+96B9         B483
+96BA         B484
+96BB         B485
+96BC         B486
+96BD         B487
+96C1         B488
+96C2         B489
+96C3         B48A
+96C4         B48B
+96C5         B48C
+96C6         B48D
+96C7         B48E
+96C8         B48F
+96C9         B490
+96CA         B491
+96CB         B492
+96CC         B493
+96CD         B494
+96CE         B495
+96CF         B496
+96D0         B497
+96D1         B498
+96D3         B499
+96D4         B49A
+96D5         B49B
+96D6         B49C
+96D7         B49D
+96D8         B49E
+96D9         B49F
+96DA         B4A0
+96DB         B4A1
+96DC         B4A2
+96DD         B4A3
+96E1         B4A4
+96E2         B4A5
+96E3         B4A6
+96E4         B4A7
+96E5         B4A8
+96E6         B4A9
+96E7         B4AA
+96E8         B4AB
+96E9         B4AC
+96EA         B4AD
+96EB         B4AE
+96EC         B4AF
+96ED         B4B0
+96EE         B4B1
+96EF         B4B2
+96F0         B4B3
+96F1         B4B4
+96F3         B4B5
+96F4         B4B6
+96F5         B4B7
+96F6         B4B8
+96F7         B4B9
+96F8         B4BA
+96F9         B4BB
+96FA         B4BC
+96FB         B4BD
+96FC         B4BE
+96FD         B4BF
+9741         B4C0
+9742         B4C1
+9743         B4C2
+9744         B4C3
+9745         B4C4
+9746         B4C5
+9747         B4C6
+9748         B4C7
+9749         B4C8
+974A         B4C9
+974B         B4CA
+974C         B4CB
+974D         B4CC
+974E         B4CD
+974F         B4CE
+9750         B4CF
+9751         B4D0
+9753         B4D1
+9754         B4D2
+9755         B4D3
+9756         B4D4
+9757         B4D5
+9758         B4D6
+9759         B4D7
+975A         B4D8
+975B         B4D9
+975C         B4DA
+975D         B4DB
+9761         B4DC
+9762         B4DD
+9763         B4DE
+9764         B4DF
+9765         B4E0
+9766         B4E1
+9767         B4E2
+9768         B4E3
+9769         B4E4
+976A         B4E5
+976B         B4E6
+976C         B4E7
+976D         B4E8
+976E         B4E9
+976F         B4EA
+9770         B4EB
+9771         B4EC
+9773         B4ED
+9774         B4EE
+9775         B4EF
+9776         B4F0
+9777         B4F1
+9778         B4F2
+9779         B4F3
+977A         B4F4
+977B         B4F5
+977C         B4F6
+977D         B4F7
+9781         B4F8
+9782         B4F9
+9783         B4FA
+9784         B4FB
+9785         B4FC
+9786         B4FD
+9787         B4FE
+9788         B4FF
+9789         B500
+978A         B501
+978B         B502
+978C         B503
+978D         B504
+978E         B505
+978F         B506
+9790         B507
+9791         B508
+9793         B509
+9794         B50A
+9795         B50B
+9796         B50C
+9797         B50D
+9798         B50E
+9799         B50F
+979A         B510
+979B         B511
+979C         B512
+979D         B513
+97A1         B514
+97A2         B515
+97A3         B516
+97A4         B517
+97A5         B518
+97A6         B519
+97A7         B51A
+97A8         B51B
+97A9         B51C
+97AA         B51D
+97AB         B51E
+97AC         B51F
+97AD         B520
+97AE         B521
+97AF         B522
+97B0         B523
+97B1         B524
+97B3         B525
+97B4         B526
+97B5         B527
+97B6         B528
+97B7         B529
+97B8         B52A
+97B9         B52B
+97BA         B52C
+97BB         B52D
+97BC         B52E
+97BD         B52F
+9841         3138
+9861         B530
+9862         B531
+9863         B532
+9864         B533
+9865         B534
+9866         B535
+9867         B536
+9868         B537
+9869         B538
+986A         B539
+986B         B53A
+986C         B53B
+986D         B53C
+986E         B53D
+986F         B53E
+9870         B53F
+9871         B540
+9873         B541
+9874         B542
+9875         B543
+9876         B544
+9877         B545
+9878         B546
+9879         B547
+987A         B548
+987B         B549
+987C         B54A
+987D         B54B
+9881         B54C
+9882         B54D
+9883         B54E
+9884         B54F
+9885         B550
+9886         B551
+9887         B552
+9888         B553
+9889         B554
+988A         B555
+988B         B556
+988C         B557
+988D         B558
+988E         B559
+988F         B55A
+9890         B55B
+9891         B55C
+9893         B55D
+9894         B55E
+9895         B55F
+9896         B560
+9897         B561
+9898         B562
+9899         B563
+989A         B564
+989B         B565
+989C         B566
+989D         B567
+98A1         B568
+98A2         B569
+98A3         B56A
+98A4         B56B
+98A5         B56C
+98A6         B56D
+98A7         B56E
+98A8         B56F
+98A9         B570
+98AA         B571
+98AB         B572
+98AC         B573
+98AD         B574
+98AE         B575
+98AF         B576
+98B0         B577
+98B1         B578
+98B3         B579
+98B4         B57A
+98B5         B57B
+98B6         B57C
+98B7         B57D
+98B8         B57E
+98B9         B57F
+98BA         B580
+98BB         B581
+98BC         B582
+98BD         B583
+98C1         B584
+98C2         B585
+98C3         B586
+98C4         B587
+98C5         B588
+98C6         B589
+98C7         B58A
+98C8         B58B
+98C9         B58C
+98CA         B58D
+98CB         B58E
+98CC         B58F
+98CD         B590
+98CE         B591
+98CF         B592
+98D0         B593
+98D1         B594
+98D3         B595
+98D4         B596
+98D5         B597
+98D6         B598
+98D7         B599
+98D8         B59A
+98D9         B59B
+98DA         B59C
+98DB         B59D
+98DC         B59E
+98DD         B59F
+98E1         B5A0
+98E2         B5A1
+98E3         B5A2
+98E4         B5A3
+98E5         B5A4
+98E6         B5A5
+98E7         B5A6
+98E8         B5A7
+98E9         B5A8
+98EA         B5A9
+98EB         B5AA
+98EC         B5AB
+98ED         B5AC
+98EE         B5AD
+98EF         B5AE
+98F0         B5AF
+98F1         B5B0
+98F3         B5B1
+98F4         B5B2
+98F5         B5B3
+98F6         B5B4
+98F7         B5B5
+98F8         B5B6
+98F9         B5B7
+98FA         B5B8
+98FB         B5B9
+98FC         B5BA
+98FD         B5BB
+9941         B5BC
+9942         B5BD
+9943         B5BE
+9944         B5BF
+9945         B5C0
+9946         B5C1
+9947         B5C2
+9948         B5C3
+9949         B5C4
+994A         B5C5
+994B         B5C6
+994C         B5C7
+994D         B5C8
+994E         B5C9
+994F         B5CA
+9950         B5CB
+9951         B5CC
+9953         B5CD
+9954         B5CE
+9955         B5CF
+9956         B5D0
+9957         B5D1
+9958         B5D2
+9959         B5D3
+995A         B5D4
+995B         B5D5
+995C         B5D6
+995D         B5D7
+9961         B5D8
+9962         B5D9
+9963         B5DA
+9964         B5DB
+9965         B5DC
+9966         B5DD
+9967         B5DE
+9968         B5DF
+9969         B5E0
+996A         B5E1
+996B         B5E2
+996C         B5E3
+996D         B5E4
+996E         B5E5
+996F         B5E6
+9970         B5E7
+9971         B5E8
+9973         B5E9
+9974         B5EA
+9975         B5EB
+9976         B5EC
+9977         B5ED
+9978         B5EE
+9979         B5EF
+997A         B5F0
+997B         B5F1
+997C         B5F2
+997D         B5F3
+9981         B5F4
+9982         B5F5
+9983         B5F6
+9984         B5F7
+9985         B5F8
+9986         B5F9
+9987         B5FA
+9988         B5FB
+9989         B5FC
+998A         B5FD
+998B         B5FE
+998C         B5FF
+998D         B600
+998E         B601
+998F         B602
+9990         B603
+9991         B604
+9993         B605
+9994         B606
+9995         B607
+9996         B608
+9997         B609
+9998         B60A
+9999         B60B
+999A         B60C
+999B         B60D
+999C         B60E
+999D         B60F
+99A1         B610
+99A2         B611
+99A3         B612
+99A4         B613
+99A5         B614
+99A6         B615
+99A7         B616
+99A8         B617
+99A9         B618
+99AA         B619
+99AB         B61A
+99AC         B61B
+99AD         B61C
+99AE         B61D
+99AF         B61E
+99B0         B61F
+99B1         B620
+99B3         B621
+99B4         B622
+99B5         B623
+99B6         B624
+99B7         B625
+99B8         B626
+99B9         B627
+99BA         B628
+99BB         B629
+99BC         B62A
+99BD         B62B
+99C1         B62C
+99C2         B62D
+99C3         B62E
+99C4         B62F
+99C5         B630
+99C6         B631
+99C7         B632
+99C8         B633
+99C9         B634
+99CA         B635
+99CB         B636
+99CC         B637
+99CD         B638
+99CE         B639
+99CF         B63A
+99D0         B63B
+99D1         B63C
+99D3         B63D
+99D4         B63E
+99D5         B63F
+99D6         B640
+99D7         B641
+99D8         B642
+99D9         B643
+99DA         B644
+99DB         B645
+99DC         B646
+99DD         B647
+99E1         B648
+99E2         B649
+99E3         B64A
+99E4         B64B
+99E5         B64C
+99E6         B64D
+99E7         B64E
+99E8         B64F
+99E9         B650
+99EA         B651
+99EB         B652
+99EC         B653
+99ED         B654
+99EE         B655
+99EF         B656
+99F0         B657
+99F1         B658
+99F3         B659
+99F4         B65A
+99F5         B65B
+99F6         B65C
+99F7         B65D
+99F8         B65E
+99F9         B65F
+99FA         B660
+99FB         B661
+99FC         B662
+99FD         B663
+9A41         B664
+9A42         B665
+9A43         B666
+9A44         B667
+9A45         B668
+9A46         B669
+9A47         B66A
+9A48         B66B
+9A49         B66C
+9A4A         B66D
+9A4B         B66E
+9A4C         B66F
+9A4D         B670
+9A4E         B671
+9A4F         B672
+9A50         B673
+9A51         B674
+9A53         B675
+9A54         B676
+9A55         B677
+9A56         B678
+9A57         B679
+9A58         B67A
+9A59         B67B
+9A5A         B67C
+9A5B         B67D
+9A5C         B67E
+9A5D         B67F
+9A61         B680
+9A62         B681
+9A63         B682
+9A64         B683
+9A65         B684
+9A66         B685
+9A67         B686
+9A68         B687
+9A69         B688
+9A6A         B689
+9A6B         B68A
+9A6C         B68B
+9A6D         B68C
+9A6E         B68D
+9A6F         B68E
+9A70         B68F
+9A71         B690
+9A73         B691
+9A74         B692
+9A75         B693
+9A76         B694
+9A77         B695
+9A78         B696
+9A79         B697
+9A7A         B698
+9A7B         B699
+9A7C         B69A
+9A7D         B69B
+9A81         B69C
+9A82         B69D
+9A83         B69E
+9A84         B69F
+9A85         B6A0
+9A86         B6A1
+9A87         B6A2
+9A88         B6A3
+9A89         B6A4
+9A8A         B6A5
+9A8B         B6A6
+9A8C         B6A7
+9A8D         B6A8
+9A8E         B6A9
+9A8F         B6AA
+9A90         B6AB
+9A91         B6AC
+9A93         B6AD
+9A94         B6AE
+9A95         B6AF
+9A96         B6B0
+9A97         B6B1
+9A98         B6B2
+9A99         B6B3
+9A9A         B6B4
+9A9B         B6B5
+9A9C         B6B6
+9A9D         B6B7
+9AA1         B6B8
+9AA2         B6B9
+9AA3         B6BA
+9AA4         B6BB
+9AA5         B6BC
+9AA6         B6BD
+9AA7         B6BE
+9AA8         B6BF
+9AA9         B6C0
+9AAA         B6C1
+9AAB         B6C2
+9AAC         B6C3
+9AAD         B6C4
+9AAE         B6C5
+9AAF         B6C6
+9AB0         B6C7
+9AB1         B6C8
+9AB3         B6C9
+9AB4         B6CA
+9AB5         B6CB
+9AB6         B6CC
+9AB7         B6CD
+9AB8         B6CE
+9AB9         B6CF
+9ABA         B6D0
+9ABB         B6D1
+9ABC         B6D2
+9ABD         B6D3
+9AC1         B6D4
+9AC2         B6D5
+9AC3         B6D6
+9AC4         B6D7
+9AC5         B6D8
+9AC6         B6D9
+9AC7         B6DA
+9AC8         B6DB
+9AC9         B6DC
+9ACA         B6DD
+9ACB         B6DE
+9ACC         B6DF
+9ACD         B6E0
+9ACE         B6E1
+9ACF         B6E2
+9AD0         B6E3
+9AD1         B6E4
+9AD3         B6E5
+9AD4         B6E6
+9AD5         B6E7
+9AD6         B6E8
+9AD7         B6E9
+9AD8         B6EA
+9AD9         B6EB
+9ADA         B6EC
+9ADB         B6ED
+9ADC         B6EE
+9ADD         B6EF
+9AE1         B6F0
+9AE2         B6F1
+9AE3         B6F2
+9AE4         B6F3
+9AE5         B6F4
+9AE6         B6F5
+9AE7         B6F6
+9AE8         B6F7
+9AE9         B6F8
+9AEA         B6F9
+9AEB         B6FA
+9AEC         B6FB
+9AED         B6FC
+9AEE         B6FD
+9AEF         B6FE
+9AF0         B6FF
+9AF1         B700
+9AF3         B701
+9AF4         B702
+9AF5         B703
+9AF6         B704
+9AF7         B705
+9AF8         B706
+9AF9         B707
+9AFA         B708
+9AFB         B709
+9AFC         B70A
+9AFD         B70B
+9B41         B70C
+9B42         B70D
+9B43         B70E
+9B44         B70F
+9B45         B710
+9B46         B711
+9B47         B712
+9B48         B713
+9B49         B714
+9B4A         B715
+9B4B         B716
+9B4C         B717
+9B4D         B718
+9B4E         B719
+9B4F         B71A
+9B50         B71B
+9B51         B71C
+9B53         B71D
+9B54         B71E
+9B55         B71F
+9B56         B720
+9B57         B721
+9B58         B722
+9B59         B723
+9B5A         B724
+9B5B         B725
+9B5C         B726
+9B5D         B727
+9B61         B728
+9B62         B729
+9B63         B72A
+9B64         B72B
+9B65         B72C
+9B66         B72D
+9B67         B72E
+9B68         B72F
+9B69         B730
+9B6A         B731
+9B6B         B732
+9B6C         B733
+9B6D         B734
+9B6E         B735
+9B6F         B736
+9B70         B737
+9B71         B738
+9B73         B739
+9B74         B73A
+9B75         B73B
+9B76         B73C
+9B77         B73D
+9B78         B73E
+9B79         B73F
+9B7A         B740
+9B7B         B741
+9B7C         B742
+9B7D         B743
+9B81         B744
+9B82         B745
+9B83         B746
+9B84         B747
+9B85         B748
+9B86         B749
+9B87         B74A
+9B88         B74B
+9B89         B74C
+9B8A         B74D
+9B8B         B74E
+9B8C         B74F
+9B8D         B750
+9B8E         B751
+9B8F         B752
+9B90         B753
+9B91         B754
+9B93         B755
+9B94         B756
+9B95         B757
+9B96         B758
+9B97         B759
+9B98         B75A
+9B99         B75B
+9B9A         B75C
+9B9B         B75D
+9B9C         B75E
+9B9D         B75F
+9BA1         B760
+9BA2         B761
+9BA3         B762
+9BA4         B763
+9BA5         B764
+9BA6         B765
+9BA7         B766
+9BA8         B767
+9BA9         B768
+9BAA         B769
+9BAB         B76A
+9BAC         B76B
+9BAD         B76C
+9BAE         B76D
+9BAF         B76E
+9BB0         B76F
+9BB1         B770
+9BB3         B771
+9BB4         B772
+9BB5         B773
+9BB6         B774
+9BB7         B775
+9BB8         B776
+9BB9         B777
+9BBA         B778
+9BBB         B779
+9BBC         B77A
+9BBD         B77B
+9C41         3139
+9C61         B77C
+9C62         B77D
+9C63         B77E
+9C64         B77F
+9C65         B780
+9C66         B781
+9C67         B782
+9C68         B783
+9C69         B784
+9C6A         B785
+9C6B         B786
+9C6C         B787
+9C6D         B788
+9C6E         B789
+9C6F         B78A
+9C70         B78B
+9C71         B78C
+9C73         B78D
+9C74         B78E
+9C75         B78F
+9C76         B790
+9C77         B791
+9C78         B792
+9C79         B793
+9C7A         B794
+9C7B         B795
+9C7C         B796
+9C7D         B797
+9C81         B798
+9C82         B799
+9C83         B79A
+9C84         B79B
+9C85         B79C
+9C86         B79D
+9C87         B79E
+9C88         B79F
+9C89         B7A0
+9C8A         B7A1
+9C8B         B7A2
+9C8C         B7A3
+9C8D         B7A4
+9C8E         B7A5
+9C8F         B7A6
+9C90         B7A7
+9C91         B7A8
+9C93         B7A9
+9C94         B7AA
+9C95         B7AB
+9C96         B7AC
+9C97         B7AD
+9C98         B7AE
+9C99         B7AF
+9C9A         B7B0
+9C9B         B7B1
+9C9C         B7B2
+9C9D         B7B3
+9CA1         B7B4
+9CA2         B7B5
+9CA3         B7B6
+9CA4         B7B7
+9CA5         B7B8
+9CA6         B7B9
+9CA7         B7BA
+9CA8         B7BB
+9CA9         B7BC
+9CAA         B7BD
+9CAB         B7BE
+9CAC         B7BF
+9CAD         B7C0
+9CAE         B7C1
+9CAF         B7C2
+9CB0         B7C3
+9CB1         B7C4
+9CB3         B7C5
+9CB4         B7C6
+9CB5         B7C7
+9CB6         B7C8
+9CB7         B7C9
+9CB8         B7CA
+9CB9         B7CB
+9CBA         B7CC
+9CBB         B7CD
+9CBC         B7CE
+9CBD         B7CF
+9CC1         B7D0
+9CC2         B7D1
+9CC3         B7D2
+9CC4         B7D3
+9CC5         B7D4
+9CC6         B7D5
+9CC7         B7D6
+9CC8         B7D7
+9CC9         B7D8
+9CCA         B7D9
+9CCB         B7DA
+9CCC         B7DB
+9CCD         B7DC
+9CCE         B7DD
+9CCF         B7DE
+9CD0         B7DF
+9CD1         B7E0
+9CD3         B7E1
+9CD4         B7E2
+9CD5         B7E3
+9CD6         B7E4
+9CD7         B7E5
+9CD8         B7E6
+9CD9         B7E7
+9CDA         B7E8
+9CDB         B7E9
+9CDC         B7EA
+9CDD         B7EB
+9CE1         B7EC
+9CE2         B7ED
+9CE3         B7EE
+9CE4         B7EF
+9CE5         B7F0
+9CE6         B7F1
+9CE7         B7F2
+9CE8         B7F3
+9CE9         B7F4
+9CEA         B7F5
+9CEB         B7F6
+9CEC         B7F7
+9CED         B7F8
+9CEE         B7F9
+9CEF         B7FA
+9CF0         B7FB
+9CF1         B7FC
+9CF3         B7FD
+9CF4         B7FE
+9CF5         B7FF
+9CF6         B800
+9CF7         B801
+9CF8         B802
+9CF9         B803
+9CFA         B804
+9CFB         B805
+9CFC         B806
+9CFD         B807
+9D41         B808
+9D42         B809
+9D43         B80A
+9D44         B80B
+9D45         B80C
+9D46         B80D
+9D47         B80E
+9D48         B80F
+9D49         B810
+9D4A         B811
+9D4B         B812
+9D4C         B813
+9D4D         B814
+9D4E         B815
+9D4F         B816
+9D50         B817
+9D51         B818
+9D53         B819
+9D54         B81A
+9D55         B81B
+9D56         B81C
+9D57         B81D
+9D58         B81E
+9D59         B81F
+9D5A         B820
+9D5B         B821
+9D5C         B822
+9D5D         B823
+9D61         B824
+9D62         B825
+9D63         B826
+9D64         B827
+9D65         B828
+9D66         B829
+9D67         B82A
+9D68         B82B
+9D69         B82C
+9D6A         B82D
+9D6B         B82E
+9D6C         B82F
+9D6D         B830
+9D6E         B831
+9D6F         B832
+9D70         B833
+9D71         B834
+9D73         B835
+9D74         B836
+9D75         B837
+9D76         B838
+9D77         B839
+9D78         B83A
+9D79         B83B
+9D7A         B83C
+9D7B         B83D
+9D7C         B83E
+9D7D         B83F
+9D81         B840
+9D82         B841
+9D83         B842
+9D84         B843
+9D85         B844
+9D86         B845
+9D87         B846
+9D88         B847
+9D89         B848
+9D8A         B849
+9D8B         B84A
+9D8C         B84B
+9D8D         B84C
+9D8E         B84D
+9D8F         B84E
+9D90         B84F
+9D91         B850
+9D93         B851
+9D94         B852
+9D95         B853
+9D96         B854
+9D97         B855
+9D98         B856
+9D99         B857
+9D9A         B858
+9D9B         B859
+9D9C         B85A
+9D9D         B85B
+9DA1         B85C
+9DA2         B85D
+9DA3         B85E
+9DA4         B85F
+9DA5         B860
+9DA6         B861
+9DA7         B862
+9DA8         B863
+9DA9         B864
+9DAA         B865
+9DAB         B866
+9DAC         B867
+9DAD         B868
+9DAE         B869
+9DAF         B86A
+9DB0         B86B
+9DB1         B86C
+9DB3         B86D
+9DB4         B86E
+9DB5         B86F
+9DB6         B870
+9DB7         B871
+9DB8         B872
+9DB9         B873
+9DBA         B874
+9DBB         B875
+9DBC         B876
+9DBD         B877
+9DC1         B878
+9DC2         B879
+9DC3         B87A
+9DC4         B87B
+9DC5         B87C
+9DC6         B87D
+9DC7         B87E
+9DC8         B87F
+9DC9         B880
+9DCA         B881
+9DCB         B882
+9DCC         B883
+9DCD         B884
+9DCE         B885
+9DCF         B886
+9DD0         B887
+9DD1         B888
+9DD3         B889
+9DD4         B88A
+9DD5         B88B
+9DD6         B88C
+9DD7         B88D
+9DD8         B88E
+9DD9         B88F
+9DDA         B890
+9DDB         B891
+9DDC         B892
+9DDD         B893
+9DE1         B894
+9DE2         B895
+9DE3         B896
+9DE4         B897
+9DE5         B898
+9DE6         B899
+9DE7         B89A
+9DE8         B89B
+9DE9         B89C
+9DEA         B89D
+9DEB         B89E
+9DEC         B89F
+9DED         B8A0
+9DEE         B8A1
+9DEF         B8A2
+9DF0         B8A3
+9DF1         B8A4
+9DF3         B8A5
+9DF4         B8A6
+9DF5         B8A7
+9DF6         B8A8
+9DF7         B8A9
+9DF8         B8AA
+9DF9         B8AB
+9DFA         B8AC
+9DFB         B8AD
+9DFC         B8AE
+9DFD         B8AF
+9E41         B8B0
+9E42         B8B1
+9E43         B8B2
+9E44         B8B3
+9E45         B8B4
+9E46         B8B5
+9E47         B8B6
+9E48         B8B7
+9E49         B8B8
+9E4A         B8B9
+9E4B         B8BA
+9E4C         B8BB
+9E4D         B8BC
+9E4E         B8BD
+9E4F         B8BE
+9E50         B8BF
+9E51         B8C0
+9E53         B8C1
+9E54         B8C2
+9E55         B8C3
+9E56         B8C4
+9E57         B8C5
+9E58         B8C6
+9E59         B8C7
+9E5A         B8C8
+9E5B         B8C9
+9E5C         B8CA
+9E5D         B8CB
+9E61         B8CC
+9E62         B8CD
+9E63         B8CE
+9E64         B8CF
+9E65         B8D0
+9E66         B8D1
+9E67         B8D2
+9E68         B8D3
+9E69         B8D4
+9E6A         B8D5
+9E6B         B8D6
+9E6C         B8D7
+9E6D         B8D8
+9E6E         B8D9
+9E6F         B8DA
+9E70         B8DB
+9E71         B8DC
+9E73         B8DD
+9E74         B8DE
+9E75         B8DF
+9E76         B8E0
+9E77         B8E1
+9E78         B8E2
+9E79         B8E3
+9E7A         B8E4
+9E7B         B8E5
+9E7C         B8E6
+9E7D         B8E7
+9E81         B8E8
+9E82         B8E9
+9E83         B8EA
+9E84         B8EB
+9E85         B8EC
+9E86         B8ED
+9E87         B8EE
+9E88         B8EF
+9E89         B8F0
+9E8A         B8F1
+9E8B         B8F2
+9E8C         B8F3
+9E8D         B8F4
+9E8E         B8F5
+9E8F         B8F6
+9E90         B8F7
+9E91         B8F8
+9E93         B8F9
+9E94         B8FA
+9E95         B8FB
+9E96         B8FC
+9E97         B8FD
+9E98         B8FE
+9E99         B8FF
+9E9A         B900
+9E9B         B901
+9E9C         B902
+9E9D         B903
+9EA1         B904
+9EA2         B905
+9EA3         B906
+9EA4         B907
+9EA5         B908
+9EA6         B909
+9EA7         B90A
+9EA8         B90B
+9EA9         B90C
+9EAA         B90D
+9EAB         B90E
+9EAC         B90F
+9EAD         B910
+9EAE         B911
+9EAF         B912
+9EB0         B913
+9EB1         B914
+9EB3         B915
+9EB4         B916
+9EB5         B917
+9EB6         B918
+9EB7         B919
+9EB8         B91A
+9EB9         B91B
+9EBA         B91C
+9EBB         B91D
+9EBC         B91E
+9EBD         B91F
+9EC1         B920
+9EC2         B921
+9EC3         B922
+9EC4         B923
+9EC5         B924
+9EC6         B925
+9EC7         B926
+9EC8         B927
+9EC9         B928
+9ECA         B929
+9ECB         B92A
+9ECC         B92B
+9ECD         B92C
+9ECE         B92D
+9ECF         B92E
+9ED0         B92F
+9ED1         B930
+9ED3         B931
+9ED4         B932
+9ED5         B933
+9ED6         B934
+9ED7         B935
+9ED8         B936
+9ED9         B937
+9EDA         B938
+9EDB         B939
+9EDC         B93A
+9EDD         B93B
+9EE1         B93C
+9EE2         B93D
+9EE3         B93E
+9EE4         B93F
+9EE5         B940
+9EE6         B941
+9EE7         B942
+9EE8         B943
+9EE9         B944
+9EEA         B945
+9EEB         B946
+9EEC         B947
+9EED         B948
+9EEE         B949
+9EEF         B94A
+9EF0         B94B
+9EF1         B94C
+9EF3         B94D
+9EF4         B94E
+9EF5         B94F
+9EF6         B950
+9EF7         B951
+9EF8         B952
+9EF9         B953
+9EFA         B954
+9EFB         B955
+9EFC         B956
+9EFD         B957
+9F41         B958
+9F42         B959
+9F43         B95A
+9F44         B95B
+9F45         B95C
+9F46         B95D
+9F47         B95E
+9F48         B95F
+9F49         B960
+9F4A         B961
+9F4B         B962
+9F4C         B963
+9F4D         B964
+9F4E         B965
+9F4F         B966
+9F50         B967
+9F51         B968
+9F53         B969
+9F54         B96A
+9F55         B96B
+9F56         B96C
+9F57         B96D
+9F58         B96E
+9F59         B96F
+9F5A         B970
+9F5B         B971
+9F5C         B972
+9F5D         B973
+9F61         B974
+9F62         B975
+9F63         B976
+9F64         B977
+9F65         B978
+9F66         B979
+9F67         B97A
+9F68         B97B
+9F69         B97C
+9F6A         B97D
+9F6B         B97E
+9F6C         B97F
+9F6D         B980
+9F6E         B981
+9F6F         B982
+9F70         B983
+9F71         B984
+9F73         B985
+9F74         B986
+9F75         B987
+9F76         B988
+9F77         B989
+9F78         B98A
+9F79         B98B
+9F7A         B98C
+9F7B         B98D
+9F7C         B98E
+9F7D         B98F
+9F81         B990
+9F82         B991
+9F83         B992
+9F84         B993
+9F85         B994
+9F86         B995
+9F87         B996
+9F88         B997
+9F89         B998
+9F8A         B999
+9F8B         B99A
+9F8C         B99B
+9F8D         B99C
+9F8E         B99D
+9F8F         B99E
+9F90         B99F
+9F91         B9A0
+9F93         B9A1
+9F94         B9A2
+9F95         B9A3
+9F96         B9A4
+9F97         B9A5
+9F98         B9A6
+9F99         B9A7
+9F9A         B9A8
+9F9B         B9A9
+9F9C         B9AA
+9F9D         B9AB
+9FA1         B9AC
+9FA2         B9AD
+9FA3         B9AE
+9FA4         B9AF
+9FA5         B9B0
+9FA6         B9B1
+9FA7         B9B2
+9FA8         B9B3
+9FA9         B9B4
+9FAA         B9B5
+9FAB         B9B6
+9FAC         B9B7
+9FAD         B9B8
+9FAE         B9B9
+9FAF         B9BA
+9FB0         B9BB
+9FB1         B9BC
+9FB3         B9BD
+9FB4         B9BE
+9FB5         B9BF
+9FB6         B9C0
+9FB7         B9C1
+9FB8         B9C2
+9FB9         B9C3
+9FBA         B9C4
+9FBB         B9C5
+9FBC         B9C6
+9FBD         B9C7
+A041         3141
+A061         B9C8
+A062         B9C9
+A063         B9CA
+A064         B9CB
+A065         B9CC
+A066         B9CD
+A067         B9CE
+A068         B9CF
+A069         B9D0
+A06A         B9D1
+A06B         B9D2
+A06C         B9D3
+A06D         B9D4
+A06E         B9D5
+A06F         B9D6
+A070         B9D7
+A071         B9D8
+A073         B9D9
+A074         B9DA
+A075         B9DB
+A076         B9DC
+A077         B9DD
+A078         B9DE
+A079         B9DF
+A07A         B9E0
+A07B         B9E1
+A07C         B9E2
+A07D         B9E3
+A081         B9E4
+A082         B9E5
+A083         B9E6
+A084         B9E7
+A085         B9E8
+A086         B9E9
+A087         B9EA
+A088         B9EB
+A089         B9EC
+A08A         B9ED
+A08B         B9EE
+A08C         B9EF
+A08D         B9F0
+A08E         B9F1
+A08F         B9F2
+A090         B9F3
+A091         B9F4
+A093         B9F5
+A094         B9F6
+A095         B9F7
+A096         B9F8
+A097         B9F9
+A098         B9FA
+A099         B9FB
+A09A         B9FC
+A09B         B9FD
+A09C         B9FE
+A09D         B9FF
+A0A1         BA00
+A0A2         BA01
+A0A3         BA02
+A0A4         BA03
+A0A5         BA04
+A0A6         BA05
+A0A7         BA06
+A0A8         BA07
+A0A9         BA08
+A0AA         BA09
+A0AB         BA0A
+A0AC         BA0B
+A0AD         BA0C
+A0AE         BA0D
+A0AF         BA0E
+A0B0         BA0F
+A0B1         BA10
+A0B3         BA11
+A0B4         BA12
+A0B5         BA13
+A0B6         BA14
+A0B7         BA15
+A0B8         BA16
+A0B9         BA17
+A0BA         BA18
+A0BB         BA19
+A0BC         BA1A
+A0BD         BA1B
+A0C1         BA1C
+A0C2         BA1D
+A0C3         BA1E
+A0C4         BA1F
+A0C5         BA20
+A0C6         BA21
+A0C7         BA22
+A0C8         BA23
+A0C9         BA24
+A0CA         BA25
+A0CB         BA26
+A0CC         BA27
+A0CD         BA28
+A0CE         BA29
+A0CF         BA2A
+A0D0         BA2B
+A0D1         BA2C
+A0D3         BA2D
+A0D4         BA2E
+A0D5         BA2F
+A0D6         BA30
+A0D7         BA31
+A0D8         BA32
+A0D9         BA33
+A0DA         BA34
+A0DB         BA35
+A0DC         BA36
+A0DD         BA37
+A0E1         BA38
+A0E2         BA39
+A0E3         BA3A
+A0E4         BA3B
+A0E5         BA3C
+A0E6         BA3D
+A0E7         BA3E
+A0E8         BA3F
+A0E9         BA40
+A0EA         BA41
+A0EB         BA42
+A0EC         BA43
+A0ED         BA44
+A0EE         BA45
+A0EF         BA46
+A0F0         BA47
+A0F1         BA48
+A0F3         BA49
+A0F4         BA4A
+A0F5         BA4B
+A0F6         BA4C
+A0F7         BA4D
+A0F8         BA4E
+A0F9         BA4F
+A0FA         BA50
+A0FB         BA51
+A0FC         BA52
+A0FD         BA53
+A141         BA54
+A142         BA55
+A143         BA56
+A144         BA57
+A145         BA58
+A146         BA59
+A147         BA5A
+A148         BA5B
+A149         BA5C
+A14A         BA5D
+A14B         BA5E
+A14C         BA5F
+A14D         BA60
+A14E         BA61
+A14F         BA62
+A150         BA63
+A151         BA64
+A153         BA65
+A154         BA66
+A155         BA67
+A156         BA68
+A157         BA69
+A158         BA6A
+A159         BA6B
+A15A         BA6C
+A15B         BA6D
+A15C         BA6E
+A15D         BA6F
+A161         BA70
+A162         BA71
+A163         BA72
+A164         BA73
+A165         BA74
+A166         BA75
+A167         BA76
+A168         BA77
+A169         BA78
+A16A         BA79
+A16B         BA7A
+A16C         BA7B
+A16D         BA7C
+A16E         BA7D
+A16F         BA7E
+A170         BA7F
+A171         BA80
+A173         BA81
+A174         BA82
+A175         BA83
+A176         BA84
+A177         BA85
+A178         BA86
+A179         BA87
+A17A         BA88
+A17B         BA89
+A17C         BA8A
+A17D         BA8B
+A181         BA8C
+A182         BA8D
+A183         BA8E
+A184         BA8F
+A185         BA90
+A186         BA91
+A187         BA92
+A188         BA93
+A189         BA94
+A18A         BA95
+A18B         BA96
+A18C         BA97
+A18D         BA98
+A18E         BA99
+A18F         BA9A
+A190         BA9B
+A191         BA9C
+A193         BA9D
+A194         BA9E
+A195         BA9F
+A196         BAA0
+A197         BAA1
+A198         BAA2
+A199         BAA3
+A19A         BAA4
+A19B         BAA5
+A19C         BAA6
+A19D         BAA7
+A1A1         BAA8
+A1A2         BAA9
+A1A3         BAAA
+A1A4         BAAB
+A1A5         BAAC
+A1A6         BAAD
+A1A7         BAAE
+A1A8         BAAF
+A1A9         BAB0
+A1AA         BAB1
+A1AB         BAB2
+A1AC         BAB3
+A1AD         BAB4
+A1AE         BAB5
+A1AF         BAB6
+A1B0         BAB7
+A1B1         BAB8
+A1B3         BAB9
+A1B4         BABA
+A1B5         BABB
+A1B6         BABC
+A1B7         BABD
+A1B8         BABE
+A1B9         BABF
+A1BA         BAC0
+A1BB         BAC1
+A1BC         BAC2
+A1BD         BAC3
+A1C1         BAC4
+A1C2         BAC5
+A1C3         BAC6
+A1C4         BAC7
+A1C5         BAC8
+A1C6         BAC9
+A1C7         BACA
+A1C8         BACB
+A1C9         BACC
+A1CA         BACD
+A1CB         BACE
+A1CC         BACF
+A1CD         BAD0
+A1CE         BAD1
+A1CF         BAD2
+A1D0         BAD3
+A1D1         BAD4
+A1D3         BAD5
+A1D4         BAD6
+A1D5         BAD7
+A1D6         BAD8
+A1D7         BAD9
+A1D8         BADA
+A1D9         BADB
+A1DA         BADC
+A1DB         BADD
+A1DC         BADE
+A1DD         BADF
+A1E1         BAE0
+A1E2         BAE1
+A1E3         BAE2
+A1E4         BAE3
+A1E5         BAE4
+A1E6         BAE5
+A1E7         BAE6
+A1E8         BAE7
+A1E9         BAE8
+A1EA         BAE9
+A1EB         BAEA
+A1EC         BAEB
+A1ED         BAEC
+A1EE         BAED
+A1EF         BAEE
+A1F0         BAEF
+A1F1         BAF0
+A1F3         BAF1
+A1F4         BAF2
+A1F5         BAF3
+A1F6         BAF4
+A1F7         BAF5
+A1F8         BAF6
+A1F9         BAF7
+A1FA         BAF8
+A1FB         BAF9
+A1FC         BAFA
+A1FD         BAFB
+A241         BAFC
+A242         BAFD
+A243         BAFE
+A244         BAFF
+A245         BB00
+A246         BB01
+A247         BB02
+A248         BB03
+A249         BB04
+A24A         BB05
+A24B         BB06
+A24C         BB07
+A24D         BB08
+A24E         BB09
+A24F         BB0A
+A250         BB0B
+A251         BB0C
+A253         BB0D
+A254         BB0E
+A255         BB0F
+A256         BB10
+A257         BB11
+A258         BB12
+A259         BB13
+A25A         BB14
+A25B         BB15
+A25C         BB16
+A25D         BB17
+A261         BB18
+A262         BB19
+A263         BB1A
+A264         BB1B
+A265         BB1C
+A266         BB1D
+A267         BB1E
+A268         BB1F
+A269         BB20
+A26A         BB21
+A26B         BB22
+A26C         BB23
+A26D         BB24
+A26E         BB25
+A26F         BB26
+A270         BB27
+A271         BB28
+A273         BB29
+A274         BB2A
+A275         BB2B
+A276         BB2C
+A277         BB2D
+A278         BB2E
+A279         BB2F
+A27A         BB30
+A27B         BB31
+A27C         BB32
+A27D         BB33
+A281         BB34
+A282         BB35
+A283         BB36
+A284         BB37
+A285         BB38
+A286         BB39
+A287         BB3A
+A288         BB3B
+A289         BB3C
+A28A         BB3D
+A28B         BB3E
+A28C         BB3F
+A28D         BB40
+A28E         BB41
+A28F         BB42
+A290         BB43
+A291         BB44
+A293         BB45
+A294         BB46
+A295         BB47
+A296         BB48
+A297         BB49
+A298         BB4A
+A299         BB4B
+A29A         BB4C
+A29B         BB4D
+A29C         BB4E
+A29D         BB4F
+A2A1         BB50
+A2A2         BB51
+A2A3         BB52
+A2A4         BB53
+A2A5         BB54
+A2A6         BB55
+A2A7         BB56
+A2A8         BB57
+A2A9         BB58
+A2AA         BB59
+A2AB         BB5A
+A2AC         BB5B
+A2AD         BB5C
+A2AE         BB5D
+A2AF         BB5E
+A2B0         BB5F
+A2B1         BB60
+A2B3         BB61
+A2B4         BB62
+A2B5         BB63
+A2B6         BB64
+A2B7         BB65
+A2B8         BB66
+A2B9         BB67
+A2BA         BB68
+A2BB         BB69
+A2BC         BB6A
+A2BD         BB6B
+A2C1         BB6C
+A2C2         BB6D
+A2C3         BB6E
+A2C4         BB6F
+A2C5         BB70
+A2C6         BB71
+A2C7         BB72
+A2C8         BB73
+A2C9         BB74
+A2CA         BB75
+A2CB         BB76
+A2CC         BB77
+A2CD         BB78
+A2CE         BB79
+A2CF         BB7A
+A2D0         BB7B
+A2D1         BB7C
+A2D3         BB7D
+A2D4         BB7E
+A2D5         BB7F
+A2D6         BB80
+A2D7         BB81
+A2D8         BB82
+A2D9         BB83
+A2DA         BB84
+A2DB         BB85
+A2DC         BB86
+A2DD         BB87
+A2E1         BB88
+A2E2         BB89
+A2E3         BB8A
+A2E4         BB8B
+A2E5         BB8C
+A2E6         BB8D
+A2E7         BB8E
+A2E8         BB8F
+A2E9         BB90
+A2EA         BB91
+A2EB         BB92
+A2EC         BB93
+A2ED         BB94
+A2EE         BB95
+A2EF         BB96
+A2F0         BB97
+A2F1         BB98
+A2F3         BB99
+A2F4         BB9A
+A2F5         BB9B
+A2F6         BB9C
+A2F7         BB9D
+A2F8         BB9E
+A2F9         BB9F
+A2FA         BBA0
+A2FB         BBA1
+A2FC         BBA2
+A2FD         BBA3
+A341         BBA4
+A342         BBA5
+A343         BBA6
+A344         BBA7
+A345         BBA8
+A346         BBA9
+A347         BBAA
+A348         BBAB
+A349         BBAC
+A34A         BBAD
+A34B         BBAE
+A34C         BBAF
+A34D         BBB0
+A34E         BBB1
+A34F         BBB2
+A350         BBB3
+A351         BBB4
+A353         BBB5
+A354         BBB6
+A355         BBB7
+A356         BBB8
+A357         BBB9
+A358         BBBA
+A359         BBBB
+A35A         BBBC
+A35B         BBBD
+A35C         BBBE
+A35D         BBBF
+A361         BBC0
+A362         BBC1
+A363         BBC2
+A364         BBC3
+A365         BBC4
+A366         BBC5
+A367         BBC6
+A368         BBC7
+A369         BBC8
+A36A         BBC9
+A36B         BBCA
+A36C         BBCB
+A36D         BBCC
+A36E         BBCD
+A36F         BBCE
+A370         BBCF
+A371         BBD0
+A373         BBD1
+A374         BBD2
+A375         BBD3
+A376         BBD4
+A377         BBD5
+A378         BBD6
+A379         BBD7
+A37A         BBD8
+A37B         BBD9
+A37C         BBDA
+A37D         BBDB
+A381         BBDC
+A382         BBDD
+A383         BBDE
+A384         BBDF
+A385         BBE0
+A386         BBE1
+A387         BBE2
+A388         BBE3
+A389         BBE4
+A38A         BBE5
+A38B         BBE6
+A38C         BBE7
+A38D         BBE8
+A38E         BBE9
+A38F         BBEA
+A390         BBEB
+A391         BBEC
+A393         BBED
+A394         BBEE
+A395         BBEF
+A396         BBF0
+A397         BBF1
+A398         BBF2
+A399         BBF3
+A39A         BBF4
+A39B         BBF5
+A39C         BBF6
+A39D         BBF7
+A3A1         BBF8
+A3A2         BBF9
+A3A3         BBFA
+A3A4         BBFB
+A3A5         BBFC
+A3A6         BBFD
+A3A7         BBFE
+A3A8         BBFF
+A3A9         BC00
+A3AA         BC01
+A3AB         BC02
+A3AC         BC03
+A3AD         BC04
+A3AE         BC05
+A3AF         BC06
+A3B0         BC07
+A3B1         BC08
+A3B3         BC09
+A3B4         BC0A
+A3B5         BC0B
+A3B6         BC0C
+A3B7         BC0D
+A3B8         BC0E
+A3B9         BC0F
+A3BA         BC10
+A3BB         BC11
+A3BC         BC12
+A3BD         BC13
+A441         3142
+A461         BC14
+A462         BC15
+A463         BC16
+A464         BC17
+A465         BC18
+A466         BC19
+A467         BC1A
+A468         BC1B
+A469         BC1C
+A46A         BC1D
+A46B         BC1E
+A46C         BC1F
+A46D         BC20
+A46E         BC21
+A46F         BC22
+A470         BC23
+A471         BC24
+A473         BC25
+A474         BC26
+A475         BC27
+A476         BC28
+A477         BC29
+A478         BC2A
+A479         BC2B
+A47A         BC2C
+A47B         BC2D
+A47C         BC2E
+A47D         BC2F
+A481         BC30
+A482         BC31
+A483         BC32
+A484         BC33
+A485         BC34
+A486         BC35
+A487         BC36
+A488         BC37
+A489         BC38
+A48A         BC39
+A48B         BC3A
+A48C         BC3B
+A48D         BC3C
+A48E         BC3D
+A48F         BC3E
+A490         BC3F
+A491         BC40
+A493         BC41
+A494         BC42
+A495         BC43
+A496         BC44
+A497         BC45
+A498         BC46
+A499         BC47
+A49A         BC48
+A49B         BC49
+A49C         BC4A
+A49D         BC4B
+A4A1         BC4C
+A4A2         BC4D
+A4A3         BC4E
+A4A4         BC4F
+A4A5         BC50
+A4A6         BC51
+A4A7         BC52
+A4A8         BC53
+A4A9         BC54
+A4AA         BC55
+A4AB         BC56
+A4AC         BC57
+A4AD         BC58
+A4AE         BC59
+A4AF         BC5A
+A4B0         BC5B
+A4B1         BC5C
+A4B3         BC5D
+A4B4         BC5E
+A4B5         BC5F
+A4B6         BC60
+A4B7         BC61
+A4B8         BC62
+A4B9         BC63
+A4BA         BC64
+A4BB         BC65
+A4BC         BC66
+A4BD         BC67
+A4C1         BC68
+A4C2         BC69
+A4C3         BC6A
+A4C4         BC6B
+A4C5         BC6C
+A4C6         BC6D
+A4C7         BC6E
+A4C8         BC6F
+A4C9         BC70
+A4CA         BC71
+A4CB         BC72
+A4CC         BC73
+A4CD         BC74
+A4CE         BC75
+A4CF         BC76
+A4D0         BC77
+A4D1         BC78
+A4D3         BC79
+A4D4         BC7A
+A4D5         BC7B
+A4D6         BC7C
+A4D7         BC7D
+A4D8         BC7E
+A4D9         BC7F
+A4DA         BC80
+A4DB         BC81
+A4DC         BC82
+A4DD         BC83
+A4E1         BC84
+A4E2         BC85
+A4E3         BC86
+A4E4         BC87
+A4E5         BC88
+A4E6         BC89
+A4E7         BC8A
+A4E8         BC8B
+A4E9         BC8C
+A4EA         BC8D
+A4EB         BC8E
+A4EC         BC8F
+A4ED         BC90
+A4EE         BC91
+A4EF         BC92
+A4F0         BC93
+A4F1         BC94
+A4F3         BC95
+A4F4         BC96
+A4F5         BC97
+A4F6         BC98
+A4F7         BC99
+A4F8         BC9A
+A4F9         BC9B
+A4FA         BC9C
+A4FB         BC9D
+A4FC         BC9E
+A4FD         BC9F
+A541         BCA0
+A542         BCA1
+A543         BCA2
+A544         BCA3
+A545         BCA4
+A546         BCA5
+A547         BCA6
+A548         BCA7
+A549         BCA8
+A54A         BCA9
+A54B         BCAA
+A54C         BCAB
+A54D         BCAC
+A54E         BCAD
+A54F         BCAE
+A550         BCAF
+A551         BCB0
+A553         BCB1
+A554         BCB2
+A555         BCB3
+A556         BCB4
+A557         BCB5
+A558         BCB6
+A559         BCB7
+A55A         BCB8
+A55B         BCB9
+A55C         BCBA
+A55D         BCBB
+A561         BCBC
+A562         BCBD
+A563         BCBE
+A564         BCBF
+A565         BCC0
+A566         BCC1
+A567         BCC2
+A568         BCC3
+A569         BCC4
+A56A         BCC5
+A56B         BCC6
+A56C         BCC7
+A56D         BCC8
+A56E         BCC9
+A56F         BCCA
+A570         BCCB
+A571         BCCC
+A573         BCCD
+A574         BCCE
+A575         BCCF
+A576         BCD0
+A577         BCD1
+A578         BCD2
+A579         BCD3
+A57A         BCD4
+A57B         BCD5
+A57C         BCD6
+A57D         BCD7
+A581         BCD8
+A582         BCD9
+A583         BCDA
+A584         BCDB
+A585         BCDC
+A586         BCDD
+A587         BCDE
+A588         BCDF
+A589         BCE0
+A58A         BCE1
+A58B         BCE2
+A58C         BCE3
+A58D         BCE4
+A58E         BCE5
+A58F         BCE6
+A590         BCE7
+A591         BCE8
+A593         BCE9
+A594         BCEA
+A595         BCEB
+A596         BCEC
+A597         BCED
+A598         BCEE
+A599         BCEF
+A59A         BCF0
+A59B         BCF1
+A59C         BCF2
+A59D         BCF3
+A5A1         BCF4
+A5A2         BCF5
+A5A3         BCF6
+A5A4         BCF7
+A5A5         BCF8
+A5A6         BCF9
+A5A7         BCFA
+A5A8         BCFB
+A5A9         BCFC
+A5AA         BCFD
+A5AB         BCFE
+A5AC         BCFF
+A5AD         BD00
+A5AE         BD01
+A5AF         BD02
+A5B0         BD03
+A5B1         BD04
+A5B3         BD05
+A5B4         BD06
+A5B5         BD07
+A5B6         BD08
+A5B7         BD09
+A5B8         BD0A
+A5B9         BD0B
+A5BA         BD0C
+A5BB         BD0D
+A5BC         BD0E
+A5BD         BD0F
+A5C1         BD10
+A5C2         BD11
+A5C3         BD12
+A5C4         BD13
+A5C5         BD14
+A5C6         BD15
+A5C7         BD16
+A5C8         BD17
+A5C9         BD18
+A5CA         BD19
+A5CB         BD1A
+A5CC         BD1B
+A5CD         BD1C
+A5CE         BD1D
+A5CF         BD1E
+A5D0         BD1F
+A5D1         BD20
+A5D3         BD21
+A5D4         BD22
+A5D5         BD23
+A5D6         BD24
+A5D7         BD25
+A5D8         BD26
+A5D9         BD27
+A5DA         BD28
+A5DB         BD29
+A5DC         BD2A
+A5DD         BD2B
+A5E1         BD2C
+A5E2         BD2D
+A5E3         BD2E
+A5E4         BD2F
+A5E5         BD30
+A5E6         BD31
+A5E7         BD32
+A5E8         BD33
+A5E9         BD34
+A5EA         BD35
+A5EB         BD36
+A5EC         BD37
+A5ED         BD38
+A5EE         BD39
+A5EF         BD3A
+A5F0         BD3B
+A5F1         BD3C
+A5F3         BD3D
+A5F4         BD3E
+A5F5         BD3F
+A5F6         BD40
+A5F7         BD41
+A5F8         BD42
+A5F9         BD43
+A5FA         BD44
+A5FB         BD45
+A5FC         BD46
+A5FD         BD47
+A641         BD48
+A642         BD49
+A643         BD4A
+A644         BD4B
+A645         BD4C
+A646         BD4D
+A647         BD4E
+A648         BD4F
+A649         BD50
+A64A         BD51
+A64B         BD52
+A64C         BD53
+A64D         BD54
+A64E         BD55
+A64F         BD56
+A650         BD57
+A651         BD58
+A653         BD59
+A654         BD5A
+A655         BD5B
+A656         BD5C
+A657         BD5D
+A658         BD5E
+A659         BD5F
+A65A         BD60
+A65B         BD61
+A65C         BD62
+A65D         BD63
+A661         BD64
+A662         BD65
+A663         BD66
+A664         BD67
+A665         BD68
+A666         BD69
+A667         BD6A
+A668         BD6B
+A669         BD6C
+A66A         BD6D
+A66B         BD6E
+A66C         BD6F
+A66D         BD70
+A66E         BD71
+A66F         BD72
+A670         BD73
+A671         BD74
+A673         BD75
+A674         BD76
+A675         BD77
+A676         BD78
+A677         BD79
+A678         BD7A
+A679         BD7B
+A67A         BD7C
+A67B         BD7D
+A67C         BD7E
+A67D         BD7F
+A681         BD80
+A682         BD81
+A683         BD82
+A684         BD83
+A685         BD84
+A686         BD85
+A687         BD86
+A688         BD87
+A689         BD88
+A68A         BD89
+A68B         BD8A
+A68C         BD8B
+A68D         BD8C
+A68E         BD8D
+A68F         BD8E
+A690         BD8F
+A691         BD90
+A693         BD91
+A694         BD92
+A695         BD93
+A696         BD94
+A697         BD95
+A698         BD96
+A699         BD97
+A69A         BD98
+A69B         BD99
+A69C         BD9A
+A69D         BD9B
+A6A1         BD9C
+A6A2         BD9D
+A6A3         BD9E
+A6A4         BD9F
+A6A5         BDA0
+A6A6         BDA1
+A6A7         BDA2
+A6A8         BDA3
+A6A9         BDA4
+A6AA         BDA5
+A6AB         BDA6
+A6AC         BDA7
+A6AD         BDA8
+A6AE         BDA9
+A6AF         BDAA
+A6B0         BDAB
+A6B1         BDAC
+A6B3         BDAD
+A6B4         BDAE
+A6B5         BDAF
+A6B6         BDB0
+A6B7         BDB1
+A6B8         BDB2
+A6B9         BDB3
+A6BA         BDB4
+A6BB         BDB5
+A6BC         BDB6
+A6BD         BDB7
+A6C1         BDB8
+A6C2         BDB9
+A6C3         BDBA
+A6C4         BDBB
+A6C5         BDBC
+A6C6         BDBD
+A6C7         BDBE
+A6C8         BDBF
+A6C9         BDC0
+A6CA         BDC1
+A6CB         BDC2
+A6CC         BDC3
+A6CD         BDC4
+A6CE         BDC5
+A6CF         BDC6
+A6D0         BDC7
+A6D1         BDC8
+A6D3         BDC9
+A6D4         BDCA
+A6D5         BDCB
+A6D6         BDCC
+A6D7         BDCD
+A6D8         BDCE
+A6D9         BDCF
+A6DA         BDD0
+A6DB         BDD1
+A6DC         BDD2
+A6DD         BDD3
+A6E1         BDD4
+A6E2         BDD5
+A6E3         BDD6
+A6E4         BDD7
+A6E5         BDD8
+A6E6         BDD9
+A6E7         BDDA
+A6E8         BDDB
+A6E9         BDDC
+A6EA         BDDD
+A6EB         BDDE
+A6EC         BDDF
+A6ED         BDE0
+A6EE         BDE1
+A6EF         BDE2
+A6F0         BDE3
+A6F1         BDE4
+A6F3         BDE5
+A6F4         BDE6
+A6F5         BDE7
+A6F6         BDE8
+A6F7         BDE9
+A6F8         BDEA
+A6F9         BDEB
+A6FA         BDEC
+A6FB         BDED
+A6FC         BDEE
+A6FD         BDEF
+A741         BDF0
+A742         BDF1
+A743         BDF2
+A744         BDF3
+A745         BDF4
+A746         BDF5
+A747         BDF6
+A748         BDF7
+A749         BDF8
+A74A         BDF9
+A74B         BDFA
+A74C         BDFB
+A74D         BDFC
+A74E         BDFD
+A74F         BDFE
+A750         BDFF
+A751         BE00
+A753         BE01
+A754         BE02
+A755         BE03
+A756         BE04
+A757         BE05
+A758         BE06
+A759         BE07
+A75A         BE08
+A75B         BE09
+A75C         BE0A
+A75D         BE0B
+A761         BE0C
+A762         BE0D
+A763         BE0E
+A764         BE0F
+A765         BE10
+A766         BE11
+A767         BE12
+A768         BE13
+A769         BE14
+A76A         BE15
+A76B         BE16
+A76C         BE17
+A76D         BE18
+A76E         BE19
+A76F         BE1A
+A770         BE1B
+A771         BE1C
+A773         BE1D
+A774         BE1E
+A775         BE1F
+A776         BE20
+A777         BE21
+A778         BE22
+A779         BE23
+A77A         BE24
+A77B         BE25
+A77C         BE26
+A77D         BE27
+A781         BE28
+A782         BE29
+A783         BE2A
+A784         BE2B
+A785         BE2C
+A786         BE2D
+A787         BE2E
+A788         BE2F
+A789         BE30
+A78A         BE31
+A78B         BE32
+A78C         BE33
+A78D         BE34
+A78E         BE35
+A78F         BE36
+A790         BE37
+A791         BE38
+A793         BE39
+A794         BE3A
+A795         BE3B
+A796         BE3C
+A797         BE3D
+A798         BE3E
+A799         BE3F
+A79A         BE40
+A79B         BE41
+A79C         BE42
+A79D         BE43
+A7A1         BE44
+A7A2         BE45
+A7A3         BE46
+A7A4         BE47
+A7A5         BE48
+A7A6         BE49
+A7A7         BE4A
+A7A8         BE4B
+A7A9         BE4C
+A7AA         BE4D
+A7AB         BE4E
+A7AC         BE4F
+A7AD         BE50
+A7AE         BE51
+A7AF         BE52
+A7B0         BE53
+A7B1         BE54
+A7B3         BE55
+A7B4         BE56
+A7B5         BE57
+A7B6         BE58
+A7B7         BE59
+A7B8         BE5A
+A7B9         BE5B
+A7BA         BE5C
+A7BB         BE5D
+A7BC         BE5E
+A7BD         BE5F
+A841         3143
+A861         BE60
+A862         BE61
+A863         BE62
+A864         BE63
+A865         BE64
+A866         BE65
+A867         BE66
+A868         BE67
+A869         BE68
+A86A         BE69
+A86B         BE6A
+A86C         BE6B
+A86D         BE6C
+A86E         BE6D
+A86F         BE6E
+A870         BE6F
+A871         BE70
+A873         BE71
+A874         BE72
+A875         BE73
+A876         BE74
+A877         BE75
+A878         BE76
+A879         BE77
+A87A         BE78
+A87B         BE79
+A87C         BE7A
+A87D         BE7B
+A881         BE7C
+A882         BE7D
+A883         BE7E
+A884         BE7F
+A885         BE80
+A886         BE81
+A887         BE82
+A888         BE83
+A889         BE84
+A88A         BE85
+A88B         BE86
+A88C         BE87
+A88D         BE88
+A88E         BE89
+A88F         BE8A
+A890         BE8B
+A891         BE8C
+A893         BE8D
+A894         BE8E
+A895         BE8F
+A896         BE90
+A897         BE91
+A898         BE92
+A899         BE93
+A89A         BE94
+A89B         BE95
+A89C         BE96
+A89D         BE97
+A8A1         BE98
+A8A2         BE99
+A8A3         BE9A
+A8A4         BE9B
+A8A5         BE9C
+A8A6         BE9D
+A8A7         BE9E
+A8A8         BE9F
+A8A9         BEA0
+A8AA         BEA1
+A8AB         BEA2
+A8AC         BEA3
+A8AD         BEA4
+A8AE         BEA5
+A8AF         BEA6
+A8B0         BEA7
+A8B1         BEA8
+A8B3         BEA9
+A8B4         BEAA
+A8B5         BEAB
+A8B6         BEAC
+A8B7         BEAD
+A8B8         BEAE
+A8B9         BEAF
+A8BA         BEB0
+A8BB         BEB1
+A8BC         BEB2
+A8BD         BEB3
+A8C1         BEB4
+A8C2         BEB5
+A8C3         BEB6
+A8C4         BEB7
+A8C5         BEB8
+A8C6         BEB9
+A8C7         BEBA
+A8C8         BEBB
+A8C9         BEBC
+A8CA         BEBD
+A8CB         BEBE
+A8CC         BEBF
+A8CD         BEC0
+A8CE         BEC1
+A8CF         BEC2
+A8D0         BEC3
+A8D1         BEC4
+A8D3         BEC5
+A8D4         BEC6
+A8D5         BEC7
+A8D6         BEC8
+A8D7         BEC9
+A8D8         BECA
+A8D9         BECB
+A8DA         BECC
+A8DB         BECD
+A8DC         BECE
+A8DD         BECF
+A8E1         BED0
+A8E2         BED1
+A8E3         BED2
+A8E4         BED3
+A8E5         BED4
+A8E6         BED5
+A8E7         BED6
+A8E8         BED7
+A8E9         BED8
+A8EA         BED9
+A8EB         BEDA
+A8EC         BEDB
+A8ED         BEDC
+A8EE         BEDD
+A8EF         BEDE
+A8F0         BEDF
+A8F1         BEE0
+A8F3         BEE1
+A8F4         BEE2
+A8F5         BEE3
+A8F6         BEE4
+A8F7         BEE5
+A8F8         BEE6
+A8F9         BEE7
+A8FA         BEE8
+A8FB         BEE9
+A8FC         BEEA
+A8FD         BEEB
+A941         BEEC
+A942         BEED
+A943         BEEE
+A944         BEEF
+A945         BEF0
+A946         BEF1
+A947         BEF2
+A948         BEF3
+A949         BEF4
+A94A         BEF5
+A94B         BEF6
+A94C         BEF7
+A94D         BEF8
+A94E         BEF9
+A94F         BEFA
+A950         BEFB
+A951         BEFC
+A953         BEFD
+A954         BEFE
+A955         BEFF
+A956         BF00
+A957         BF01
+A958         BF02
+A959         BF03
+A95A         BF04
+A95B         BF05
+A95C         BF06
+A95D         BF07
+A961         BF08
+A962         BF09
+A963         BF0A
+A964         BF0B
+A965         BF0C
+A966         BF0D
+A967         BF0E
+A968         BF0F
+A969         BF10
+A96A         BF11
+A96B         BF12
+A96C         BF13
+A96D         BF14
+A96E         BF15
+A96F         BF16
+A970         BF17
+A971         BF18
+A973         BF19
+A974         BF1A
+A975         BF1B
+A976         BF1C
+A977         BF1D
+A978         BF1E
+A979         BF1F
+A97A         BF20
+A97B         BF21
+A97C         BF22
+A97D         BF23
+A981         BF24
+A982         BF25
+A983         BF26
+A984         BF27
+A985         BF28
+A986         BF29
+A987         BF2A
+A988         BF2B
+A989         BF2C
+A98A         BF2D
+A98B         BF2E
+A98C         BF2F
+A98D         BF30
+A98E         BF31
+A98F         BF32
+A990         BF33
+A991         BF34
+A993         BF35
+A994         BF36
+A995         BF37
+A996         BF38
+A997         BF39
+A998         BF3A
+A999         BF3B
+A99A         BF3C
+A99B         BF3D
+A99C         BF3E
+A99D         BF3F
+A9A1         BF40
+A9A2         BF41
+A9A3         BF42
+A9A4         BF43
+A9A5         BF44
+A9A6         BF45
+A9A7         BF46
+A9A8         BF47
+A9A9         BF48
+A9AA         BF49
+A9AB         BF4A
+A9AC         BF4B
+A9AD         BF4C
+A9AE         BF4D
+A9AF         BF4E
+A9B0         BF4F
+A9B1         BF50
+A9B3         BF51
+A9B4         BF52
+A9B5         BF53
+A9B6         BF54
+A9B7         BF55
+A9B8         BF56
+A9B9         BF57
+A9BA         BF58
+A9BB         BF59
+A9BC         BF5A
+A9BD         BF5B
+A9C1         BF5C
+A9C2         BF5D
+A9C3         BF5E
+A9C4         BF5F
+A9C5         BF60
+A9C6         BF61
+A9C7         BF62
+A9C8         BF63
+A9C9         BF64
+A9CA         BF65
+A9CB         BF66
+A9CC         BF67
+A9CD         BF68
+A9CE         BF69
+A9CF         BF6A
+A9D0         BF6B
+A9D1         BF6C
+A9D3         BF6D
+A9D4         BF6E
+A9D5         BF6F
+A9D6         BF70
+A9D7         BF71
+A9D8         BF72
+A9D9         BF73
+A9DA         BF74
+A9DB         BF75
+A9DC         BF76
+A9DD         BF77
+A9E1         BF78
+A9E2         BF79
+A9E3         BF7A
+A9E4         BF7B
+A9E5         BF7C
+A9E6         BF7D
+A9E7         BF7E
+A9E8         BF7F
+A9E9         BF80
+A9EA         BF81
+A9EB         BF82
+A9EC         BF83
+A9ED         BF84
+A9EE         BF85
+A9EF         BF86
+A9F0         BF87
+A9F1         BF88
+A9F3         BF89
+A9F4         BF8A
+A9F5         BF8B
+A9F6         BF8C
+A9F7         BF8D
+A9F8         BF8E
+A9F9         BF8F
+A9FA         BF90
+A9FB         BF91
+A9FC         BF92
+A9FD         BF93
+AA41         BF94
+AA42         BF95
+AA43         BF96
+AA44         BF97
+AA45         BF98
+AA46         BF99
+AA47         BF9A
+AA48         BF9B
+AA49         BF9C
+AA4A         BF9D
+AA4B         BF9E
+AA4C         BF9F
+AA4D         BFA0
+AA4E         BFA1
+AA4F         BFA2
+AA50         BFA3
+AA51         BFA4
+AA53         BFA5
+AA54         BFA6
+AA55         BFA7
+AA56         BFA8
+AA57         BFA9
+AA58         BFAA
+AA59         BFAB
+AA5A         BFAC
+AA5B         BFAD
+AA5C         BFAE
+AA5D         BFAF
+AA61         BFB0
+AA62         BFB1
+AA63         BFB2
+AA64         BFB3
+AA65         BFB4
+AA66         BFB5
+AA67         BFB6
+AA68         BFB7
+AA69         BFB8
+AA6A         BFB9
+AA6B         BFBA
+AA6C         BFBB
+AA6D         BFBC
+AA6E         BFBD
+AA6F         BFBE
+AA70         BFBF
+AA71         BFC0
+AA73         BFC1
+AA74         BFC2
+AA75         BFC3
+AA76         BFC4
+AA77         BFC5
+AA78         BFC6
+AA79         BFC7
+AA7A         BFC8
+AA7B         BFC9
+AA7C         BFCA
+AA7D         BFCB
+AA81         BFCC
+AA82         BFCD
+AA83         BFCE
+AA84         BFCF
+AA85         BFD0
+AA86         BFD1
+AA87         BFD2
+AA88         BFD3
+AA89         BFD4
+AA8A         BFD5
+AA8B         BFD6
+AA8C         BFD7
+AA8D         BFD8
+AA8E         BFD9
+AA8F         BFDA
+AA90         BFDB
+AA91         BFDC
+AA93         BFDD
+AA94         BFDE
+AA95         BFDF
+AA96         BFE0
+AA97         BFE1
+AA98         BFE2
+AA99         BFE3
+AA9A         BFE4
+AA9B         BFE5
+AA9C         BFE6
+AA9D         BFE7
+AAA1         BFE8
+AAA2         BFE9
+AAA3         BFEA
+AAA4         BFEB
+AAA5         BFEC
+AAA6         BFED
+AAA7         BFEE
+AAA8         BFEF
+AAA9         BFF0
+AAAA         BFF1
+AAAB         BFF2
+AAAC         BFF3
+AAAD         BFF4
+AAAE         BFF5
+AAAF         BFF6
+AAB0         BFF7
+AAB1         BFF8
+AAB3         BFF9
+AAB4         BFFA
+AAB5         BFFB
+AAB6         BFFC
+AAB7         BFFD
+AAB8         BFFE
+AAB9         BFFF
+AABA         C000
+AABB         C001
+AABC         C002
+AABD         C003
+AAC1         C004
+AAC2         C005
+AAC3         C006
+AAC4         C007
+AAC5         C008
+AAC6         C009
+AAC7         C00A
+AAC8         C00B
+AAC9         C00C
+AACA         C00D
+AACB         C00E
+AACC         C00F
+AACD         C010
+AACE         C011
+AACF         C012
+AAD0         C013
+AAD1         C014
+AAD3         C015
+AAD4         C016
+AAD5         C017
+AAD6         C018
+AAD7         C019
+AAD8         C01A
+AAD9         C01B
+AADA         C01C
+AADB         C01D
+AADC         C01E
+AADD         C01F
+AAE1         C020
+AAE2         C021
+AAE3         C022
+AAE4         C023
+AAE5         C024
+AAE6         C025
+AAE7         C026
+AAE8         C027
+AAE9         C028
+AAEA         C029
+AAEB         C02A
+AAEC         C02B
+AAED         C02C
+AAEE         C02D
+AAEF         C02E
+AAF0         C02F
+AAF1         C030
+AAF3         C031
+AAF4         C032
+AAF5         C033
+AAF6         C034
+AAF7         C035
+AAF8         C036
+AAF9         C037
+AAFA         C038
+AAFB         C039
+AAFC         C03A
+AAFD         C03B
+AB41         C03C
+AB42         C03D
+AB43         C03E
+AB44         C03F
+AB45         C040
+AB46         C041
+AB47         C042
+AB48         C043
+AB49         C044
+AB4A         C045
+AB4B         C046
+AB4C         C047
+AB4D         C048
+AB4E         C049
+AB4F         C04A
+AB50         C04B
+AB51         C04C
+AB53         C04D
+AB54         C04E
+AB55         C04F
+AB56         C050
+AB57         C051
+AB58         C052
+AB59         C053
+AB5A         C054
+AB5B         C055
+AB5C         C056
+AB5D         C057
+AB61         C058
+AB62         C059
+AB63         C05A
+AB64         C05B
+AB65         C05C
+AB66         C05D
+AB67         C05E
+AB68         C05F
+AB69         C060
+AB6A         C061
+AB6B         C062
+AB6C         C063
+AB6D         C064
+AB6E         C065
+AB6F         C066
+AB70         C067
+AB71         C068
+AB73         C069
+AB74         C06A
+AB75         C06B
+AB76         C06C
+AB77         C06D
+AB78         C06E
+AB79         C06F
+AB7A         C070
+AB7B         C071
+AB7C         C072
+AB7D         C073
+AB81         C074
+AB82         C075
+AB83         C076
+AB84         C077
+AB85         C078
+AB86         C079
+AB87         C07A
+AB88         C07B
+AB89         C07C
+AB8A         C07D
+AB8B         C07E
+AB8C         C07F
+AB8D         C080
+AB8E         C081
+AB8F         C082
+AB90         C083
+AB91         C084
+AB93         C085
+AB94         C086
+AB95         C087
+AB96         C088
+AB97         C089
+AB98         C08A
+AB99         C08B
+AB9A         C08C
+AB9B         C08D
+AB9C         C08E
+AB9D         C08F
+ABA1         C090
+ABA2         C091
+ABA3         C092
+ABA4         C093
+ABA5         C094
+ABA6         C095
+ABA7         C096
+ABA8         C097
+ABA9         C098
+ABAA         C099
+ABAB         C09A
+ABAC         C09B
+ABAD         C09C
+ABAE         C09D
+ABAF         C09E
+ABB0         C09F
+ABB1         C0A0
+ABB3         C0A1
+ABB4         C0A2
+ABB5         C0A3
+ABB6         C0A4
+ABB7         C0A5
+ABB8         C0A6
+ABB9         C0A7
+ABBA         C0A8
+ABBB         C0A9
+ABBC         C0AA
+ABBD         C0AB
+AC41         3145
+AC61         C0AC
+AC62         C0AD
+AC63         C0AE
+AC64         C0AF
+AC65         C0B0
+AC66         C0B1
+AC67         C0B2
+AC68         C0B3
+AC69         C0B4
+AC6A         C0B5
+AC6B         C0B6
+AC6C         C0B7
+AC6D         C0B8
+AC6E         C0B9
+AC6F         C0BA
+AC70         C0BB
+AC71         C0BC
+AC73         C0BD
+AC74         C0BE
+AC75         C0BF
+AC76         C0C0
+AC77         C0C1
+AC78         C0C2
+AC79         C0C3
+AC7A         C0C4
+AC7B         C0C5
+AC7C         C0C6
+AC7D         C0C7
+AC81         C0C8
+AC82         C0C9
+AC83         C0CA
+AC84         C0CB
+AC85         C0CC
+AC86         C0CD
+AC87         C0CE
+AC88         C0CF
+AC89         C0D0
+AC8A         C0D1
+AC8B         C0D2
+AC8C         C0D3
+AC8D         C0D4
+AC8E         C0D5
+AC8F         C0D6
+AC90         C0D7
+AC91         C0D8
+AC93         C0D9
+AC94         C0DA
+AC95         C0DB
+AC96         C0DC
+AC97         C0DD
+AC98         C0DE
+AC99         C0DF
+AC9A         C0E0
+AC9B         C0E1
+AC9C         C0E2
+AC9D         C0E3
+ACA1         C0E4
+ACA2         C0E5
+ACA3         C0E6
+ACA4         C0E7
+ACA5         C0E8
+ACA6         C0E9
+ACA7         C0EA
+ACA8         C0EB
+ACA9         C0EC
+ACAA         C0ED
+ACAB         C0EE
+ACAC         C0EF
+ACAD         C0F0
+ACAE         C0F1
+ACAF         C0F2
+ACB0         C0F3
+ACB1         C0F4
+ACB3         C0F5
+ACB4         C0F6
+ACB5         C0F7
+ACB6         C0F8
+ACB7         C0F9
+ACB8         C0FA
+ACB9         C0FB
+ACBA         C0FC
+ACBB         C0FD
+ACBC         C0FE
+ACBD         C0FF
+ACC1         C100
+ACC2         C101
+ACC3         C102
+ACC4         C103
+ACC5         C104
+ACC6         C105
+ACC7         C106
+ACC8         C107
+ACC9         C108
+ACCA         C109
+ACCB         C10A
+ACCC         C10B
+ACCD         C10C
+ACCE         C10D
+ACCF         C10E
+ACD0         C10F
+ACD1         C110
+ACD3         C111
+ACD4         C112
+ACD5         C113
+ACD6         C114
+ACD7         C115
+ACD8         C116
+ACD9         C117
+ACDA         C118
+ACDB         C119
+ACDC         C11A
+ACDD         C11B
+ACE1         C11C
+ACE2         C11D
+ACE3         C11E
+ACE4         C11F
+ACE5         C120
+ACE6         C121
+ACE7         C122
+ACE8         C123
+ACE9         C124
+ACEA         C125
+ACEB         C126
+ACEC         C127
+ACED         C128
+ACEE         C129
+ACEF         C12A
+ACF0         C12B
+ACF1         C12C
+ACF3         C12D
+ACF4         C12E
+ACF5         C12F
+ACF6         C130
+ACF7         C131
+ACF8         C132
+ACF9         C133
+ACFA         C134
+ACFB         C135
+ACFC         C136
+ACFD         C137
+AD41         C138
+AD42         C139
+AD43         C13A
+AD44         C13B
+AD45         C13C
+AD46         C13D
+AD47         C13E
+AD48         C13F
+AD49         C140
+AD4A         C141
+AD4B         C142
+AD4C         C143
+AD4D         C144
+AD4E         C145
+AD4F         C146
+AD50         C147
+AD51         C148
+AD53         C149
+AD54         C14A
+AD55         C14B
+AD56         C14C
+AD57         C14D
+AD58         C14E
+AD59         C14F
+AD5A         C150
+AD5B         C151
+AD5C         C152
+AD5D         C153
+AD61         C154
+AD62         C155
+AD63         C156
+AD64         C157
+AD65         C158
+AD66         C159
+AD67         C15A
+AD68         C15B
+AD69         C15C
+AD6A         C15D
+AD6B         C15E
+AD6C         C15F
+AD6D         C160
+AD6E         C161
+AD6F         C162
+AD70         C163
+AD71         C164
+AD73         C165
+AD74         C166