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#ifndef CPU_X86_VM_GLOBALS_X86_HPP
#define CPU_X86_VM_GLOBALS_X86_HPP

#include "utilities/globalDefinitions.hpp"
#include "utilities/macros.hpp"

// Sets the default values for platform dependent flags used by the runtime system.
// (see globals.hpp)

define_pd_global(bool, ConvertSleepToYield,      true);
define_pd_global(bool, ShareVtableStubs,         true);
define_pd_global(bool, CountInterpCalls,         true);
define_pd_global(bool, NeedsDeoptSuspend,        false); // only register window machines need this

define_pd_global(bool, ImplicitNullChecks,       true);  // Generate code for implicit null checks
define_pd_global(bool, UncommonNullCast,         true);  // Uncommon-trap NULLs past to check cast

// See 4827828 for this change. There is no globals_core_i486.hpp. I can't
// assign a different value for C2 without touching a number of files. Use
// #ifdef to minimize the change as it's late in Mantis. -- FIXME.
// c1 doesn't have this problem because the fix to 4858033 assures us
// the the vep is aligned at CodeEntryAlignment whereas c2 only aligns
// the uep and the vep doesn't get real alignment but just slops on by
// only assured that the entry instruction meets the 5 byte size requirement.
#ifdef COMPILER2
define_pd_global(intx, CodeEntryAlignment,       32);
define_pd_global(intx, CodeEntryAlignment,       16);
#endif // COMPILER2
define_pd_global(intx, OptoLoopAlignment,        16);
define_pd_global(intx, InlineFrequencyCount,     100);
define_pd_global(intx, InlineSmallCode,          1000);

define_pd_global(intx, StackYellowPages, 2);
define_pd_global(intx, StackRedPages, 1);
#ifdef AMD64
// Very large C++ stack frames using solaris-amd64 optimized builds
// due to lack of optimization caused by C++ compiler bugs
define_pd_global(intx, StackShadowPages, NOT_WIN64(20) WIN64_ONLY(6) DEBUG_ONLY(+2));
define_pd_global(intx, StackShadowPages, 6 DEBUG_ONLY(+5));
#endif // AMD64

define_pd_global(intx, PreInflateSpin,           10);

define_pd_global(bool, RewriteBytecodes,     true);
define_pd_global(bool, RewriteFrequentPairs, true);

define_pd_global(bool, UseMembar,            true);
define_pd_global(bool, UseMembar,            false);

// GC Ergo Flags
define_pd_global(intx, CMSYoungGenPerWorker, 64*M);  // default max size of CMS young gen, per GC worker thread

#define ARCH_FLAGS(develop, product, diagnostic, experimental, notproduct) \
  develop(bool, IEEEPrecision, true,                                        \
          "Enables IEEE precision (for INTEL only)")                        \
  product(intx, FenceInstruction, 0,                                        \
          "(Unsafe,Unstable) Experimental")                                 \
  product(intx,  ReadPrefetchInstr, 0,                                      \
          "Prefetch instruction to prefetch ahead")                         \
  product(bool, UseStoreImmI16, true,                                       \
          "Use store immediate 16-bits value instruction on x86")           \
  product(intx, UseAVX, 99,                                                 \
          "Highest supported AVX instructions set on x86/x64")              \
  diagnostic(bool, UseIncDec, true,                                         \
          "Use INC, DEC instructions on x86")                               \
  product(bool, UseNewLongLShift, false,                                    \
          "Use optimized bitwise shift left")                               \
  product(bool, UseAddressNop, false,                                       \
          "Use '0F 1F [addr]' NOP instructions on x86 cpus")                \
  product(bool, UseXmmLoadAndClearUpper, true,                              \
          "Load low part of XMM register and clear upper part")             \
  product(bool, UseXmmRegToRegMoveAll, false,                               \
          "Copy all XMM register bits when moving value between registers") \
  product(bool, UseXmmI2D, false,                                           \
          "Use SSE2 CVTDQ2PD instruction to convert Integer to Double")     \
  product(bool, UseXmmI2F, false,                                           \
          "Use SSE2 CVTDQ2PS instruction to convert Integer to Float")      \
  product(bool, UseUnalignedLoadStores, false,                              \
          "Use SSE2 MOVDQU instruction for Arraycopy")                      \
  product(bool, UseFastStosb, false,                                        \
          "Use fast-string operation for zeroing: rep stosb")               \
  /* assembler */                                                           \
  product(bool, Use486InstrsOnly, false,                                    \
          "Use 80486 Compliant instruction subset")                         \
  product(bool, UseCountLeadingZerosInstruction, false,                     \
          "Use count leading zeros instruction")                            \

#endif // CPU_X86_VM_GLOBALS_X86_HPP