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Building and running the Java Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop (REPL)

At this stage, this code is not integrated with the surrounding JDK or langtools repos, but is dependent on and thus must be built separately.

First build the Kulla JDK repo like any other:

    cd <repo-directory>/dev
    bash ./configure
    make images

Then build the REPL:

    cd langtools/repl
    bash ./scripts/
To run (still in dev/langtools/repl), note this uses rlwrap so that line editting is available:
    bash ./scripts/
The directory dev/langtools/repl/samples gives examples that can be entered line by line, or loaded with the /load command

New for version 0.23:

* Redeclaration of variables, methods, or classes. No support yet for dependent recompilation or reexecution. 

New for version 0.22:

* Restructured source in preparation for redefinition

* No REPL.$REPL7 kind of things in user output

* Value of initialized variable printed

* Variable declaration no longer printed for variable in user class

New for version 0.21:

* Use override of single method in JavacParser for for initial parse giving more accurate error messages and incomplete input detection

* Fix bug in void expression handling

* Delimit strings and chars in messages

* Specific output for assignment and variable.   Try:
    int x
    x = 5

Please read TODO for outstanding issues.