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6746458: writing libraries in Java for non-Java languages requires support for exotic identifiers
Summary: token syntax (currently non-standard) for introducing exotic identifiers

javac needs to support library development for non-Java langauges

- hash mark followed immediately by string literal creates an identifier of the given spelling
- no other processing or interpretation is given to the identifier
- #"foo" is indistinguishable from foo, if foo is a normal, non-keyword identifier
- rejects exotic identifiers which may run into JVM limitations
- rejects empty string and any string with one of "/.;<>["
- user must mangle invalid symbols; see

Examples from the unit test:
    class #"*86" {
        String #"555-1212"() { return "[*86.555-1212]"; }
    class #"int" extends Number {
        final int #"int";
        #"int"(int #"int") {
            this.#"int" = #"int";
        static #"int" valueOf(int #"int") {
            return new #"int"(#"int");
        public int intValue() { return #"int"; }
        public long longValue() { return #"int"; }
        public float floatValue() { return #"int"; }
        public double doubleValue() { return #"int"; }
        public String toString() { return String.valueOf(#"int"); }

- John Rose (Sun)

- unit tests test/tools/javac/quid/*

Incremental testing:
This does not require a full JDK build.

$ cd .../langtools
$ hg qpush quid.patch
$ (cd make; make)
$ ./dist/bootstrap/bin/javac -d dist test/tools/javac/quid/
$ java -version  # should print 1.6 or later
$ java -cp dist quid.QuotedIdent  # should print OK
$ ./dist/bootstrap/bin/javac -d dist -cp dist test/tools/javac/quid/
$ java -cp dist quid.QuotedIdent2  # should print OK