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#include "gc/z/zForwardingTable.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zList.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zLiveMap.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zPhysicalMemory.hpp"
#include "gc/z/zVirtualMemory.hpp"
#include "memory/allocation.hpp"

class ZPage : public CHeapObj<mtGC> {
  friend class ZList<ZPage>;

  // First cacheline (always hot)
  const uint8_t        _type;             // Page type
  volatile uint8_t     _pinned;           // Pinned flag
  uint8_t              _numa_id;          // NUMA node affinity
  uint32_t             _seqnum;           // Allocation sequence number
  const ZVirtualMemory _virtual;          // Virtual start/end address
  volatile uintptr_t   _top;              // Virtual top address
  ZLiveMap             _livemap;          // Live map

  // Second cacheline (hot when relocated and cached)
  volatile uint32_t    _refcount;         // Page reference count
  ZForwardingTable     _forwarding;       // Forwarding table
  ZPhysicalMemory      _physical;         // Physical memory for page
  ZListNode<ZPage>     _node;             // Page list node

  const char* type_to_string() const;
  uint32_t object_max_count() const;
  uintptr_t relocate_object_inner(uintptr_t from_index, uintptr_t from_offset);

  bool is_object_marked(uintptr_t addr) const;
  bool is_object_strongly_marked(uintptr_t addr) const;

  ZPage(uint8_t type, ZVirtualMemory vmem, ZPhysicalMemory pmem);

  size_t object_alignment_shift() const;
  size_t object_alignment() const;

  uint8_t type() const;
  uintptr_t start() const;
  uintptr_t end() const;
  size_t size() const;
  uintptr_t top() const;
  size_t remaining() const;

  uint8_t numa_id();

  ZPhysicalMemory& physical_memory();
  const ZVirtualMemory& virtual_memory() const;

  void reset();

  bool inc_refcount();
  bool dec_refcount();

  bool is_in(uintptr_t addr) const;

  uintptr_t block_start(uintptr_t addr) const;
  size_t block_size(uintptr_t addr) const;
  bool block_is_obj(uintptr_t addr) const;

  bool is_active() const;
  bool is_allocating() const;
  bool is_relocatable() const;
  bool is_detached() const;

  bool is_mapped() const;
  void set_pre_mapped();

  bool is_pinned() const;
  void set_pinned();

  bool is_forwarding() const;
  void set_forwarding();
  void reset_forwarding();
  void verify_forwarding() const;

  bool is_marked() const;
  bool is_object_live(uintptr_t addr) const;
  bool is_object_strongly_live(uintptr_t addr) const;
  bool mark_object(uintptr_t addr, bool finalizable, bool& inc_live);

  void inc_live_atomic(uint32_t objects, size_t bytes);
  size_t live_bytes() const;

  void object_iterate(ObjectClosure* cl);

  uintptr_t alloc_object(size_t size);
  uintptr_t alloc_object_atomic(size_t size);

  bool undo_alloc_object(uintptr_t addr, size_t size);
  bool undo_alloc_object_atomic(uintptr_t addr, size_t size);

  uintptr_t relocate_object(uintptr_t from);
  uintptr_t forward_object(uintptr_t from);

  void print_on(outputStream* out) const;
  void print() const;